A Quality World Map Skyrim Solstheim Map Expansion Mods

by Gemma

Would you like to improve the quality of the world map in Skyrim? Come to A Quality World Map v9 Solstheim Map with Roads which including accurate hand-drawn roads! You can choose between all roads and just the main roads, or even the Solstheim map from the Dragonborn DLC is also add to this mob. Installer support for NMM, MO, and Wrye Bash, version 9.0

Creator: IcePenguin

A Quality World Map

This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

Mods requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
A Quality World Map Paper PatchesPaper version.
Beyond Skyrim – Bruma – Enhanced Map Terrain for Quality World MapOptional: for the more vibrant coloured map weather.
Luminosity – A Quality Worldmap Compatibility PatchRequired. This patch changes AQWM.
Paramount – FPS Galore – AlternativesAlternative
  • Other user’s assets: 
    There are some assets in this file that belong to other authors. So you need to seek permission from these authors to use it
  • Upload permission: 
    You are not allowed to upload to other sites under any cases
  • Modification permission: 
    Don’t forget to get permission from the author before you are allowed to modify this A Quality World Map v9 file to improve it
  • Conversion permission: 
    You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances
  • Asset use permission:
    Get permission from the author before you are allowed to use any of the assets in this file
  • Asset use permission (for mods/file are bring sold):  
    You are not allowed to use assets from this file in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms

❗️ Note from the author: This author has not provided any additional notes regarding A Quality World Map v9 file permissions

⭕️ Credit file:

  • Ethatron: provide enhanced world map LOD with Oscape.
  • scrivener07: created scripts and everything for the mod installer.
  • schlangster: allowed scrivener07 to study his scripts and extracted files.
  • Farning: Requested main roads only map.
  • Pcuser: found missing road east of Whiterun.
  • Peanutt010: found a missing road southwest of Windhelm.
  • rajendra82: found a missing road south of Marthal.
  • Cordazar: reminded me about the road going to Goldenglow Estate.
  • Salah-ad Din: found 2 missing roads near Riften and Solitude.
  • BlashyrkhRavendark: found a missing road southeast of Windhelm.
  • vufinder: found a missing road east of Riften.
  • Mendayen: found a missing road north of Riften.

Version 9.0.1
Vivid Style (Stone and Flat) updates:

  • The file size was greatly reduced with no perceptible loss of visual fidelity.
  • The files are now distributed as loose files in order to improve compatibility.
  • A short script now sets the world map camera INI settings, instead of distributing a separate INI file with the mod, to improve compatibility.

Version 9.0
Initial release of Vivid and Paper style.

Version 8.4
Classic release from April 2015.




This mod adds a new set of highly detailed world map textures, including roads! This mod also includes a comprehensive Solsteim map. It works best when combined with the “Clear Map Skies” add-on.

The Vivid style is new in 9.0 and includes a new look for the world map as well as larger, more detailed textures. It includes the majority of roads (artistically chosen by IcePenguin) as well as a detailed Solstheim map. You have the option of selecting All Stone Roads (which makes some roads appear cobblestone on the map) or All Flat Roads (a more dirt-like style).

The Classic style is used in A Quality World Map 8.4 from Classic Skyrim (April 2015), which includes a detailed Solstheim map. You have the option of selecting All Roads or Main Roads.


For the first time, a flat, high-quality paper map of Skyrim’s world is available. It was painstakingly recreated using worldspace reference screenshots, the map texture, and custom art assets, rather than being a simple copy of the existing paper map texture. The end result is something that any adventurer would be proud to have in their pack.

There is no paper map of Solstheim included. In 3D, it will look similar to how it does in the Vivid style.

When viewing the paper map, the tilt/zoom controls are disabled. The camera can still be panned.



This add-on (only for VIVID and CLASSIC) removes all clouds from the center of the map, providing a clear view of the world below. The clouds at the map’s edges are still present.

This file can also be used by itself (instead of A Quality World Map) to remove map clouds from the vanilla game.

This add-on improves on the 8.4 “Clear” add-on, which could also remove clouds from the game world incorrectly.


A Quality World Map v9

Download A Quality World Map Skyrim Solstheim Map Expansion Mods:

Main files:

A Quality World Map – Classic with All RoadsA detailed Tamriel and Solstheim map, with all roads shown. From 8.4 Classic Skyrim (April 2015).
A Quality World Map – Classic with Main Roads OnlyA detailed Tamriel and Solstheim map, with main roads only. From 8.4 Classic Skyrim (April 2015).
A Quality World Map – PaperA detailed flat paper Tamriel map and detailed 3D Solstheim map. See front page for more info.
A Quality World Map – Vivid with Flat RoadsUpdated: reduced file size, and now loose files to improve compatibility.
A detailed Tamriel and Solstheim map, most roads shown; roads have a flat (dirt) appearance.
A Quality World Map – Vivid with Stone RoadsUpdated: reduced file size, and now loose files to improve compatibility.
A detailed Tamriel and Solstheim map, most roads shown; main roads have a cobblestone appearance.

Optional files:

A Quality World Map – Clear Map SkiesUpdated: fixed Riften being difficult to see.
Removes clouds from world map, affording a clear view of the map below. For use with VIVID or CLASSIC styles only. Do not use with Paper Map.


  • Compatible with other map marker mods.
  • Paper map:
    • Do NOT use the Clear Map Skies add-on for A Quality World Map, or any mod that modifies map clouds with this mod. It is incompatible.
    • After uninstalling, make sure to exit the game completely to restore your world map settings.
  • Redundant with No Fog on World Map. The Quality World Map plugin also removes the map fog.
  • It can be safely installed and uninstalled mid-game.

Notes for Map markers and the paper map

  • Paper map: it’s rendered in 2D but the markers are still 3D, so when the camera is panned around, they will appear to float or swim across the map (worse in areas of high elevation). The reason is the map marker’s positions are determined by their 3D position in the game world
  • The world map camera is a perspective (3D) camera, so can’t change that camera type as that’s deep in the game code.
  • The map marker positions are updated every frame by the game itself from pre-computed values. To fix it, move the map markers themselves, however, that’s a risky change.

A Quality World Map Important Notice

  1. The classic map is a work in progress so has a few LOD issues. It’s not recommended to use as your main map. For now, it is best to use the main Quality Maps.
  2. If you have the following “uLockedTerrainLOD” tweak in your Skyrim.ini, this map will not load properly. To make this mob work, remove the line from your .ini
  3. Another setting that will prevent this map from loading is “fMapWorldTransitionHeight” and if you have this setting in your Skyrim.ini, remove it.
  4. If you removed the clouds by using the “sMapCloudNIF=0” tweak in your Skyrim.ini, the Clear Map add-on will NOT work. Remove that line from your .ini if you have it.

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