Advanced Tips To Get Better at Splitgate Arena Warfare

Advanced Tips To Get Better at Splitgate Arena Warfare

by Dona

First-person shooter games couldn’t feel any more interesting than the portal-filled Splitgate. While this has been an all-time favorite for many FPS lovers, it may still be a formidable title for a select few. Most times, this results from not knowing how to go about the game.

Moreover, this isn’t the only thing of concern among Splitgate noobs; some intermediate players also encounter tight corners. With these in mind, we gathered some tested improvement tips, which we’ll share below. Also, you should buy the best Splitgate Hacks and add to these tips to get the best results.

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5 Advanced Tips To Master Splitgate

1. Don’t trade the objective for kills

Many players of FPS games are into the bad habit of ignoring the objective and shooting at anyone that comes in sight. If it’s a limited-time mode, they rush to complete the objective when they have very few minutes left. As you already guessed, the result is often the same – they always fail.

Ignoring the objective in modes such as Team Deathmatch may not be very consequential. But you mustn’t make this rookie mistake in King of the Hill or Dominion, as it’s usually disastrous. If you always focus on playing the objective, you’ll get enough kills to boost your XP.

2. You can wreck damage through enemy portals

You may not be able to see through portals, but you can use your crosshair to do the trick. Here’s the catch: your crosshair color turns red when it’s on an enemy. The same holds even if the enemy is inside a portal. Once you have the red crosshair, don’t hesitate to shoot. 

Also, close portals you’ve used if you see them as potential traps. Enemies can also shoot through your open portals—close portals by pressing the Z or X button. If you find an enemy portal, throw an EMP at it to destroy it.

3. Advanced weapons are worth going for

From our experience on Splitgate, we’d say all weapons in the game are great with neat damage. However, don’t settle for your starter DMR and pistol. Strive to get bigger guns such as the Sniper or Rail Gun. If you can lay hold on the Rocket Launcher, you can expect enemies to bow at your feet! 

Splitgate weapons are not a big deal, as they spawn randomly at different locations during matches. Weapons, after they spawn, appear to be floating with a glow. All you have to do is walk down to it and pick it up. And yes! Weapons in Splitgate are free.

4. Combine melee weapons with your guns

You don’t have to keep firing bullets all the time, especially if you’re a stealthy player. Thankfully, Splitgate allows you the option of using any of two melee weapons – the BFB and your fists. Moreover, you can increase the damage done by your melee weapon by gaining some momentum on your character before striking.

Strike blows with your melee weapons at the end of a sprint to deal more damage. Also, dealing blows with your melee while dropping from a height can be a big bonus. If properly timed, a single melee blow can kill an opponent. If the enemy is still standing after the blow, finish him with a shot from your pistol. 

5. Use portals offensively too

You can’t talk about Splitgate without thoughts of portals and teleporting. While teleporting is the primary use of portals in the game, you should look to using this feature in the offensive instead of defense. We discovered that portals could also be used as traps.

For instance, you could enter a portal when you know that an enemy has spotted you. Chances are he’ll chase you through the portal. Simply exit at the other end of the portal and wait for your pursuer to emerge, so you start shooting. 


Splitgate is not a very difficult game to play. You just have to know how to use portals and, more importantly, stay alive. While players like to use portals for escaping difficult situations, learn to use portals against enemies. 

Play the game’s objective and always stick with your teammates. Also, don’t forget to equip a powerful weapon if you ever get the opportunity. Likewise, melee weapons can still deliver deadly blows with some practice.



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