A.I. Upscaled Food Mod

A.I. Upscaled Food Mod | The Sims 4

by Dona

This A.I. Upscaled Food mod replaces the game’s food textures (as well as pans, cutting tables, plates, and so on) with one that has been upscaled and hand cleaned.

Creator: FakePikachu

A.I. Upscaled Food Mod

A.I. Upscaled Food Mod
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Version 8.5
Fixed a lot of texturesVersion 8.0
Added Get Famous, Seasons, Spa day and Cats and Dogs.
Version 4;0
Added Snowy Escapade.
Version 2.0
Added Get Together
Version 1.0
Finished Base Game
Version 0.85
Finished missing depth textures. Baby bottle is now an optional A.I. Upscaled Food Mod. Update 4 to 7 in the article.
Version 0.8
Finished all base game food. Update 1 to 3 in the article.
Version 0.4


I understand that they must adhere to the “small objects have low resolutions” principle, but I really wanted more ‘zoomable’ food, so… It’s right here. It’s the original game texture, but instead of being a pixel jumble, it’s cleaner and might make you hungry.

As previously stated, it is a work in progress, the game has an absurd amount of food, some of which are quite difficult, while others have multiples, so it will take time. And, because I’m human, I’m prone to making mistakes; please notify me if this occurs.

With A.I. Upscaled Food Mod, an A.I. will upscale the texture to 4x and I will clean it to create a smooth appearance. (Anything above this doesn’t make a noticeable difference, because the normal size is 128×128, and the mod has 512×512, and the A.I. also makes it look sharper than a simple Photoshop scaling) And yes, it includes everything about food: food itself, pans, fork, plate, cup, ingredients, drinks…

In case you already have one or don’t want one, the baby bottle and fork replacer are in a separate file.

Performance note:

This A.I. Upscaled Food Mod shouldn’t be that heavy, although it make the foods textures change from 12kb to 400kb (sometimes 100kb to 1.2mb), they should be a max of +/- 20 foods(the game sim limit) that isn’t that much damage in your performance than it seems. Using alpha CC for example is easily a lot more heavy.


nowmods download

Download A.I. Upscaled Food Mods:

Main files:
? A.I. Upscalled FoodsMerged file, can be separated by sims4studio
? A.I. Upscalled Foods (Black Plates)Version with black plates
Optional files:
? A.I. Upscalled – Knife (Old version)Upscalled knife in case you want the original game knife over the Cutlery Replacer
? Baby Bottle ReplacerReplace the baby bottle with a new mesh and texture.
Choose only one color
? Cutlery ReplacerReplace the game fork, knife, table knife and spoon with a new one.
It have 3 versions, black, blue and red, it’s possible to mix folders if you want.
Separated in case you already use one or don’t want to change.

[Tutorial] How to “brute force” compatibility

This is a simple tutorial on how to “brute force” compatibility, which I call that because it may replace things that shouldn’t be replaced and have unanticipated consequences.
It is compatible with any mod.

There are two methods: the easier one, which is less reliable, and the harder one, which is completely functional.
Method that is simple
Simply create a new folder and place any mod that you want to replace data from.
For instance, suppose you want a plate replacement to work with this mod:
Inside the mods folder, look for ‘Ai Upscaled foods’ and ‘new folder’ inside the new folder, look for ‘plates replacer.’

Explanation: Essentially, A.I. Upscaled Food Mod files within folders have higher priority. The game only loads files inside folders after loading files outside of them, and the game only shows you what he loaded last.

Hard method:

  1. Open the A.I. Upscaled Food Mod you want compatibility with Sims 4 Studio.
  2. If it show a 3d object, click on warehouse tab, but if it just show a bunch of files, this mean that you already are in warehouse.
    (At this point, give a look in all those files if there isn’t any “non upscaled” file that may replace from this mod)
  3. Click in the first file and shift + click in the last one to select all. (Do not select the “s 4 s Merged Package Manifest” if it exist, it’s usually the first file in the list)
  4. Press the “Batch Export” button and save in any empty folder.
  5. Open the AI upscaled mod with sims 4 studio
  6. Delete the s 4 s merged package Manifest to be able to add new files (If you want to keep it, batch export it, delete and import back in the end)
  7. Press batch import and select all exported stuff from others mods, this will replace some of this mod files creating a fusion of that mod and this mod.
  8. Press save and done (The sims4studio may stop working for a while during the save)


Baby Bottle Replacer V1.1

  • Fixed it getting brighter at the dark for no reason.
  • Fixed depth texture.
  • Fixed shine in A.I. Upscaled Food Mod.
  • Changed shine so it don’t look too weird.
  • Changed transparency shader to a glass shader.

Cutlery Replacer V2.1

Small graphic fixes.

A.I. Upscaled Food Mod

Version 23

  • Added Cool Kitchen Ice cream stuff + fixed ice cream carton having a seam behind it.
  • Added Backyard stuff
  • Added Spooky Stuff

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