All Companions Dragon Age

All Ability Trees for Companions | Dragon Age: Inquisition

by Dona

All Companions Dragon Age has all capacity trees aside from Inquisitor Tree; Remove all harm obstruction cap for colleagues.

All Companions Dragon Age

All Companions Dragon Age
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DAITools Suite LoaderDAI Mod Manager

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  • Transfer consent: You can transfer this document to different destinations however you should acknowledge me as the maker of the record
  • Adjustment consent: You are permitted to adjust my documents and delivery bug fixes or enhance the elements without authorization from or credit to me
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  • With this All Companions Dragon Age mod intended for DAI Mod Manager, you can open all capacity trees in game, aside from Inquisitor Specialization, for your 9 mates.
  • Likewise eliminates harm opposition (cold, fire, power, soul, nature, skirmish, gone and wizardry protection) maximum cutoff for all partners (presently 100% max rather than 80% in vanilla game).
  • Transferred altered EBX records of this mod that can be imported in DAI Mod Maker, for any individual who’s intrigued.
  • Additionally transferred Frosty Mod Project File for this mod for any individual who’s intrigued (see Notes underneath for more data).
All Companions Dragon Age


All Companions Dragon Age adds a discretionary mod that permits you to learn Mark of the Rift, Aegis of the Rift and Anchor Discharge in mages’ soul tree, which can be reviewed in the screen capture area. Supports DAI Mod Manager and Frosty Mod Manager. (To utilize Anchor Discharge outside of Trespasser story, download Unlock Mark Skills by MxT- – ZS from the Optional Files segment)

All Companions Dragon Age


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Download All Companions Dragon Age

All Companions Dragon Age

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the All Companions Dragon Age mod document and concentrate it to your mod area.
  2. Rename the organizer ZZ_All Ability Trees for Companions assuming you need to change the presentation request of this mod in DAI Mod Manager.
  3. Dispatch DAI Mod Manager and select the mods you need to actuate.
  4. Consolidation the mods and dispatch the game.
All Companions Dragon Age


The compress All Companions Dragon Age document contains 9 separate mods that adjust every one of your friend. They all have 31 capacity trees.

From left to right, the presentation request of sidekicks’ capacity trees is:
This present Companion’s Class Specializations -> This Companion’s Class Basic Trees -> This Companion’s Individual Specialization -> Mage Specializations -> Mage Basic Trees -> Rogue Specializations -> Rogue Basic Trees -> Warrior Specializations -> Warrior Basic Trees -> Other Companions’ Specializations -> Varric’s Bianca Tree

All Companions Dragon Age
  • Colleagues’ specialization trees are just not the same as inquisitors’ in depictions in vanilla game; Varric’s Bianca tree has a similar substance with Archery tree.
  • Sidekicks’ non-default capacity trees might be imperceptible in Haven and Skyhold. Take a stab at venturing out to somewhere else to check whether this mod functions admirably.
  • The screen captures show each buddy’s singular specialization, with the portrayals on the up-right region.
  • To get all capacity trees for your inquisitor, kindly allude to one more mod made by me: All Companions Dragon Age (for DAI Mod Manager) or All Ability Trees for Inquisitor (for Frosty Mod Manager).
  • In the screen captures you can see capacities with numerous overhauls, which is an aftereffect of this mod: Enable All Ability Upgrades (for Frosty Mod Manager), or Enable All Ability Upgrades (for DAI Mod Manager).
All Companions Dragon Age

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