All-in-One Performance Patcher | Cyberpunk 2077

by Gemma

This is an all-in-one mod for Cyberpunk 2077, which open-source patching tool. It will disable Intel AVX, disables Intel C++ Compiler for AMD systems, and (soon). Moreover, All-in-One Performance Patcher allows you to adjust the memory pool (for your own sanity’s sake)

Creator: DianaButYes and HiItsDevin_

All-in-One Performance Patcher

nowmods information

Other client’s resources: 
The assets in the file belong to the author, some are from allowed-to-utilize modder’s assets. So if you want to use the assets, don’t forget to seek permission

Transfer consent: 
You are allowed to upload All-in-One Performance Patcher file to other sites, but you must credit the creator

Modification permission: 
You are allowed to modify the file and release bug fixes or improve on the features, but don’t forget to put the credit for the creator as the original creator

Transformation consent: 
You are allowed to convert this file to work on other games but you must put the credit for the creator of the file

Resource use authorization
You are permitted to utilize any of the resources in this document without permission or crediting the creator

Asset use permission (for mods/file are bring sold):  
No! Don’t allow to everyone use assets from All-in-One Performance Patcher file in any mobs/files even it’s being sold. For the money, it uses on Steam Workshop or other platforms.

Resource use authorization in mods/records that procure gifts focuses:
You are not permitted to acquire Donation Points for your mods in the event that they utilize my resources.

❗️ Some notes from Author:

This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions

⭕️ Credit file:

  • FrostedHedgehog – Original AVX Find
  • Manifusion – AVX Patch
  • Devin’s Git server
  • GitHub

All-in-One Performance Patcher Version 1.0:

  • Initial release


Awesome!. It appears that Patch 1.05 basically did what this patch needed to do. So player Cyberpunk 2077 can use it until something else happen. This is useless and doesn’t do anything

If you are still on Patch 1.04 or older, this patcher can still help you.

Let see what All-in-One Performance Patcher tool can help you

ll-in-One performance patcher allows you to put in your Cyberpunk207.exe and gives you the following options

  • AMD Patcher – Disables the Intel C++ Compiler allows the game to run a bit better on AMD systems. Basically, it free FPS for AMD users.
  • Intel AVX Patcher – Disables the Intel AVX Check: allows people who don’t have proper support for Intel AVX, or don’t have Intel AVX at all. Players are able to play the game on Intel systems, with no more Intel AVX Related crashes. However, if you don’t want to see that dreaded “Cyberpunk 2077 has flatlined” screen on launch, now do you?
  • It has built-in CPU checks to make sure you don’t choose the wrong patch for your CPU
  • There is an ability to unpatch your game.


nowmods download

📥 Download Cyberpunk2077-PerformancePatcher-hotfix2.5

If you have any problems or questions, let’s visit Discord to get quicker support: @DianaButYes#0966

The code is open-sourced over at Cyberpunk2077 – PerformancePatcher and here

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