All classes All items starter saves

All items – All classes – Starter saves | Elden Ring

by Dona

All item starter saves for Elden Ring.
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Creator: Chris Mck

All item starter saves for Elden Ring

All item starter saves
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File credits
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All starter classes (not levelled so you can decide how you want to level- character has max runes)
Max runes on character and max runes dropped next to site of grace where you are first able to level up.
Two of each weapon for power stance.
All armour sets.
All spells, incantations and summons.
All ashes of war.
Max upgrade materials for flask and weapons (no items upgraded so you can start fresh and choose what you want to upgrade)
All bell bearings ready to be given at Round hold once you get there
Arrows and bolts.
All cookbooks with all recipes unlocked.
Full map unlocked.
All whetstone knifes
All Crystal tears.
All Great Runes.
All gestures.
99 Larval tears for character re- spec.
999 of each crafting item.

All item starter saves

Important note: Due to a world flag issue, you can only duplicate an ash of war once it has been collected in game. To compensate, I’ve added 5 of each ash of war. You will hard lock his quest if you hand in Blackguard Big Boggard’s bell and buy the necklace without speaking to him.
All grace sites will not be saved because they automatically set the Erdtree on fire and turn Lyendell into the Capital of Ash.

All item starter saves


ALWAYS make a backup of your save if it’s important to you.

nowmods download

Download All item starter saves files:

Main file:
All items – All Classes – Starter savesAll classes
Optional file:
Disable EAC for offline playCopy and paste into the Elden Ring game folder to Disable EAC for offline play.


  1. Download my save and unpack it. 
  2. Download Elden Ring Save copier from here 
  3. Open the save copier
  4. Click on BROWSE for source file and navigate to my save that you have downloaded and unpacked in step 1
  5. Click on BROWSE for destination file and you need to locate your current Elden Ring save  C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing 
  6. Select copy on the save game copier 
  7. Before you start the game you need to delete the .sl2.bak file that is located in the same folder where your save is C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing
  8. Start game and  you should be able to load the save.
All item starter saves


I’ve uploaded a file that can be copied and pasted into the Elden ring game folder. This will turn off EAC and enable you to play offline. Please remember to backup the existing file in the game folder before replacing it so that you can go back online if you decide to. If you don’t, simply verify the game files via Steam. Please do not be alarmed when you first run the game. If you set your game to start online, you will be greeted with the message “inappropriate activity detected.” This simply means that EAC has been successfully disabled, and the game can now only be played offline. To disable this message on startup, go to settings and select “start game offline.”

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