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Appealing Moles | Fallout 4

by Dona

Appealing Moles mod changes the ugly facial moles to ones that are more common and more attractive.

Creator: ANiceOakTree

Appealing Moles

Appealing Moles
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This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

Mod nameNotes
20 Attractive Female Face Presets
A Few Girls – Facial Presets
Abby – LooksMenu Preset and Savefile
Agemo’s Gorgeous heroines – replace Cait Curie and Piper.
Alea The Lone Wanderer Preset 2
Alex Lookshmenu PresetRecommended
Alexandra Daddario preset
Alexis – A LooksMenu Preset
Alina – LooksMenu preset
Amelie Lacroix alias Widowmaker preset
Amy CBBE Female Preset – Face and Body – Beauty
Anastasha Asian Girl Preset – CBBE – Looksmenu – BodySlide Presets 1.0
Anna.Neo.2.5 Looksmenu preset(updated)
Apocalyptic Batman – Ben Affleck (Save Game or Preset)
April – A Looksmenu Preset CBBE (Optional Bodyslide Preset)
Attempted Ciri Yennefer And Triss Face Presets With Standalone Custom Eyes(Optional Follower Replacers)
Aveline Norte Preset – French Mexican preset 2
Beautiful Fiona – looks menu presetYen variant
Bethesda preset
Bibi Looksmenu Preset
Brigitte Lindholm preset
Bryce Dallas Howard preset
Caelan and Roy – Two characters face presets
Cait – Lovely Redhead Edition
Cait Looksmenu Preset
Cait Synthetic Facelift
Charlotte – Looks Menu Preset
Charlotte -Simple Companion-Works without this mod but highly recommended
Charlotte -Simple Companion- Es
Charlotte -Simple Companion- Fr
Charlotte -Simple Companion- It
Charlotte -Simple Companion- Pt
Charming Cait
Charming Melissa
Chotia’s preset
Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon preset
Claire – A Noir Style Female Preset
Classy Companions
Clint Eastwood (LooksMenu Preset)
Clint Eastwood (young and old) – v2 Character Savegame
Cody Harris and Teagan presets
Concept Art – CharactersIn case of having marks on the whole face.

Author’s instructions
File credits
This author has not credited anyone else in this file


Why did Bethesda only include facial moles that were either large and distracting, or that appeared to be Stage III melanoma? I was, so I made Appealing Moles so that your characters don’t have to have spotless skin, but can instead have realistic facial moles.

Single moles, one middle cheek, and one upper cheek are two options. The other two options have an assortment around the face, as shown in the images. Sorry, they’re a little difficult to see in the collage pictures.

2.0 includes a file containing the original Appealing Moles as well as four mouth blemish replacers for additional combinations and looks. I’ve uploaded more photos to hopefully give you a better idea of where the new ones are, but some are on the neck or chin and aren’t visible in the new collage. The majority of these new sets each add 4-5 moles that are relatively small.

Appealing Moles


Install to Fallout 4\Data\Textures\Actors\Character\Character Assets\FaceDetails if you’re doing it manually.

nowmods download

Download Appealing Moles mod packs:

Main fileNotes
? Appealing Moles- EXTRA MolesContains 4 original sets of moles under markings, and 4 NEW sets under Mouth Blemishes
Optional file:
? Appealing Moles- EXTRA Moles Yennefer VariantSame as AM- Extra Moles but changes Mole- Cheek to one similar to Yennefer’s from The Witcher 3. Contains 4 original set of moles under markings, and 4 NEW sets under Mouth Blemishes

Thank you, Bloodjack, for assisting me in getting this to work!

My lavender-haired character is wearing Zella’s Hair Dye Collection in the color Lavender.
Some of the hairstyles in the screenshots are from my mod Kat’s New Hairstyles.

Several featured savegames are now available.
Savegame of a girl with lavender hair / Savegame of a blonde girl with a hat Savegame

Appealing Moles

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