Arasaka Appearance Updater

Arasaka Appearance Updater | Cyberpunk 2077

by Dona

Basic .exe record which naturally chooses your most recent save document fit to be changed. Arasaka Appearance Updater can change the haircut just as some facial elements. It will be refreshed en route! 

Creator: Admiral

Arasaka Appearance Updater

Arasaka Appearance Updater
nowmods information

This Arasaka Appearance Updater does not have any known dependencies other than the base game

Credits and distribution permission

  • Other client’s resources: All the resources in this document have a place with the creator, or are from allowed-to-utilize modder’s assets.
  • Transfer consent: You are not permitted to transfer this Arasaka Appearance Updater to different destinations under any conditions.
  • Alteration consent: You should get authorization from me before you are permitted to change my records to further develop it.
  • Change authorization: You are not permitted to change this Arasaka Appearance Updater over to chip away at different games under any conditions.
  • Resource use consent: You should get authorization from me before you are permitted to utilize any of the resources in this document.
  • Resource use consent in mods/documents that are being sold: You are not permitted to utilize resources from this Arasaka Appearance Updater in any mods/documents that are being sold, for cash, on Steam Workshop or different stages.
  • Resource use consent in mods/documents that procure gift focuses: You are not permitted to acquire Donation Points for your mods on the off chance that they utilize my resources.

Creator notes
This creator has not given any extra notes with respect to Arasaka Appearance Updater authorizations.

File credits
@Sorrow for the facial feature codes
@SirBitesalot for the savegame decompression tool (

Version 2.3
All known bugs should have been fixed with this update! Hopefully

Version 2.2
Fixed issue with eyebrows, added catch exception which disables features when an error occurs

Version 2.0
Major content update: Tattoos, Makeup and Cyberware

Version 1.1
Fixed bugs with facial attributes, now shows visual feedback if attribute can be changed

Version 1.0.3
Fixed naming issue, “eyes 10” now reflects the eye 10 setting ingame

Version 1.0.2
Added automatic save location for other languages than english

Version 1.0.1
Added folder browse button

Version 1.0
Added functionality for hairstyles and facial features (male and female)


Update your hairs and some facial elements with the snap of a catch! as it should’ve been carried out from the beginning. Tired of physically altering your save document to change your haircut? This basic program will do it for you!

Download, open .exe, click load, select new haircut, update. Assuming even consequently distinguishes the hairdo (and facial components) you have chosen.

Changing facial features: If you want to change facial features, tick the box below the group. This will only work if you have a feature selected which is not the default one.

Arasaka Appearance Updater


  1. Download .zip file
  2. Extract the folder (make sure it is on your “User” directory where the save files are located, or manually select your savegame folder)
  3. Make sure to keep all dll files in the same folder with the .exe!
  4. Open .exe 

👁‍🗨 How to install Cyberpunk 2077 mods with specific instructions

Arasaka Appearance Updater
nowmods download

📥 Download Arasaka Appearance Updater

Usage Instructions

  1. Click load (if the button doesn’t show, then the file path does not contain a save file and you have to select manually)
  2. Select changes
  3. Click update and finish

To do:

  1. Find a way to implement Haircolor
  2. Find a way to implement everything else
  3. Spend a lot of time on this project only for CDPR to finally implement it

Whenever ultilized related to different mods that change theappearance,
it probably won’t work dependably or work by any means


Special Thanks to @Sorrow for the facial feature codes and @SirBitesalot for the savegame decompression tool.

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