Atomic Heart Trainer

Atomic Heart Trainer

by Dona

Typical trainer with a collision visualizer and a dev menu. This is an early build of the trainer, more features coming soon!

Creator: DmgVol

Atomic Heart Trainer

Atomic Heart Trainer
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  • Collision and volume visualizer
  • Freecam
  • Dev Menu
  • Save/Load pos
  • Change time dilation
  • Player coordinates and velocity overlay


  • [F2] – Toggle debug camera
  • [Enter] – exit debug camera & tp player
  • [F3] – DMG Visualizer (experimental)
  • [F3 + Shift] – Toggle collision volumes
  • [F4] – Change time dilation
  • [F5] – Save pos
  • [F6] – Load pos
  • [F8] – Visualize trigger volumes
  • [Numpad1] – Toggle Debug Menu (Esc to exit)
  • [H] – Show help (this)

Note: for collision visualization, press F3+Shift and F8
Important note: If you want to use “Toggle volumes”, the Shift + F3 volumes:
Add these 2 lines:


into “%localappdata%\AtomicHeart\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Engine.ini”.

Key Remapping

Don’t have a numpad? follow these steps to rebind the debug menu or any other numpad keys:

  • Navigate to “%localappdata%\AtomicHeart\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\” and open “Engine.ini”.
  • Scroll down and add the following lines:

This will rebind the debug menu to the number 9, not the numpad.
You can rebind it to any other key you desire, for more details visit: UE4-KeyBinds(scroll down a bit for keybindings)


nowmods download

?Download Atomic Heart Trainer v0.6

⚠️ABOUT DEV MENU: The debug/dev menu was created by the devs and the trainer simply toggles it,
the trainer has no control over the actual dev menu and its functionality.
Don’t complain about the dev menu… as it’s not part of the actual trainer.


Make sure you back up your save file before using this mod, especially the debug menu.
I’m not responsible for any progress loss or/and achievements completions, so keep a backup prior to using it.

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