Auto Recover HP Elden Ring

Auto Recover HP and FP | Elden Ring

by Dona

Auto Recover HP at a rate of 0.5 percent per second 2. Auto-recovery of FP at a rate of 2 points per second. Add an effect to the “Crimson Amber Medallion,” which you can wear when you’re boned.
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Creator: kjuytg

Auto Recover HP and FP

Auto Recover HP Elden Ring
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Add effect to “Crimson Amber Medallion”, which u can choose to carry when bone, contain below effect:

  1. Auto recover HP 0.5% per second
  2. Auto recover FP 2 point per second

optional file
1: 1%hp+5fp per second
2: 0.25%hp+1fp per second
update 20220313: version 1.01 (main file and optional file) will effect on Crimson Amber Medallion +0 +1 +2
Nothing else, nothing too imba


  • Disable your EAC
  • Just unpack and cover the file into the “elden ring\Game\ folder, please make a bakup by youself. Equip Crimson Amber Medallion ingame

Unistall: drag your backup file back.

nowmods download

Download Auto Recover HP and FP files:

? 0.5percent hp and 2fp per secondrecommend: 0.5% HP and 2 FP per second for +0 +1 +2
? 0.25percent hp and 1fp per secondvery slow: 0.25% HP and 1 point FP per second
? 1 percent hp and 5 point fp per secondlittle quick: 1% HP and 5 point FP per second
?only 1 fp per 2 secondonly 1 FP per 2 second, no HP regen

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