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by Gemma

The main purpose of Automate mod is to support players pull automatically raw items from the chest and pushing their finished items into it. Your task is to place that chest next to any machine such as a furnace or crystalarium and then it will start working. You can also connect multiple machines with a chest to link them together

Creators: Pathoschild


nowmods information

This mods require one or more additional files in order to work properly:

Automate – Ukrainizacija Need to install | Потрібно завантажитиBoxes with mushrooms and collectibles (DEMO) optional
CFAutomate – Custom Farming Automate BridgeIndustrial Furnace (Optional)
Mass Production (Optional)PFM Oil Quality and Amount (In case you want to automate, but it has to be installed with PFMAUTOMATE)
Tea Station (PFM Machine) RecommendedQuality Scrubber (Optional)

Credit Files: the author has not credited anyone else in this mod


This ingenious Automate mod allows tons of objects to connect to each other in order to remove the need to manually process items. Let’s start to explore the power of this mod with

After putting the chest next to machines, press U (configurable) to show an automation overlay, it looks like this image below


How to use

Basic automation

The machines connected to a chest will push their output into it and  pull ingredients to process out of it

Use these items below to automate

auto-grabbers;bee housesbone millsseed makers
bushes (blackberry, salmonberry,
and tea bushes)
fruit treeskegscrystalariums (once started
with the gem/mineral you want)
casks (even outside cellar)furnaces (need coal)loomssilos
charcoal kilnsgarbage cansmayonnaise slime egg-presses
cheese pressesgeode crushers (also need coal)millsslime incubators
coffee makershay hoppersmini-shipping binssoda machines
crab potshoppersmushroom boxessolar panels
shipping bin (configurable)Junimo hutsoil makersstatues of endless fortune
deconstructorsincubators (for eggs)preserves jarsstatues of perfection
fish ponds (for output only)lightning rodsrecycling machinestappers
statues of true perfectionwood chippersworm binsmachines

Automated machines give you the same XP, achievements and items, so you can get them and use them directly

Machine groups

This mod can connect any number of chests and machines into Machine Group. To do it, you have to place each chest or machine touch another one

? Some machine setups: click here

How’s about multiple chests to the same machine group? They will also all be used in the automation, the input is taken from all the chests and the output is sent to chests in this order:

  • Chests edited using Chests Anywhere to enable ‘prefer this chest for output’
  • Chests contain an item of the same type
  • or any chest


Here you can active optionally configure objects or paths as connectors (for link machines together)

Example:  wooden paths used as connectors

Junimo chests

Combine machine with chest will connect to a Junimo chest which is part of a global machine group. It works like a regular machine group include for machine priority, even if it’s spread across many locations


  • Junimo huts on your farm collect crops
  • Kegs in a shed turn them into juice/wine
  • Cellar casks age the juice/wine
  • The shipping bin collects the final output


nowmods download

? Download Automate Mod 1.23.3


  1. Download the latest version of SMAPI
  2. Unzip the Automate mod folder into Stardew Valley/mods
  3. Start the game using SMAPI


This mod compatible:

  • Stardew Valley 1.5 or later
  • Linux, macOS, and Windows
  • Single-player
  • Split-screen and multiplayer: Automate must be installed by the main player when starting play the game

Pairs well with:

  • Better Junimos: add more crop automation such as replanting and other improvements.
  • Deluxe Grabber Redux: grabbers will auto collect nearby animal products, forage, crops, and indoor pot crops too.
  • Non-Destructive NPCs: it prevents NPCs from destroying chests and machines.

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