Bandit Lines Expansion | Skyrim Special Edition

by Gemma

The same bandit line over and over again that makes you feel tired? Let’s come to Bandit Lines Expansion mod to explore 500 new spliced lines to bandits! Each bandit prototype has its own personality which makes each of your encounters with them more interesting, unique, personal, and unexpected.

Creator: JaySerpa

Bandit Lines Expansion

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This Bandit Lines Expansion mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

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File Credits:

  • Put the credits to all the voice actors Bethesda hired, these guys did a perfect job.
  • We often complain about the lack of different voices in Skyrim (and we’re right), but at the same time this allows people like me to create this type of mod.

Bandit Lines Expansion

  • Version 1.03
    • Fixed a strange bug that happened when failing a lockpick attempt while in the presence of guards.
  • Version 1.02
    • Added a couple of last missing lip files, thanks to Mallenok for finding them.
    • Made it so undead bandits stop using the new lines. Sorry folks, dead bandits have other priorities in mind when dead (mostly grunting). No more “Are we having delicious horker tonight?” when dead.
  • Version 1.01
    • There are some lines missing .lip files that make NPCs move their lip.
  • Version 1.0: Release


Come to Bandit Lines Expansion mod you can see the bandits have more personality. Because they are added almost 500 new lines that are not shared between voice types, so each encounter with a bandit will bring a feel unique. Easier to recognize when listening to their idle dialogues.

The bandits show a more humane side to them or not. Their topic can talk about betrayal, gold, missing their families, hating Skyrim, loving life as a bandit, being ashamed of being a bandit, jealousy, resentment, greed, addiction, infidelity, home, lustful encounters, what drove them to become a bandit, hunger, tragedies, having mouths to feed… and more!

As for combat

A lot of hidden conditions and surprise lines in the Bandit Lines Expansion mod. Bandits will have reacts differently when aiming a bow or sneaking near their camps

  • They might also comment on your weapon, armor or material of your weapon. Not stop there, they can talk about your sex, race, time of day of the encounter, the location, your level, they might react to you using shouts, also to you killing their allies mid-combat… and the list goes on!


  1. The new lines to the most common enemy of all: Bandits is added to this Bandit Lines Expansion mod. Cause we’ve all heard their lines a million times.
  2. Vanilla lines are still kept, it just adds new ones. Up to 75(!) new lines per voice type. (~500 total)
  3. Lines are spliced from vanilla lines, with no computer-generated lines, so they should sound quite natural.
  4. All the vanilla files have not been edited, so compatible with everything.

Types of lines

1) Variations of vanilla lines: it’s very similar to the lines we’re used to, but with a twist or different tone. Example: You picked a bad time to get lost, friend fool!

2) Brand new lines: often with conditions not used in vanilla.
Example: “Ah, there’s no finer weapon than an orc blade. Fight well, and I’ll make sure your corpse is not dishonored”. (Female Orc Bandit commenting on the player’s orc weapon in the middle of combat)

3) Idle lines: add more complexity/character to bandits. Including FEMALE bandit idle lines (female bandits in vanilla do NOT have any idle lines). These lines are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, be warned.
Example: “It’s true. I’ve killed more than I care to admit. But I needed the gold. What else can a dunmer do out here?”

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