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Bannerlord Caravan Best companions | Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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It can be difficult to find the Bannerlord Caravan best companions and structures in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. You can learn more about the ideal companions for each role by using this guide. For instance, running a caravan, serving as governor, or organizing a team.

Now, every companion is specially made for each player’s game. This implies that you will not only find your own in-game friends but also those of others. Data miners, however, are making assumptions. Later Bannerlord updates may add special companions.

How to Find the Bannerlord Caravan Best Companions

You must first find the Bannerlord Caravan best companions for any role you require before you have them. By default, the “N” encyclopedia can be used to locate them. Or go to a variety of bars. Not all encyclopedias update instantly. This implies that companion locations may differ from information on the site.

You can search the encyclopedia when your Bannerlord campaign first begins. to locate specific companion books that suit your requirements. Every character is given a title or is made to specialize in a particular skill. Read the section below for more details on how it functions.

bannerlord caravan best companions
Find the Bannerlord Caravan Best Companions

The Meaning of Companion Titles

There is a title for each Bannerlord companion. Or they may be born with particular abilities due to surnames like “Siona the Healed” or “Elyaksha the Shieldmaiden.” Here are some examples of job titles and the skills that go with them:

  • The Healer – Medicine 60
  • The Golden – Tactics 100
  • The Prince – Roguery 140
  • The Smith – Smithing 60
  • Frostbeard – Scouting 80

Bannerlord Caravan Best Companions For Each Role

Party Leaders’ Best Companions

If you can make a new party for a companion to lead and have attained Clan Tier 2. Make sure you choose the right group! Consider it in the same way that you would consider the qualities that make a good leader. Some pertinent titles for party leaders are listed in the table below.

Look for companions with the following names in the Heroes section of the encyclopedia:

  • The Falcon – Tactics 100
  • The Prince – Roguery 140
  • The Surgeon – Medicine 80
  • The Engineer – Engineering 80
  • The Swift – Steward 80
  • The Swordsman – Excels in weapon-related skills.
  • The Shieldmaiden – Excels in weapon-related skills.

Bannerlord Caravan Best Companions

If you’re wondering about How To Get Rich Quickly. Caravans are a viable daily source of income. Choose the best companion to lead your money maker if you have money to invest. The ability to trade, which lowers trade penalties, is the most beneficial for earning money.

Look for companions with the following names in the Heroes section of the encyclopedia:

  • The Swift – Trade 80, Roguery 100, Steward 80
  • The Spicevendor – Steward 80, Trade 100
bannerlord caravan best companions
Bannerlord Caravan Best Companions

A Governor’s Best Companion

In Bannerlord, the Governor’s companions must primarily be from the same fief’s culture. This offers a +1 loyalty buff and stops negative loyalty buffs brought on by different cultural backgrounds. In addition to this, you’ll need allies with strong management skills. So you can direct those who have been buffed to the Governor.

The Governor has the following abilities, though not all of them:

  • Skill: Steward – Governor Perks: Tax Collector (Lvl 25), Assessor (Lvl 225), Agrarian (Lvl 250), Reconstruction (Lvl 275)
  • Skill: Medicine – Governor Perks: Pristine Streets (Lvl 150), Bush Doctor (Lvl 150), Physician of People (Lvl 200), Clean Infrastructure (Lvl 200)
  • Skill: Engineering – Governor Perks: Construction Expert (Lvl 25), Improved Masonry (Lvl 100), Builder (Lvl 250), Everyday Engineer (Lvl 275)
  • Skill: Trade – Governor Perks: Distributed Goods (Lvl 100), Toll Gates (Lvl 100), Villager Connections (Lvl 150), Content Trades (Lvl 150), Granary Accountant (Lvl 200), Tradeyard Foreman (Lvl 200)
  • Skill: Leadership – Governor Perks: Stiff Upper Lip (Lvl 75), Gratitude (Lvl 75), Drill Master (Lvl 150), Citizen Militia (Lvl 150), Public Talker (Lvl 200), Inspiring Warrior (Lvl 200)

Look for companions with the following names in the Heroes section of the encyclopedia:

  • The Swift – Steward 80, Trade 80, Roguery 100
  • The Spicevendor – Steward 80, Trade 100

Due to Sora’s high Steward skill of 160, many Bannerlord players prefer to wed her. She is a fantastic governor and quartermaster as a result.

Best Companion Builds

The ideal bannerlord caravan best companions build will vary depending on the function they are serving. Always design their equipment around the strongest weapon skills they possess. Give a companion only a One-handed weapon, for instance, if they have a high One-handed skill.

bannerlord caravan best companions
Best Companion Builds

Must Fill Important Clan Roles

  • Scout: This companion is best suited to those who possess a high level of cunning and the scouting skill.
  • Engineer: Best suited to friends with high engineering aptitude and intelligence.
  • Quartermaster: This companion is best suited to those who have high Steward and Intelligence attributes.
  • Surgeons are companions with high levels of both the Medicine skill and the Intelligence attribute.


All we have to say about Bannerlord Caravan Best Companions is that. Visit our Essential Tips and Tricks for Beginners for more Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord instructions.

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