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Battlefield 2042 PC Gaming Requirements – Can Your PC Run It?

by Dona

Battlefield 2042 is Electronic Arts and DICE’s 17th installment to their massive, long-running FPS series Battlefield. The new addition has a plot and setting that is set in the near future wherein the rapidly deteriorating climate has led to famine, war, and economic disaster. In place of nations, only two of the world’s “superpowers” remain, the US and Russia. Both are waging an all-out war that resembles the framework of the Cold War. Players take on the role of soldiers for hire who are forced to fight as the world falls apart around them.

Recommended Specs

To run Battlefield 2042 in all its glory, you’ll need an extremely powerful PC rig, as the game’s graphics require a lot of power. DICE recommends Intel Core i7 or a Ryzen 7 CPU paired with either the NIVIDA RTX 3060 or the RX 6600 graphics cards. The main issue is the latter requirement; both are the most recent releases from Nvidia and AMD and are quite evasive due to the ongoing GPU shortage. Additionally, it’s best to have at least 16GB of memory, 100GB of hard-drive space, and 64-bit Windows 10 OS on your computer.

Minimum Required Specs

However, if you simply want to run the game, then it wouldn’t be too much of a problem. You can run Intel Core i5 with Nvidia’s GTX 1050 Ti or AMD’s Radeon RX 560, which are commonly available at low prices, thanks to them being entry-level graphics cards. You’d also need at least 8GB of memory and 100GB of hard-drive space. While this can be equally as demanding as the recommended specs, the minimum required specs are at least a big downgrade when it comes to the processor and the graphics card.

Running Battlefield 2042

The game is a true next-gen experience in the form of ray-tracing technology, which enhances the flashy lighting effects. It also combines Nvidia’s DLS technology, which is an AI software that helps keeps the game’s performance smooth, and Nvidia Reflex, a feature meant to measure and optimize latency in competitive games. To maximize these features, it’s best to have an optimized gaming PC running the recommended specs stated above. Opt for trusted brands such as Corsair, MSI, and Thrustmaster to build the best possible rig for playing Battlefield 2042. To demonstrate, the above trailer itself is shot on a 30-series Graphics Card, which explains its extraordinarily smooth frame rate and visual quality.

If you’re running only the minimum required specs, don’t expect your gameplay to be identical to the trailer. Also expect a few errors and issues to arise, like a DirectX error, 100% CPU Usage, in-game crashes, and player freezing, among others — especially if your computer is running on specs lower than the recommended ones. These issues are often fixable, and adjusting your graphics and 3D settings further could improve your overall FPS and stuttering. The game’s developers have also promised that the game is constantly being updated and bugs are being fixed with every update.

One of Battlefield 2042’s most recent game updates went live on December 2021 across all platforms, and it contained some significant tweaks that players welcomed. This included the removal of rooftop capture points, adjustment of proximity sensors, cannons, and hit registration. Most of the listed changes involved nerfing overpowered features, allowing for overall fairer gameplay for the multiplayer game. This was the fourth update for the game since its release in November. This month, DICE announced that they’d be releasing yet another major update soon. Granted this new update will be less about the technical side and more about the narrative and visuals. As per reports, the new update will see Specialists with a grittier look and demeanor.

In closing, while Battlefield 2042 failed to win big gaming awards like other major titles, it remains one of the most impressive releases. Besides being available on PC, Battlefield 2042 is also playable on other consoles such as the Xbox, PlayStation, and most other ninth-generation consoles, so there’s definitely a platform for everyone.


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