Better Sabers X

Better Sabers X | Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

by Dona

Presenting Better Sabers X, the most well known mod for Star Wars Battlefront II. This mod totally redoes all the Lightsabers in Battlefront II. (Multiplayer Compatible)

Creator: Dyvine57

Better Sabers X

Better Sabers X
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Version X.31
Fixed purple

Version X.30
Remade from scratch using new EmitterGraph storing system
New BetterSabers X Core file for use with addons
Kylo’s saber has been updated
Added purple saber EmitterGraph

Version X.27
Exported for Final BF2 Patch
Version X.26
Scarif Update Fix
Rey Yellow Saber Added

Version X.22
Increased saturation of sabers, especially red
Brought back BetterSabers X – Cinematic
Update due to complaining that the mod wasn’t working even though it was

Version X.21
Update for August Update
Fix Yoda Saber Issue


This Better Sabers X mod brings consistant and outwardly further developed lightsabers to Battlefront II!

  • Consistency is brought to all sabers
    All sabers are currently similarly tipped
    All tones are presently steady will all sabers
  • Kylo Ren’s saber has been improved
    The saber has more starts
    Reshapened the saber to be bona fide
Better Sabers X
  • Lights are currently altogether more brilliant for an incredible ongoing interaction experience
  • Motion trails are marginally more limited to be more predictable to the movies
  • Includes incredible and basic addon creation for your own mods!
Better Sabers X

Better Sabers X – Cinematic is for use with OpenGameCamera or Nvidia Ansel

  • Fixes saber trail ancient rarities when time is frozen
  • Decreases splendor of light transmitted from saber

Better Sabers X – Core is for using a mod that requires BetterSabers X without overriding the vanilla sabers

Better Sabers X
nowmods download

📥 Download Better Sabers X.31

Optional files

📥 Better Sabers X.31 – Cinematic

📥 Better Sabers X.31 – Core


Better Sabers X [Addon Template] is a task document for mod creators to make their own Better Sabers Addons!

  1. Open the task document and explore to A0_BetterSabersX/FX/Templates/
  2. Open the EffectBlueprint comparing to the shading you mean to utilize
  3. Open the Object envelope and right snap on Components and select Copy
  4. Open the saber record you expect to supersede with BetterSabers
  5. Open the Object envelope and right snap on Components and select Paste
  6. The Saber will be undetectable until you send out it and run it close by BetterSabers X in your modlist
Better Sabers X

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