Black Unicorn Witcher 3

Black Unicorn Katana from Cyberpunk 2077 | The Witcher 3

by Anh Dona

New weapon – Black Unicorn Witcher 3 Katana from Cyberpunk 2077. The razor-like cutting edge is pretty much as hardhearted as death itself, the gatekeeper is molded from premium materials and the handle is made so stunningly it has a place in a historical center.

Creator: milckywayy

Black Unicorn Katana from Cyberpunk 2077

Black Unicorn Witcher 3
Black Unicorn Witcher 3

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This Black Unicorn Witcher 3 mod adds another weapon to the game – Black Unicorn Katana from Cyberpunk 2077. It may very well be purchased in 3 better places. At Hattori’s home, ofieri vendor and grandmaster smith in Toussaint. Katana’s harm and level is scaled to the player’s level during purchasing. Mod is viable with NG+.

Black Unicorn Witcher 3
New weapon – Black Unicorn katana from Cyberpunk 2077!

Johnny’s glasses come as a bonus.

Console command to add steel katana: additem (‘Black Unicorn Steel’)

Console command to add silver katana: additem (‘Black Unicorn Silver’)

Console command to add Johnny’s glasses: additem (‘Johnnys Glasses’)

Black Unicorn Witcher 3


Extract Black Unicorn Witcher 3 mod and put dlcBlackUnicorn folder into the dlc folder in your Witcher 3 directory.

Black Unicorn Witcher 3

Download Black Unicorn Witcher 3 Katana

Despite the fact that it was delivered five years prior, The Witcher 3 keeps on holding an extremely dynamic player base. The game has many hours worth of content that players can insight, from side missions to agreements to even uncommon things they can obtain to help them on ‘the path’. However the game permits players to explore different avenues, Black Unicorn Witcher 3 regarding their playstyles, a trusty sword is consistently valuable when bombs, elixirs, and signs run out.

About the original Black Unicorn Katana

TypeSteel sword
Weight2.81 Tw3 weight brown.svg
Effects+1-12% Aard Sign intensity
+5% Chance to cause bleeding
Black Unicorn Witcher 3

The Black Unicorn is a level 46 sword and players should be essentially at the necessary level to fashion and utilize the sword. The sword is by and large intended to be utilized late game, however for players who are lacking in persistence, there are ways they can step up quicker. Players should finish as much side substance as possible, for example, taking on side missions and witcher contracts or taking an interest in Gwent competitions, and so on.

Black Unicorn Witcher 3

To help them on their objective, they can prepare Witcher blades that add reward insight from killing foes. Players can likewise prepare prizes on Roach that add a reward to encounters acquired. Finishing experiences like drawing at a Place of Power or freeing a region likewise add to acquiring experience focuses. When the players have sufficient experience, focus and have stepped up, they can produce the Black Unicorn Witcher 3.

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