Blur Begone Cyberpunk 2077

Blur Begone | Cyberpunk 2077

by Dona

Remove any extraneous blur from transparent objects. Enjoy refraction effects with materials that are crisp and blur-free! Enhance your surroundings with more realistic sights and brighter reflections.

Creator: CyanideX

Blur Begone

Blur Begone Cyberpunk 2077
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Blur Begone is a mod for 1.62 that replaces the “Blur Remove” modifications. This hack minimizes or removes the blur effect from apparently translucent/transparent items that have been troubled by blur. Some goods and meshes, such as drapes and plastics, will have extra material attributes modified to boost refraction values for more realism.

NOTE: Blur Begone doesn’t require Material & Texture Override! ?

I’ve begun from scratch to eliminate all blur (also as a learning experience for me), so for the time being, I’ve simply done a generic glass and material pass to remove blur from most things, but I’m gradually making specific modifications as I proceed.

“More than just removing blur!”

In order to achieve a more realistic visual, I intend to optimize the transparent and translucent surfaces by altering other attributes with the decrease of blur; specular highlights, surface reflectivity, and refraction are just a few of the adjustments. Here’s an example:

Blur Begone Cyberpunk 2077
Blur Begone Cyberpunk 2077

Please feel free to suggest additional blur removal objects and file a bug report if anything isn’t working properly.


How to install Cyberpunk 2077 mods

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Download Blur Begone Cyberpunk 2077 Mods:

Main files:

Blur Begone0.2.0: More blur removal! This might be everything.
Removes general blur on glass and plastic materials. Intended for 1.62 ONLY.
Blur Begone – NonREDNon-REDmod version of the mod. I find that this one loads without issues most of the time so I may switch to this instead. We’ll see.
Removes general blur on glass and plastic materials. Intended for 1.62 ONLY.

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