Chaoseater Greatsword

Chaoseater Greatsword | Monster Hunter: World

by Dona

Chaoseater Greatsword has Darksiders Chaoseater weapon as Greatsword with MHW Halloween 2021 effects.

Creator: EddyOZ and Tokugawa

Chaoseater Greatsword

Chaoseater Greatsword
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Tôkugawa aka: TheBulgrim98


Chaoseater Greatsword adds some changes of art works, the blade also has the glow for Halloween effects. Of course you can turn it off.

Chaoseater Greatsword

Chaoseater. The angry blade thirsts for destruction.


nowmods download

📥 Download Chaoseater Greatsword – Silver Rathalos

Chaoseater GS replaces Silver Rathalos Greatsword visual: “Rathalos Gleamsword”

Optional files:
📥 Chaoseater Emissive Glow RemoverThis will render the blade entirely black and erase the emissive shine.
📥 Chaoseater Greatsword – DeviljhoThis one replaces Deviljho GS visual: “Anguish”
Chaoseater comes with Halloween effects, remove by deleting: “nativePC\wp\two\epv\hm_wp00_99.epv3”


  1. Download “Chaoseater” and extract the “nativePC” folder.
  2. Inside your game directory, drag and drop the “nativePC” folder.
Chaoseater Greatsword

Special thanks

Sword Sculpted by: Tôkugawa

Retopology by: EddyOZ

All my mods are only possible to exist thanks to the MHW Modding Community tools.
MHW Modding Wiki
Thanks for everyone who makes the MHW Modding Community exist.
Monster Hunter World Modding Discord

Chaoseater Greatsword

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