Ciri Armor HD Retexture

Ciri Armor HD Retexture | The Witcher 3

by Dona

However beautiful The Witcher 3 is out of the box, it’s superb to envision what proportion of effort modders have dedicated to creating it look even higher. Here is the Ciri Armor HD Retexture from Pfuscher, and therefore the latest version offers the Witcher 3’s environmental textures and models an interesting quantity of additional pop and depth, whereas staying trustworthy to the initial style.

Creator: Pfuscher

Ciri Armor HD Retexture

Ciri Armor HD Retexture
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Author’s instructions below

File credits:

Version: 1.0001 Improved the belt and added 3small metal pieces


Ciri Armor HD Retexture is a retex of this great mod: Ciri’s Outfit UNP-CBBE-UUNP Bodyslide by Oaristys.

Ciri Armor HD Retexture has enhanced diffuse map and normal map detail. Besides, this mod adds environment map detail and spec map. For the manual settings, it changes the shader and cubemap for the player to experience smoothness.

Ciri Armor HD Retexture

Digging into the detail, Ciri Armor HD Retexture offers top quality, 4K resolution textures for larger sharpness and higher object level of detail. Just about everything is reworked, as well as Ciri’s face, meshes, outfits, and even the collar.

Ciri Armor HD Retexture


Ciri Amor HD Retexture

Download Ciri Armor HD Retexture mods:

Better Collar newer version
Complete Version for CBBE 1.0
Version for UNP and UUNP without meshes
White collar update
Face for Follower mod

Bugs known

Sometimes when you use the CBBE bodyslide, the boots will not fit in the original mod, there will be some clipping issues. All the meshes seem to fit perfectly but the HDT does not work. So here is the answer from Pfuscher: “The texture works with the hdt version, but the meshes overwrite each other. Some day I’ll upload the hdt meshes.”

Ciri Armor HD Retexture

The Witcher 3 is approaching its sixth birthday – however modders square measure still doing spectacular things with CD Projekt’s fantastic fantasy journey. This Ciri Armor HD Retexture simply released a sweeping texture mod for The Witcher 3 and aims to enhance the graphics by remodeling models and textures whilst conserving the initial vogue.

Ciri Armor HD Retexture

It will be a short while nonetheless before we have a tendency to see another game set within the Witcher universe. Maybe with the arrival of the next-generation of consoles and ever additional powerful laptop hardware, CD Projekt can look to remaster The Witcher 3 itself one day? Till then, we’ve the great work of modders to tide us over.


Credits to Oaristys for the port

Credits to CD Projekt Red

Credits to Levionte

Credits to Zonzai

If you’re still looking for more The Witcher 3 mods, check out right here:

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