Claire Face Mod RE2

Claire Face Model | Resident Evil 2

by Dona

Claire Face Mod RE2 is a face model alter for the people who can’t shake the inclination that 2019 Claire doesn’t exactly seem as though Claire generally does.

Creator: UberGrainy

Claire Face Mod RE2

Claire Face Mod RE2
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Off-site requirements

Mod nameNotes
Fluffy Mod ManagerRequired for installation

Credits and dissemination consent

  • Other client’s resources: Every one of the resources in this Claire Face Mod RE2 document have a place with the creator, or are from allowed to-utilize modder’s assets
  • Transfer authorization: You can transfer this record to different destinations yet you should acknowledge me as the maker of the document
  • Alteration authorization: You are permitted to alter my records and delivery bug fixes or develop the components insofar as you acknowledge me as the first maker
  • Change authorization: You can change this document over to work with different games as long as you acknowledge me as the maker of the record
  • Resource use consent: You are permitted to utilize the resources in this document without consent as long as you credit me
  • Resource use consent in mods/records that are being sold: You are not permitted to utilize Claire Face Mod RE2 resources from this document in any mods/records that are being sold, for cash, on Steam Workshop or different stages
  • Resource use consent in mods/documents that procure gift focuses: You are permitted to acquire Donation Points for your mods on the off chance that they utilize my Claire Face Mod RE2 resources

Creator notes
This creator has not given any extra notes in regards to document consents

File credits

Maliwei777 – for the import/export script.
themimegogo – for the English translation of Maliwei777’s script.
ToraNeko98 – Skimmed through your Ultimate Tutorial to see if I was missing anything or doing anything horribly wrong.
JimmyAndresRG – used Beauty Katherine as a template and base example of replacing the face.
FluffyQuack – for Mod Manager.
Luigi Auriemma – for QuickBMS.
Whoever made the RE7/RE2 format QuickBMS extraction scripts, and anyone else I’ve forgotten.

  • Forgot to alter the readme.txt
  • Forgot to refresh the mod title.
  • Shrank the nose tip profundity and width marginally.
  • Fixed the nose connect space being too profound, smoothed the nose connect.
  • Widened the jaw somewhat. Moved the jaw somewhat upwards and back.
  • Raised the eyebrows somewhat.


Claire Face Mod RE2 is a face model alter for the individuals who can’t shake the inclination that 2019 Claire doesn’t exactly seem as though Claire normally does. Face model as it were. Does exclude hair model or surfaces, so it’s viable with whatever doesn’t supplant the face model.

Claire Face Mod RE2

List of adjustments:

  • Lowered the temple, made the eyebrows thicker around focus and more slender on the external closures.
  • Adjusted the distance among nose and lip, changed the jawline shape and length.
  • Tried to make the jawline and jaw more V-formed.
  • Made the nose connect somewhat more recognized. Expanded distance among eyes and nose.
Claire Face Mod RE2
  • Narrowed the nose sides, raised the nostril sides (that is the way other Claire noses look).
  • Made the lips smaller, marginally fatter. Later somewhat extended the edges once more.
  • Increased eye distance marginally. Likewise somewhat shrank the eyes upward.
  • Tried to make the spaces beneath the eye less conspicuous.
  • I just supplanted the initial two LOD models, so you will not perceive any progressions in case you’re utilizing inferior quality models from a significant distance.
Claire Face Mod RE2


  1. Requires Fluffy Mod Manager. Unload it any place.
  2. Put the mod rar into the Mod Manager envelope, under Games\RE2R\Mods\
  3. Run the Mod Manager, select the game Resident Evil 2 Remake. Snap Manage mods.
  4. This Claire Face Mod RE2 mod ought to be recorded. Snap on it. A circumnavigated green tick image ought to show up close to it.
  5. The mod should now be introduced.
nowmods download

? Download Claire Face Mod RE2 v2


Run Mod Manager, click Manage mods, and then click the name of this mod again. It should uninstall.
I know there are others dealing with Claire face models, yet I chose to have a go at making my own form at any rate. I thought it’d be a simple first mod, yet ran into issues and went through an entire day attempting to fix them. I’m not happy with it, yet I invested sufficient energy and have different things I need to do. Frankly, I didn’t alter the surface since I haven’t figured out how convert the surfaces yet.

Claire Face Mod RE2


  • Facial movement in this Claire Face Mod RE2 mod may look somewhat odd once in a while, especially her temple looking extra-low, and perhaps her lips now and again.
  • I altered by means of delicate choice, which influenced the teeth shape. Ideally the adjusted teeth shape will not stand apart excessively.
  • I presume the eyebrows might be to some degree cutting through her brow during certain activitys.
  • When altering the model, it shows up uniquely in contrast to in-game. For instance, the nose looks significantly more in-game than in altering. So I need to continue trading and introducing the model into the game each time I make changes, to check whether it looks right, which is very tedious.
  • The nose was somewhat more and jaw a little smaller than I planned, yet I needed to deliver this is on the grounds that I previously squandered a day fixing bugs. Changed in Claire Face Mod RE2 v2 now. I likewise needed to take the screen captures on numerous occasions since I saw issues and needed to return and fix them.
Claire Face Mod RE2
Claire Face Mod RE2

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