Claire Redfield Battlesuit Costume

Claire Redfield Battlesuit Costume | Resident Evil 2

by Dona

This Claire Redfield Battlesuit Costume mod adds a Battlesuit for Claire similar to Jill’s in Resident Evil 5.

Creator: JimmyAndresRG

Claire Redfield Battlesuit Costume

Claire Redfield Battlesuit Costume
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Claire Redfield Battlesuit Costume requires Fluffy Manager 5000 for installing

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A new version of the base file has been added, with a greater number of polygons and fixes for the majority of the previous versions’ bugs: The feet and knees no longer cross each other, the neck has a better union with the head, and wounds from enemies such as Lickers and Birkin can be seen.

It is also added physical for the breasts with a variety of options. Snow White and Emerald Green have been added as new colors.

Claire Redfield Battlesuit Costume

There is a gap between the knife sheath and Claire’s buttocks, giving the impression that it is floating in the air. You can’t move the knife because your position is linked to your hand when you hold it in your hand, so I modified the model of the case to make it thicker, and it no longer appears to float in the air, allowing you to better position grenades and secondary elements.

I discovered that the game uses a different model for the infinite knife and another for the normal knives, so if you used the normal knives in version 1.1, they vanished from your hand; this has been fixed in version 1.2.

Claire Redfield Battlesuit Costume


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Download Claire Redfield Battlesuit Costumes:

Claire Redfield Battlesuit Costume

This mod includes a system of damage to the suit and dirt as the game progresses; to see it in action, select the Normal Outfits option in the suit menu.


1. Install the Claire Battlesuit – Base File 1.0 file.
2. Choose the color you want and install it after installing the base file.
3. Select Normal Outfits In the costume selection menu.

Claire Redfield Battlesuit Costume


This mod was designed from the start with the color red in mind, as it is Claire’s favorite and goes best with her character, and with the original blue color of Jill’s costume as an option. As she worked on the mod, I was adding more color options, so feel free to use the one you prefer!

Claire Redfield Battlesuit Costume


to FluffyQuack for its great Mod Manager, without this tool it would not be possible to replace the textures of the base game.
The people of
To Capcom for creating such a great game!

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