Commonwealth Cuts

Commonwealth Cuts | Fallout 4

by Dona

Commonwealth Cuts conversions from KS Hairdos and ApachiiSkyHair for Skyrim.

Creator: Aarwyn and ANiceOakTree

Commonwealth Cuts

Commonwealth Cuts
nowmods information

This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

Mods requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
2 Female Presets for LooksMenu
a female face preset for looksmenu
A Girls WorldAdditional Hairs used for various NPC’s
Ada Wrong…so fucking wrongAda Wong hair style
Cait RefiguredNeeded for the hair of course
Chyna PresetFor hairstyle in images
Companion Ivy Replacer with Looks Menu PresetRequired for ALL files.
Hannah presetthe old version is shown in the screenshots
Hikari PresetHair for days

Author’s instructions
Can be used with character/companion saves. Not to be used as paid mod or hosted elsewhere.

File credits
imAarwyn ported the hairs from Skyrim to Fallout 4, JTesmer/ANiceOakTree added physics
Kalilies, Stealthic Khaos, and Shocky created KS Hairdos – Renewal
Apachii – ApachiiSkyHair
forvervobla for their port of Daisy

Credits from KS Hairdos – Renewal
Ade, Alesso, Anto, Darko, Geisha, Jakea, Kijiko, Lapiz, Leah Lilith, Momo, NewSea, S-Club, Sintiklia, Sky, Stealthic, Peggy, Raonjena, Wings, XM and Zauma for the permission to release their hairstyles.
Hellosanta for her textures, which have been used as a resource for these hair textures.


Commonwealth Cuts depend on the character, not all hairs will fit perfectly – this is due to the difference in forehead sizes and character face sizes; it would be impossible to accommodate all at the same time. All hairs were fitted to the BaseFemaleHead model; if you have any issues with fitting, adjust your character’s forehead to fit.

Commonwealth Cuts
Commonwealth Cuts


Make sure you’ve made the neccesary ini edits; Install with NMM

nowmods download

? Download all Commonwealth Cuts files

Known issues

Some darkish polygons in Commonwealth Cuts will appear on specific hairs in specific lightings due to backwards geometry, which was unfortunately present on every single hair when I imported into 3dsmax:/ I fixed the majority of them but didn’t have time to complete them all; it’s not very noticeable and will be fixed in future updates. It was either fix them all and make you all wait another month, or this, so rejoice ;D
In other words, if you notice it, change the lighting and BAM, it’s as if it never happened.

Certain hairs will clip with bulkier outfits and larger breasts.


imAarwyn – Ported the hairs from Skyrim to Fallout 4 (rigging, nif set up, texture organization)
ANiceOakTree/JTesmer – Added physics to the hairs and fitting tweaks

All credit for original Commonwealth Cuts meshes and textures goes the the respective authors (Kalilies, Stealthic Khaos, Shocky & any other authors that contributed) of Skyrim’s KS Hairdos, Apachii for Skyrim’s ApachiiSkyHair and to CD Projekt Red for the Geralt hairs *

Tool used:

3DSMax 2016 | Outfit Studio | Nifskope | FO4EDIT

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