Shattered Throne Map

A Complete Guide for Shattered Throne Map and Dungeon | Destiny 2: Forsaken

You'll be able to defeat Vorgeth and Dul Incaru without losing your mind if you use our Shattered Throne map.

by Dona

The Shattered Throne Map is Destiny 2‘s equivalent of a dungeon. Strikes exist as simple quests that can be farmed. The Shattered Throne Map is a mini-raid with two bosses each with their own unique mechanics and operating all over vast environments. It is also only accessible once every three weeks (per character). If you don’t want to raid, the Shattered Throne Map is likely the best performer in the game. For both loot and good times. This guide will go over how to defeat each section of the dungeon. With advice to make the main interactions much easier.

First step

First and foremost, you will require the dungeon’s entrance to begin your adventure. Going straight from the Dreaming City landing site is the quickest way to the Shattered Throne Map. Continue walking until you reach the large building housing the Oracle. A bridge to the left of it connects to a cliff-side path that leads down. Continue down this route until you reach a portal. Follow the corridors until you access a room with a thin light running through it. This room’s back entrance leads to the Shattered Throne Map.

Part 1 – The labyrinth

You’ll need a map once you’ve entered the windy monochrome Ascendant Kingdom. I did it by hand, and it should be better than how MS Paint handles loops. The map depicts the maze, the first and most complicated area of the Shattered Throne Map. The goal is to clear the maze’s seven temples. Our Shattered Throne map is marked with symbols in a specific order. Because the order changes each time, it’s critical to understand how the temples connect to one another. Demonstrate that you will always begin and end at the middle temple, which is marked with the ‘diving bird’ symbol.

When the encounter begins, keep going straight till you reach the diving bird temple. Then, inside, destroy the yellow supersonic bar. On the ground, another symbol will show up. Locate that symbol on the map and proceed to the next temple. Follow our directions and repeat the process until you reach the diving church. Eventually, a mini boss will appear. Kill it to obtain your powerful loot, then move on to the next.

The most difficult aspect of this encounter is not getting lost. The temple bosses themselves aren’t particularly dangerous. Most can be easily sniped. Taken Thralls from the land should be avoided. Not to mention the appearance of Taken Phalanxes on some floating platforms. Captured Hobgoblins will also occur throughout the labyrinth, so be wary of them. Simply follow the map.

shattered throne map
Map is marked with symbols in a specific order

Part 2 – The hike

A linear path can be found at the bottom of the hole. Follow it until you reach an open area again. Equip a long-range weapon to kill the Taken saboteur from above. If not, just keep going. When you hit the peak, you’ll come across another miniboss in front of a large door. You already know what to do.

This door opens onto a long corridor with a broken bridge in the center. Taken Hobgoblins and Knights can be found along the far wall, and Taken Phalanx can be found on the bridge. Again, a bow, sniper rifle, or other ranged weapon will be required. Most Hobgoblins and Knights can be picked up right on the doorstep. Then, force up along the room’s edges, snipe the Phalanx in the center, and jump over the bridge. Before moving up, shoot the remaining Hobgoblins, then take the path to the left.

It’s now time for more difficult backgrounds, this moment with a Dark Souls flavor. You’ll enter a large room with thin beams running through it. To avoid death, you must enter the room through the left doorway, as you might have guessed. Taken Ogres will appear on some spherical platforms as you progress upwards. These goblins will annihilate you in an instant. Back up and get your sniper ready as eventually as you see or hear them spawn. Stay out of their way while picking them up. Some platforms will also display taken spinning realms. However, you can avoid these orbs by carefully jumping between the beams. So long as you deal with the Elves on time and keep an eye on your jump.

shattered throne map
Shattered Throne Map the hike

Part 3 – Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger

It’s time to face Shattered Throne’s first boss. Vorgeth is a massive Taken Ogre who is protected by four Wizards, each with their own army of foes. The goal of this encounter is to destroy Vorgeth’s Wizard’s bodyguards. Collect the orbs they drop and place four of them in the arena’s lamp. This reduces Vorgeth’s shield, allowing you to DPS him. To get to that point, careful timing and cover shooting are required, so let’s go over the fight.

shattered throne map
Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger in Shattered Throne Map

When you have your first fall. You’ll be trapped between two Mages, one to your left and one to your right. Each Wizard is guarded by four Taken foes. There are two Vandals and two Goblins. Those who have the ability to deploy the cover should be dealt with first. To protect yourself from Vorgeth and the rightmost Mage, use the turrets to the right of the beginning point. You need to get rid of the Wizard to your left as soon as possible. Don’t be afraid to throw something substantial at it.

Part 4 – Dul Incaru

The remaining path forward is long but simple. There are numerous enemies to avoid, as well as some perilous jumps involving wall-mounted boopers. They’ll knock you down, but it won’t be anything fancy or complicated. Again, simply follow the bad guys and keep climbing. Eventually, you’ll come to a small temple complex. Dul Incaru, The Eternal Return, is the last boss of the Shattered Throne Map. She’s less difficult than Vorgeth, but she’s also a very different fighter, so let’s go over the details.

shattered throne map
Dul Incaru in shattered throne map

Dul Incaru is secured by three Taken Champions, or powerful knights. When these Champions die, they drop orbs, which you’ll need to DPS Dul Incaru. Because the buff offered by these orbs is only temporary. Try to kill all three Champions at the same time and then take their orbs. If you wait too long to eliminate the Champions. Dul Incaru will summon a crystal in the back of the room that will provide them with immunity. If this occurs, kill the crystal as soon as possible using a shotgun, and then return to the Champions. During the battle, taken Psions will also appear. They will multiply if left alone, so eliminate them as soon as possible.


This is our guide to the Shattered Throne Map and Dungeon. Readers can refer to it and practice. And find a decent direction in the game. Despite the fact that it is quite confusing and complicated. However, if you follow the instructions correctly, you will have a good chance of winning this game.

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