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This is a mod that offers new, custom-made, originally-designed sci-fi styled building assets across many planets while also serving as a tech demonstration for the NMSDK toolkit.

Creator: gtdcarthage


nowmods information

Instructions from the author
Without my express permission, you are not permitted to incorporate the mod’s core *.PAK file in any compilation or modpack. You may unpack, examine, and change my work so long as you do not transfer its contents, particularly the original art elements, as part of other works. Please be respectful of my work.:)

If you want to build a compatibility patch and your mod or modpack utilizes the BUILDINGTABLE on which Constructs depends to spawn, you are free to do so, including altering any of the provided spawner files.:) Constructs buildings may be referenced in the table by include the CUSTOMMODELS/CONSTRUCTSPAWNER/CONSPAWNERX.SCENE.

Credits should be filed
In this file, the author has not given credit to anybody else.

Visions 1
Now updated for Visions 1.77 update!

Release NEXT 1
Constructs for No Man’s Sky NEXT get their first release! Many models that were omitted in prior versions have now been added, with the exception of models that were completely lost owing to missing source files.


This is a mod that seeks to incorporate a variety of entirely bespoke sci-fi things into the game, creating strange, unnatural constructions distributed over several worlds. This mod also serves as a technical demonstration of the NMSDK, a dedicated Blender plugin and toolkit for developing unique No Man’s Sky content!



  • Adds a variety of items, some of which are rather large, to the game that spawn as part of the universe!
  • Yours sincerely developed all new models and textures!
  • Structures including procedural components, such as procedural spires, procedural towers, and procedural silos!
  • Trade post complete with landing pads and terminals!


nowmods download

📥 Download CONSTRUCTS in No Man’s Sky

  • Place the.PAK file in the PCBANKS/MODS folder. If you don’t have that folder, make one. Delete any text file with the name “DISABLEMODS.TXT” that is located in your PCBANKS folder. Before you run, be sure to clear your SHADERCACHE!
  • Because this mod might alter the distribution of buildings on an existing planet, certain current missions may become invalid, forcing you to restart them.

ConstructsAR.Core – contains all the core assets for Constructs. Does not use any existing
ConstructsAR.Spawner – this spawns Constructs on planets.+ Uses METADATA\SIMULATION\ENVIRONMENT\PLANETBUILDINGTABLE.MBIN

This mod now substitutes specific POI kinds in the game – beacons in the wild and trade terminals in the wild – since the game seems to no longer recognize building density settings. You may be confident that these things are not associated with any recognized important activities.


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