Convenient Horses

Convenient Horses Mod | Skyrim

by Dona

Convenient Horses Mod for supporters with prearranged adherent AI conduct and progressed highlights, mounted battle for devotees, horse protective layer, mounted battle horse charge, dynamic group relations, realistic horse call, horse whistle, mounted discussions and spice gathering, horse stock, quick descent and considerably more. Most extreme similarity. Fueled by SKSE.

Creator: Alek

Convenient Horses in Skyrim

Convenient Horses
nowmods information

This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

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Convenient Horses – Only Short Whistles
Convenient horses – Spanish translation
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Credits and distribution permission

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File credits

– KahjiitRaj as author of Oblivious Horses.

– Expired as author of Extensible Follower Framework.

– Dheuster as author of Amazing Follower Tweaks.

– fLokii as author of Ultimate Follower Overhaul.

– Laup26 as author of More Saddles.

– Mystikhybrid – Gabriel Gullbergh as author of Horse Armors of Skyrim.

– agovideo as author of Inferno Sword.

– Gopher as advertiser.

– lorelai2009 as a best supporter and beta tester.

– Devoted fans.

Version 5.0

Added support for the most recent rendition of Ultimate Follower Overhaul mod.
Added missing making materials from Danwguard and HearthFires to the fast exchange blacksmithing list.
Taken out bound key mode gamepad impediment. Gamepad keys can be designed through MCM as it were.
Fixed accident that was brought about by a powerful speed highlight on adherents’ ponies which was delivering invalid pony speed esteems.

Version 4.9

Added whistle mission abrogate alternative (accessible through MCM config as it were). It can suspend whistle learning missions and award horse whistle power, however will sit idle if the learning journey has effectively been finished.
Added full help for SkyTEST mod. When refreshing group relations SkyTEST custom groups will be incorporated. SkyTEST horse models refreshed to help dynamic mane and CH should be stacked after SkyTEST for everything to fall into place.
Added groups from Falskaar and Wyrmstooth mods.
Winding down the “impair horse following” alternative will presently reestablish the last ridden horse without the need of mounting.
Fixed progressed auto plunder leaving all things unequipped on dead entertainers. 

Version 4.8
Added Elthrai and Sethai horse armors by gechbal.
Added support for Interesting NPCs mod.
Added basic support for Wyrmstooth mod.
Removed auto horse inventory recovery on horse death.

Version 4.7.3
Added basic support for Falskaar mod.
Configuration power is now hidden by default.
Fixed bug where learn whistle dialogue would not show if horse tracking has been disabled in config.


Before uninstalling the Convenient Horses mod, disable it via console (StopQuest CH) or scripts will remain in your save!

It is your responsibility not to leave horses in Solstheim, Soul Cairn, Blackreach
or near fort Dawnguard as horses cannot pass through zoning points by themselves

Convenient Horses


  • Horses for adherents (UFO, AFT and EFF viable, up to 15 devotees’ ponies, prearranged AI, progressed highlights). 
  • Mounted battle for adherents! 
  • Horse gear (new seats and pony defensive layer for both player and adherents). 
  • Mounted battle horses accused of adjustable physical science. 
  • Mounted battle auto plunder. 
  • Moment horse call with auto mounting. 
  • Horse whistle. 
  • Mounted discussions and body plundering. 
  • Mounted spice reaping. 
  • Quick getting off with programmed battle weapon draw. 
  • Shared horse stock with simple access. 
  • Switchable group relations (amicable or impartial).
  • Brilliant horse follows.
  • Pony battle AI conduct choice (weak or rash).
  • Specific horse immunity and wellbeing/endurance/speed rewards. 
  • Simple design through menu catches and simple key customization. 
  • Multi Tap or Bound Key control modes (Bound Key requires SKSE).
Convenient Horses


  1. Ensure that you appropriately eliminate any past variants of this mod by halting the mission through the control center and making a spotless save (see investigating). 
  2. Update Skyrim to at least from 
  3. Introduce SKSE 1.6.15+ assuming you need to utilize progressed elements and key ties. In the event that you need assistance with introducing and running SKSE see this video. SKSE isn’t needed for this mod to work.
  4. You would now be able to download, introduce and utilize Convenient Horses.
Convenient Horses
nowmods download

? Download Convenient Horses v5_0

Optional files:


For making a clean save when upgrading see troubleshooting section below:

  1. Open control center and type (StopQuest CH) to deliver every running content. Ensure you DO NOT do this while groups are being refreshed or some other mod activities are simultaneously.
  2. Save the game to another space. All past saves made with the mod dynamic are viewed as grimy saves and are undependable to be utilized with any more current adaptations of this mod delivered later on.
  3. Uninstall the mod.
Convenient Horses


Before you start utilizing the mod take a couple of seconds to go through the arrangement cycle. You can get to the design menu in-game by utilizing the “Convenient Horses” power or through SkyUI-MCM interface. Assuming you need to utilize BoundKey mode ensure you tie the keys first. Assuming you need ponies for your supporters you should empower that highlight first.

Convenient Horses

Control Modes

  • Bound Key: Use five custom key ties for Talk/Loot, Harvesting, Inventory, Fast Dismount and Follow Toggle. Requires SKSE and Gamepad incapacitated. In case necessities are not met mod will consequently cripple Bound Key mode and pick Multi Tap mode. 
  • Multi Tap: Use the enact button (of course: Keyboard E, Gamepad A) to actuate the pony explicit number of occasions such as (double tap in Windows). Single tap to mount/get off, got off twofold tap to open stock, got off triple tap to flip follow, mounted multi tap to talk/plunder/reap. This mode makes mounting/getting off less responsive to have the option to distinguish the quantity of taps and deferral can be changed from the setup menu.
Convenient Horses

Tips & Tricks

Hold “Walk” key when you want to make short turns while riding a horse. Very useful when standing near the edge of a cliff, need to position better for a melee weapon swing in mounted combat or want to do a quick 180 degree turn for another Horse Charge run.

Convenient Horses


  • KahjiitRaj as author of Oblivious Horses.
  • Expired as author of Extensible Follower Framework.
  • Dheuster as author of Amazing Follower Tweaks.
  • fLokii as author of Ultimate Follower Overhaul.
  • Laup26 as author of More Saddles.
  • Mystikhybrid – Gabriel Gullbergh as author of Horse Armors of Skyrim.
  • agovideo as author of Inferno Sword.
  • Gopher as advertiser.
  • lorelai2009 as a best supporter and beta tester.
  • Devoted fans.
Convenient Horses

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