Critical and Elemental Damage

Critical and Elemental Damage for Staffs and Abilities | Dragon Age: Inquisition

by Gemma

Staffs and some spells that can inflict critical damage. The critical and elemental damage mod will bring to you a new experience in Dragon Age game, it provides an ability convert weapon damage such as Shale.

Creator: xzfelix

Critical and Elemental Damage

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Critical and Elemental Damage for Staffs and Abilities

Version 0.4

  • Some spells to inflict critical damage such as Walking Bomb, Fireball, Blizzard and Chain Lightning.

Version 0.3

  • Supports Jake Zahn’s JX – Dragon Age Extended mod.



Critical and Elemental Damage for Staffs and Abilities mod is till a beta version. It make it possible  to deal critical damage with staffs and some spells.

Whirlwind – Electric Damage

Critical Damage – Blizzard

Critical Damage – Fireball


  • Mages’ staffs and some spells: they can inflict critical damage, there is a chance to determine the character’s ranged critical
  • Staff will provide a basic bonus to ranged critical chance (higher than a longbow, lower than a crossbow)
  • Change the weapon damage of any party member, converted to cold, fire, electric, spirit, nature type upon equipping Shale’s small crystals. Note: It applies for basic attacks and talents from Origins campaign such as Two-Handed Sweep, Scattershot, and Shield Bash
  • All the party members can equip the shale’s small (arm) crystal (your hound also can). Besides that, they can be equipped to accessories, main hand, off-hand, collar, kaddis (warpaint) or arrow / bolt slot.

Small spirit crystal


To get these things the creator make changes to NCS script files which make Critical and Elemental Damage mod may conflict with other popular mods that modify the same files.

There is also add a few compatibility files that try to make Critical and Elemental Damage mod compatible with Dennis Lee’s Combat Tweaks, Jake Zahn’s Class and Specialization Pack and DA2 Style 2-Handed Weapon Attacks for DAO (Only compatible with the talents rather than basic attacks)


nowmods download

? Download Critical and Elemental Damage
? Staff Critical Damage – Elemental Weapon Damage

  • Copy itemstats_SCET.gda and bitm_base_SCET into your override folder.
  • Choose one of the folders inside based on what mods mentioned above you have installed, then copy that folder to your override folder.

Note: Make sure it lies in your override folder, there are no other same ncs files but only the ones from your chosen folder!

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