Cyber Engine Tweaks

Cyber Engine Tweaks | Cyberpunk 2077

by Gemma

Come to Cyber Engine Tweaks which scripting framework for modders and quality of life fixes. Let’s see how this mob function can help you in Cyberpunk 2077!

Creator: yamashi

Cyber Engine Tweaks

Cyber Engine Tweaks

Cyber Engine Tweaks mod does not have any know dependencies other than the base game

Mods requiring this file:

2077Heru_Black_Male V_Modded _Brawler_Stealth (For editing character stats to fit your gaming preferences)A Solo’s Closet — A Male and Female Clothing Library (Not a requirement, but definitely a strong recommendation.)
A Spacesuit for Johnny (need it to spawn your own suit, but not a requirement)Add Female Hot Clothing Items (Only needed for adding items once)
Add Corpo Set Script (add the console used to run this script.)Add The Quadra Type 66 Cthulhu To Your Garage (Required for the mod to work)
8ug8ear Swap for VAdam Jensen – DEUS EX – preset
Adaptive Graphics QualityAdam Smasher Swap for V
Add item Command Creator (Required for there to be a console to use.)Advanced Control – Toggle Walk – Holster – Lean Left Right – Cycle Grenades
Aerith Swap for V – Clothes – HairAgape Dragon Swap for V
AKIRA – KANEDA’S JACKETAlanah Pearce Swap for V
All 19 Iconic weapons for Stash Wall (to add iconic weapons)Arasaka Administrator_Red_Black Female V Preset (For editing character stats to fit your gaming preferences)
All crafting materials in 999999 pcsAll rare vehicles
All recipesAllPlayerVehicles
AlmostAutoLoot (Latest version)Alt’s Tank Top recolors for V (add manually)
Ammo Refill ( for this mod to work)Appearance Menu Mod (V1.8.2+)
Arasaka Soldier VArch SportsBike Handling Tweaks (v1.14.0)
Asa The Arasaka Assassin (CyberCAT Preset)Auto Upgrading Crafting Components ( v 1.8.2 minimum recommended)
Auto Component UpgradeAuto Limit ON
Auto Med UpgradeAuto QuickHack Upgrade
AutoHealBatch Upgrade Crafting Materials (v1.9.2+)
Becca Outfit and Hair – 4 VariationsBetter First Person Perspective
Better Vehicle First PersonBetter Vehicle Summon
Blackhand Gorilla Arms (recommend!)Blue Moon NPC Swap for V
Blue Moon SetBMYC – A car theft mod (v1.14.0 or newer)
Body Fashionware All Colors with Doll ChipBraindance Protocol – A Utilities and Cheats GUI
Boots High All Colors VariantsBullet Necklace ( high recommended)
Brennan Apollo Handling Tweaks (1.14)BRG – BLACK RACING GEAR
BUY Attribute-Perk CAPC.H.L.O.E make using Cyber Engine Tweaks
Call All VehiclesCall For Help – Basilisk (at least 1.9.2)
Car handling UI (latest version)Categorized All-In-One Command List
Change Takemura Rescue Outcome (spoiler in description)Character Preset Loader (_Manager) (latest version)
Cheat Script 2.2 (required for console)Cheri Nowlin Swap for V
Ciri Swap for V – Hair for VCITY H4CK (v1.10 or greater)
Closer Motorcycle TPP CameraCompanion mod (1.8.3+)
Clouds Receptionist (Cheri Nowlin) Character Preset ( recommended for adding Cheri’s dress to inventory)CUSTOM CLOTHES – Some kind of maid (to add items from the console if you don’t want to seek for them in-game)
Compass (This mod will not function without CET)CP77 Language Settings Patch (latest version)
CPCalc (for console commands0CPStyling (latest version)
Custom Hanako Dress all ColorsCustom Level Cap
Custom Samurai JacketsCustom Sport Set MultiColor
Cyber Monster SetCyberEssentials (1.8.3)
Cyberface Swap for VCyberLapse ToolKit (latest version)
Cyberpunk 2077 MaxTac outfitCyberpunkFashion
Cyber Engine Tweaks In-game Mod Manager (dofile script launcher)Cyberpunk Advanced Settings Tool (No restart needed) (latest version)
CyberRecorder (latest version)CyberTrucking World (Required)
D-Va Swap for VDeath Alternative
Darkside’s Militech Heavy Machine Gun Spawn Script (version 1.10 or higher)Discard magazine ammo on reload (Made for 1.14.0, for earlier versions)
Death AlternativeDeathNote – InstaKill NPCs (1.8.3/ higher)
Delamain phone bugfix for console useDeveloper Extras
Devil Full Outfit Red and Black EditionDIO – Sobchuk Specs for Male and Female V
Digital CoutureDisplayStats
Discord Rich Presence for CP77 (update it if you have it already)DLSS Fix For Inventory Menu And Character Creation Rendering (Required)
DJ’s Useful Scripts (Won’t work without)Doll Panties and Bra All Colors & Legs Lines
Dress Steward All Colors- Custom – MiniDroid Heavy Swap for V Factions
Droid Swap for V MultiColorDynamic Moon Phases (need it’s asi loader)
E3 2018 Samurai JacketEvelyn Jacket Custom All Colors
Evelyn Parker NPC Swap for V2First Person Perspective Height Increase
Feather fall – infinite jump – air dash and levitation flyFriendly Fingers (Re-enable Ripperdoc after punch)
Fly Like An Albatross (at least 1.9.2)FPP RE-ANGLED
FreeFly (Noclip) (1.11.4+, requires Cyberpunk 1.1+
Full Armor RebalanceFull Jewlery All Colors
Full Weapon RebalanceGalena GT Swap (1.14.0)
Ghost Forward (This acts as a middle layer between the game and mods)Ghost of Night City_Black Male V_Modded Character Preset_EELatEEZ (editing character stat to fit your gaming preferences)
God ModeGrappling Hook
Gorilla Arms Extended (Restored all Cut Features) (Only for Open Door)Head Start and New Game Plus (Needed to access console)
Grappling HookGravityTweaker (required)
GTA Travel (Latest version)Gun Harness Jacket – Male V
Hack EveryoneHanako Dress and Shoes All Colors
Hanako Swap for VHealing System Rework
Hehewuti Outfit and Hair from SkyrimHide Armor
Hoodie top for V (Optional for adding manually)Immersive Roleplay (1.9.4+)
Improved RadioIncrease Carry Capacity(Weight) (latest ver)
Infinite Crafting and Quickhack Components (Required to run console commands)LegendaryLite (with quest flag remover) (CET v1.10.0 with Cyberpunk 2077 version 1.12)
InventoryMaid (v. 1.9.6)Invisible Armor Items script
Item list with previewJB – Long Sleeves (V1.8.3)
Jetpack (coded against 1.11.4)Johnny Silverhand’s Holographic Arm
Judy Swap for V 2.3Kimono Set MultiColor
Lizzy Wizzy Swap for VLow Flying V
Machete Holster By NimMaelstrom V
MasterChief Outfit FemaleMoxes Girl_1 Swap for V
Merc Tactical Set – Garment Set – Body – ArmsMizutani Shion Nomad Handling Tweak (v1.14.0)
Mod Mover ( required for the ASI loader  if you don’t use CET there’s a standalone version)Nancy_Black Female Netrunner_Gunslinger (For editing Character stats to fit your gaming preferences)
Moxes Girl_2 Swap for VMr.Wick – Full black suit shirt and vest
MrWhitey Speedware (assign hotkey in the Cyber Engine menu on first launch)MXDVS – BOMBER 2.0 – SAMURAI JACKET REPLACER
NavModNC Wayfinder
NCPD DetectiveNCPD Gear
Neck Cyberware and Sandra CyberwareNeu-Re-Spec (1.14+)
NEOTOKYO NSF RECON (Required to run console commands)New Nude Model Textures (get mod, it makes all other mods work & it’s f’ing awesome)
Ninja Boots MultiColorNo Camera Auto Centering
No double-tap dodge while stealthingNo More Cops
Nomad Hanako (OPTIONAL)Now Playing (v.1.9.1 or greater)
NPCTool – Quickhacks oufits and vehicles (v1.8.3 or v1.8.4)Object appearance changer (1.8.3 +,  requires Cyberpunk 1.06+)
Nuke NightCity (latest versionObject Mover
Oda Swap for VPlasticV (1.8.4)
Once in a Blue Moon (Required to equip the clothing item used to wear the Blue Moon’s outfit.)Open Sesame Mod (Press E to open Locked Doors and Cars and more) (latest version)
Play as Johnny Silverhand – John Wick – Keanu Reeves (Needed for custom files and adding clothing and head)Photo Mode Tools (Requires CET 1.12.1 for CP patch 1.2. Any prior version of CET WILL crash your game!)
Rare Shion Coyote (ou MUST use this mod with the console enabled.)Panam’s Pants for V – Clean and recolors (to add manually)
Pocket Radio (Latest version)police uniform
Porsche 911 GT2 RS Handling TweakPush NPCs
Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech Power And Handling Tweaks (1.14.0)Quadra Type-66 Javelina Handling Tweak (1.14.0)
Rachel Swap for VRage Quit Like a BOSS (latest version)
Rayfield AerondightReal time 24h mod
Rayfield Caliburn Power and Handling Tweaks (1.14.0)Rare Shion Coyote (You MUST use this mod with the console enabled.)
Real Time PassRecap Video Begone (Required for the CET)
RelicBeGone (CET version)Respector (1.10.0 or newer)
RetrothrustersRipperDeck (1.14+)
Rita Wheeler Swap for VRNG-begone — All Eyewear (Required to run console commands)
RNG-begone — All Hotpants (Required to run console commands)RNG-begone — All Jackets (Required to run console commands)
RNG-begone — All Tank Tops and Bras (Required to run console commands)RNG-begone — All Vests (Required to run console commands)
Rogue Predator Jacket (Adds the clothing item required to wear the Rogue Predator Jacket)Roleplay 3-Pack_Homelander_Netta_Desmond (For editing Character stats to fit your gaming preferences)
Rogue Y OutfitRogue Young NPC Swap for V2
Roleplay 3Pack Homelander Netta DesmondRoleplayer Add Item Set Compilation
Romanceable Judy for male VRooftop Mox Bouncer Swap for V
Sailor Moon Outfit – HairSamurai Styles (For spawning the jacket)
Samurider2077_Black Female V_Modded Character Preset by EELatEEZ (For editing Character stats to fit your gaming preferences)Scott_ Modded Character Preset by EELatEEZ (
For editing Character stats to fit your gaming preferences.)
SBOX Clothing And Weapons (Required for console access.)Sell Stolen Car Mod (Ver 1.11.4 and above)
Settings Manager (Latest version)Sexy V Set
Shiva Swap for VShoes Thick Sole All Colors Variants
Short jackets and short shortsSilverhand V
Simple Flashlight (Latest version)Simplified Inventory
Simple Menu – An In-Game UI including Hotkeys (1.12.0+)SKIP Braindances – Dialogues in Vehicles – NCPD Dispatcher Calls
Simplified InventorySkip Main Menu (latest version)
Cyber Engine Tweaks mod

Other user’s assets: 
All the assets in this Cyber Engine Tweaks file that belong to authors or are from free-to-use modder’s resources. So you need to seek permission from these authors to use it

Upload permission: 
You are not allowed to upload to other sites under any cases

Modification permission: 
Don’t forget to get permission from the author before you are allowed to modify this file to improve it

Conversion permission: 
You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances

Asset use permission:
Get permission from the author before you are allowed to use any of the assets in this file

Asset use permission (for mods/file are bring sold):  
You are not allowed to use assets from this file in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms

❗️ Note from the author: unzip Cyber Engine Tweaks file

⭕️ Credit Cyber Engine Tweaks file:

Version 1.14.0: Support for patch 1.23

  • All game classes are directly accessible by name such as entEntityId, PlayerPuppet.
  • All game enums are directly accessible by name such as gamedataStatType.BaseDamage, gameGameVersion.Current.
  • It’s also accessed by their aliases from redscript like WeaponObject instead of gameweaponObject
  • These classes have the conventional .new() constructor. Fx:
  • A constructor can take an array of properties to create and initialize an object in a single statement (Ex:{ hash = 12345 })
  • Static methods are accessible from classes using the dot. EX: ScriptedPuppet.IsDefeated(npc)
  • A static method can be called from an instance if the first parameter is of the same type.Fx: vec4:Length() instead of Vector4.Length(vec4)
  • The overloaded function is resolved based on passed parameters when called by its short name. Fx: StatusEffectHelper.HasStatusEffect(target, gamedataStatusEffectType.Overheat)
  • Partial Variant type support. ToVariant() and FromVariant() are only applicable to classes.
  • Observe() and Override() now accept both native and scripted type names.
  • Added:
    • Game.GetSystemRequestsHandler() as an alternative to GetSingleton(“inkMenuScenario”):GetSystemRequestsHandler()
    • TweakDB:SetFlats
    • WorldFunctionalTests
    • Imgui.GetStyle()
    • Support for ResourceAsyncReference. Allows editing of TweakDB props of that type by the mods.

FIXED: Cyber Engine Tweaks footsteps issue is fixed, but it still l can occur if the mods do not properly release the player reference

  • The GetMod() is only available after onInit as there is no guarantee that the required mod will be loaded before this event.
  • Types and functions that rely on RTTI are only available after onInit event to prevent some unwanted crashes and unexpected behavior.
  • Improved detection of whether the game is running. Prevents more crashes when exiting the game.
  • Implemented optional parameters support. Prevents some unexpected crashes.

Cyber Engine Tweaks Added

  • Implicit conversion from Int64/UInt64 to other arithmetic types
  • Type safety checks for Int64/UInt64
  • Recursive freeing of arrays
  • Logging for errors occurred in the module loaded with require(). Should make the transition to the new version less painful.
  • Patch for the Minimap flicker

Cyber Engine Tweaks Fixed

  • DumpType(“Type”) returning empty result
  • Crash when accessing properties of invalid Enum, eg.”, ”).value
  • Crash when setting an incompatible value for an object property.
  • Crash when calling function with out parameters of Enum, CName or TweakDBID type
  • Memory leaks when passing strong or weak references to the function.
  • Memory leaks when invalid parameters passed to the function.
  • Memory leaks for function results and out parameters of certain types.
  • Memory leaks when creating new objects.
  • Memory leaks when setting object properties.
  • Memory leak for arrays with elements of certain types passed as an argument.
  • Cyber Engine Tweaks Crash when passing an incompatible array as an argument. For example, an array of numbers instead of an array of handles.
  • Memory leak when passing an object instead of an array as an argument. This resulted in a silent crash without calling ResetAllocator.
  • Inconsistent self and random crashes in Observe and Override.

Reverted Override() to the previous behavior so when the handler fails, the original game function is not called.


Cyber Engine Tweaks is a framework for modders who want to make script mods using Lua with access to all the internal scripting features. Besides that, it also come with a UI for user to configure the different mods that you are using or using the console directly

Cyber Engine Tweaks also added some in game patches for quality of life. Player can see it fixed the security flaw that was then fixed with the 1.12 patch of the game. All of which can be enabled/disabled through the settings menu or config files.

Its recommended method of installation is manual installation, however you can use Vortex too

  • Install Cyber Engine Tweaks through vortex: make sure to use hardlink deployment.
  • Install Cyber Engine Tweaks manually: please read the instructions BELOW


Make sure you are running the game in Windowed Borderless before installing! Because
the console will not work properly in fullscreen mode and can freeze or not function

Cyber Engine Tweaks

📥 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Cyber Engine Tweaks

Cyber Engine Tweaks How To Install

  1. Download the latest file.
  2. Unzip Cyber Engine Tweaks file, after that you will see a bin folder
  3. Drag the bin folder to your Cyberpunk install directory
    Ex: C:\Program Files\x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077
  4. The Cyber Engine Tweaks files (plugins folder, LICENSE, global.ini, version.dll) will be in the x64 folder of your install directory.
  5. Make sure all apps that add overlays to the game are disabled (Rivatuner, Fraps, Afterburner, Discord, Steam, Gog, Windows 10 Game Bar, Geforce Experience, et cetera) because the console may not open with overlays active
  6. Launch the game
  7. When you first start the game, there is a window appear and prompt you to choose a keybind to bring up the overlay
    –> Pick any key and save it. Then it will open with the key that you just chosen
  8. Check that everything in Cyber Engine Tweaks works you can look at the logs in
    <cyberpunk install path>/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/cyber_engine_tweaks.log

If Cyber Engine Tweaks not working or you have any installation problems, please check here:

Browse for more Cyberpunk 2077 mods


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