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Dead by Daylight Reveals Horrific New Killer

by Dona

Dead by Daylight: Sixth Anniversary appears to have a new killer, according to a recent leak. Its name is The Dredge. Let’s find out more about this dbd new killer right in this article.

A Horrific Dead by Daylight dbd new killer Is Revealed

According to Dead by Daylight, Chapter 24 of the horror game will feature a new killer this month. was slated to be unveiled as part of the celebrations for the sixth anniversary. If the leak is true, the dbd new killer is The Dredge, an eyeless monster from a Bloodborne or Amnesiac nightmare.

Prior to its May 17 release, a leak on Reddit seems to have revealed The Dredge, the dbd new killer in Dead by Daylight. Precisely on the multiplayer game’s sixth anniversary. Haddie Kaur, the new survivor, is also depicted in the leaked photos acting quite adamantly. The horrifying long-mouthed monster The Dredge as it appears in the game is intended to be displayed. If real, it would be the most dehumanizing killer in Dead by Daylight outside of the Demogorgon from Stranger Things.

But Dredge appears extremely unsettling, like a terrible scarecrow made of burlap, flesh, and skulls. His limbs are horribly malformed. includes a zigzag hook as well as a bubble head with an odd, multi-toothed parrot. Undoubtedly the Strangest Killer, he differs from some of his predecessors. He lacks the endearing traits or tragic story to support his murders.

The leak also exposes all of dbd new killer The Dredge’s new skills, and it appears that darkness is its strongest attribute. As many actions as Dredge takes are built upon by Nightfall, its unique special ability. A victim might be hurt or hooked up, for instance. The map is covered in “complete darkness” and its abilities are increased when its meter is full.

The Dredge has the capacity to teleport back to the “ruins” it first descended upon. This is the first time a dbd new killer has independently entered a locker, which is typically used as a safe haven by survivors. or occasionally weapon points. It is well known that if there is a survivor there, they will be apprehended right away.

Best Dead by Daylight Killer /dbd new killer

Some of the most well-known cold-blooded murderers in Dead by Daylight that you ought to be aware of: 

1. Evan Macmillan – The Trapper

Evan, one of the original three, is an evil dbd new killer who reveres his father. It has never been proven that he was responsible for the tragedy, which resulted in the deaths of more than 100 miners.

The Power of Trapper is like a bear trap. He has two at the beginning of the match, and six more come on as the game progresses. As you may have guessed, anyone who entered one of these locations became immobile. However, the Trapper may fall victim to his own trap; if so, that’s karma for you.

When you step into the bear trap, bring a victim with you. You are confined to that location while they flee.

dbd new killer
Best Dead by Daylight Killer

2. Philip Ojomo – The Wraith

The Wraith was the second installment of the initial trilogy. He was a good man once. Working at a scrap yard and deciding to ignore the criminal activity taking place there. He doesn’t care as long as Philip isn’t involved. That is, until he comes across a man in a car’s trunk. After being released, the man didn’t travel very far before being killed by Philip’s boss. Make Ojomo murder his boss and vanish.

Wraith’s power is a wailing bell dbd new killer. The murderer can then stalk his victim in the shadows while remaining hidden by doing this. Surviving individuals, however, can hear loud noises and bells from up to 40 meters away and 24 meters away, respectively. Additionally, a curtain revealing your murderous self opens when you are within a 20-meter radius of the victims.

3. Max Thompson Jr – The Hillbilly

Max Thompson Jr. committed the final murder of the first three books. His upbringing was disgusting, and that is understating it. He was locked up by his wealthy landowner parents because they had an unwelcome, deformed child. However, Max brutally murdered his parents to exact revenge.

Chainsaws are the source of Hillbilly’s power. Gives him the ability to move twice as quickly when carrying a weapon. However, this power supply has an overheat meter, so use caution.

4. Sally Smithson – The Nurse

Sally Smithson joined Dead by Daylight in 2016 as a dbd new killer in The Last Breath Chapter. She once lived a happy life, but her husband passed away at work. Forcing Sally to accept a position at a mental hospital where inmates have abused her physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, Sally’s discovery led to the demise of four employees and more than 50 patients.

The Nurse was able to blink thanks to Spencer’s final breath. That indicates that she leapt over the spirit world and landed elsewhere on the map.

5. Michael Myers – The Shape

Michael Myers can be cheerful at any time of year. The Halloween Chapter featured the iconic horror actor’s Dead by Daylight in 2016. Anyone who has watched his films is aware that he doesn’t just kill his victims. Before killing his sister, he was an innocent youngster.

Michael is able to see his victims clearly because of the evil that resides inside of him. He observed them as more evil power grew.


The horror film series also includes monsters in Dead by Daylight. For instance, it is not surprising that Pinhead from the Hellraiser films has remained a fan favorite throughout history. If the dbd new killer – The Dredge is used, it might even increase players’ fear levels. With its terrifying appearance and method of teleportation, this terrifying monster causes havoc on survivors.

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