Desert Tech SRSA2 mod

Escape from Boston – Desert Tech SRSA2 | Fallout 4

by Dona

Desert Tech SRSA2 mod adds the Desert Tech Stealth Recon Scout expert sharpshooter rifle to the Wasteland to be utilized for your pleasure.

Creator: SalientPhantom

Desert Tech SRSA2 Mod

Desert Tech SRSA2 mod
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See Through Scopes
Sniper Scope Overlay And Reticles ReplacementNot mandatory but just for replacing the garbage vanilla scope overlays.

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Consolidate Weapon Crafting Recipes Surplus (CWCRS)*optional*
No Weapon Recoil Auto Recovery for Some Mod Added Weaponsoptional

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Do you have an issue that resembles, outrageously far away that requirements settling? Shooting it regularly works. You can do that with this provocative monster of a marksman rifle, the Desert Tech SRSA2 mod. It’s precise and hits like a truck. 

Desert Tech SRSA2 mod
There are plenty of changes for what allows you to choose a long reach issue solver in .338 or a short message deliverer in .308. 

You can make it and its ammunition at a science seat or expect you luck out and discover a Gunner utilizing it (it begins bringing forth at level 35). Caution: the previous choice isn’t modest. In case you’re languid or broke, simply use console orders.

Desert Tech SRSA2 mod
nowmods download

? Download Escape from Boston – SRSA2

? SRSA2 Bullet Casing Fix


Animations Desert Tech SRSA2 mod by IceStormNG.

Firing sounds + Foley – New World Interactive
Desert Tech SRSA2 Model, HAMR, PEQ-15, most of the sights, all the 338 muzzle devices (given to me by Zephraim) – ParallaxGameStudios
Desert Tech SRSA2 Custom Handguards, Zenit Perst-3, Vortex UH-1, Thunderbeast Brake, Ultra-5 Suppressor, Holosun LS321, Steiner DBAL-PL, Hensoldt ZF, Armytek Predator, NcSTAR LAM, Akinaro

PK-06 – ohdeer 
KAC iron sights – Raider3DWeapons
SRS02 Sight – steffe-engdahl
Pilad P1X42 Sight, Leupold LR Scope – garkain 
EKP8 Sight – samindeed
EOTech XPS3 – GameWeapons
Daniel Defense Wave Brake + Suppressor – CrimsonTopo
Nightforce B.E.A.S.T. –  William Chamli
Ultrafire WF-501B, EOTech Vudu Scope – 3DGunsmith
Holosun LS117 –  Elena Bolshevykh
Surefire X400 – Henrique Lopes

Desert Tech SRSA2 mod

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