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DMC5 Co-op Trainer Mod | Devil May Cry 5

by Dona

With DMC5 Co-op mod, you can play as Nero, Dante or V in any mission of Divergence Mode. More playable Co-op missions and Bloody Palace Co-op with up to 4 players (Nero, Dante, V and Vergil). Of course various graphics options and a Boss Swap feature for M19 and M20 and ability to adjust dirt level. You can also force Battle Background music. Rock it!

Creator: Dante and Raz0r

DMC5 Co-op mod

DMC5 Co-op mod
dmc5 co-op mod

Off-site requirements:

Mod gameNotes
Microsoft Visual C++Download and install vc_redist.x64.exe
  • Other user’s assets: All the assets in this DMC5 Co-op mod file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder’s resources.
  • Upload permission: You are not allowed to upload this DMC5 Co-op mod file to other sites under any circumstances.
  • Modification permission: You are not allowed to modify my files, including creating bug fixes or improving on features under any circumstances.
  • Conversion permission: You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances.
  • Asset use permission: You are not allowed to use assets from this DMC5 Co-op mod file under any circumstances.
  • Asset use permission in mods/files that are being sold: You are not allowed to use assets from this file in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms.
  • Asset use permission in mods/files that earn donation points: You are not allowed to earn Donation Points for your mods if they use my assets

Dante: Graphics Options, Co-op Hack, Auto skip, Boss Swap, Player Dirt Option, Battle BGM, Bloody Palace Continue.
Raz0r: Trainer GUI, Floating Pause Menu, Save File Import, Hotkeys, assistance with coding, testing.



Graphics options

DMC5 Co-op mod enables changing graphics options that are not fully customizable via the in-game graphics menus.

Boss Swap (Requires Vergil DLC)

Swap the boss in M19 and M20 with the one from Vergil´s campaign and vice versa. Also enables playing against both bosses simultaneously. Ideally use the Disable Boss Camera feature when fighting both bosses simultaneously. 

Known Issues: Lack of BGM and wrong credit fight scene depending on setting.


DMC5 Co-op mod

Player Dirt Option

You can choose the missions between Default, Clean, Dirty 1, Dirty 2 for your character’s dirty level. You can change it in the Main menu.

Battle BGM

With DMC5 Co-op mod, you can force the Battle Background Music to enable or disable. Assured to you that it doesn’t affect Boss BGM.

Floating Pause Menu

Changes the pause menu to a floating menu WHILE CONNECTED to another player. Get assured that the floating pause menu does not pause the game nor disconnect during online play. DISABLE IF YOU WANT TO DISCONNECT ON PURPOSE BY PAUSING THE GAME.

DMC5 Co-op mod

Auto-Reconnect hack

DMC5 Co-op mod helps you set the timeout for disconnecting from a co-op match from 60 seconds down to 0. As known, you can instantly reconnect when unpausing the game.


Automatically and instantly skip: the intro slideshow (any preset), interactions (e.g. picking up a Nidhogg parasite) and/or cutscenes.

  • Close the game, place new savefile in C:\Program Files (x86)/Steam/userdata/[usernumber]/601150/remote/win64_save
  • Launch the trainer and enable this option
  • Then start the game, disable this option after the game saved once.
DMC5 Co-op mod

Save File Import

DMC5 Co-op mod enables you to import a savefile from another Steam user:


Bloody Palace Continue

CMD5 Co-op mod lets you start a Bloody Palace run from any stage: You now can freely set the stage, character, remaining time, player HP and DT, then click SET and press Continue in the title screen or main menu.

PRESSING THE SET BUTTON IS NOT RELATED TO CO-OP OR DIVERGENCE IN ANY WAY, it’s only necessary for using this feature.

DMC5 Co-op mod


DMC5 Co-op mod enables playing as Nero, Dante or V in any Story Mission (campaign similar to that of Vergil, including one less loading screen, less cutscenes, always accessible secret areas etc.).

DMC5 Co-op mod adds real-time 3 players – Nero, Dante and V – similar to the mission 13 of Bloody Palace Stage 1 to 100. The following missions: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17. If you have issues connecting automatically in a mission or BP Stage, PAUSE and UNPAUSE the game (sometimes necessary several times), this triggers the matchmaking process.

DMC5 Co-op mod


dmc5 co-op mod

? Download COOP Trainer v129, Windows 7/8/10 compatible

  • Playing as Dante in mission 7 will disable Co-op since the player would be invisible to vanilla DMC5 players.
  • DMC5 Co-op mod enable before entering Bloody Palace/selecting the mission that you want to play in co-op, can be left enabled without influencing other missions. Make sure that you and your team are already friends on Steam. Also don’t forget to turn on the Friend priority in-game, it will facilitate matchmaking a lot. 
  • Everyone should turn off the spoiler filter from in-game network settings if one of them hasn’t beaten the game yet.
  • Matchmaking will work only if the following way: You play the same mission on Human or Devil Hunter, the same goes for those who play in Son of Sparda and Dante Must Die.
  • The difficulty restrictions of the original co-op for mission 13 apply for this hack tool: No co-op on “Heaven or Hell” and “Hell and Hell” mode.
  • In Bloody Palace, players who are playing the same stage will be matched. 
DMC5 Co-op mod

The matchmaking in Bloody Palace

The following rules of DMC5 Co-op mod apply for the matchmaking in Bloody Palace: 

  1. Players can only be matched with others before clearing the stage – aka before the last enemy died.
  2. Matchmaking will start when a player enters a new stage.
  3. Players will be disconnected when leaving a stage and have to reconnect after spawning in the next stage.
  4. There is no matchmaking in Nero´s preparation stage.
  5. Reconnection happens automatically when entering a new stage, however, rarely pausing and unpausing is necessary to reconnect. 
  6. It is recommended not to leave a stage at the exact same moment as the other player(s) since this makes the issue mentioned in 5) occur more often.

Vergil in Co-op

DMC5 Co-op mod allows Vergil to participate in co-op sessions with up to 3 other players (Nero, Dante and V) at the same time (excluding Mission 7 and Mission 13, since he would be invisible to vanilla players). 

DMC5 Co-op mod

Experimental, Fearture, Backup savefile before use.

Enable before selecting a mission/Bloody Palace.

For optimal matchmaking, it is recommended that the player who plays Vergil unpauses/starts the mission/enters the next Bloody Palace stage FIRST and that the other players join him ONE BY ONE.


Vergil´s Summoned Sword attacks will not visually sync in co-op (they can still be used by the Vergil player freely though and will interact with enemies properly).

Doppelganger and World of V are disabled during co-op to improve stability and prevent game breaking bugs.

The “Starring” UI element will not be shown for the 3rd player joining a user in 4 player co-op (which is only a visual bug and doesn´t influence gameplay at all).

DMC5 Co-op mod

Known issues

  1. Very rarely, enemies may not sync perfectly when entering a new area (missing enemies), pause and unpause the game to reconnect and respawn the missing enemies or wait until your co-op partner kills them to advance.
  2. If you just finished a co-op mission or Bloody Palace stage – DMC5 Co-op mod, it might be necessary to pause and unpause the game once to reset the network and thus be able to connect to other players.
  3. The Qliphoth Root boss in Mission 1 has difficulties attacking players.
  4. The Nidhogg boss in Mission 4 does not have properly synced AI (especially his tentacles) and HP sync issues can occur too.
  5. Elder Geryon Knight in Mission 5 can get stuck forever randomly, also an issue caused by the way the game handles his AI during co-op.
  6. Urizen´s Crystal won’t sync properly between players, potentially making the fight harder since every player must destroy the crystal on their own.
  7. Rarely, Urizen can instantly transition from his first stage (sitting) to his next stage for one of the players when fighting him in DMC5 Co-op mod
DMC5 Co-op mod

Q1: What game version is supported by the trainer?

A: TU6 released on Steam on December the 15th 2020.

Q2: Will the remaining missions/BP stage 101 be added?

A: In Mission 6 Gilgamesh´s movement within the stage is not synced properly between players.
Mission 18 has issues with both the AI and the HP of the bosses not syncing properly. Mission 19 to 20 and BP stage 101 have an issue with Vergil´s AI being stuck for one of the players constantly in co-op.

Q3: Why do the Helltree cores (red blood sacks) and other objects like the lava escalators in Mission 8 not sync properly among players?

A: That is, again, a limitation of how Capcom set up the mission, some Helltree cores sync fine in a few missions, but not at all in most.

Q4: My PC won’t let me run this DMC5 Co-op mod!

A: It´s probably your antivirus/Windows defender. For Windows defender, go to More Information => Run/Execute anyway.

Q5: Can I have the character selection features of the trainer without having to play co-op?

A: Yes, just disable the Network in the game´s setting.

Q6: I cannot find anyone online to play Co-op with

A: In case you are having a hard time to find other players for co-op, there are several discord communities where people meet to play co-op:

If you are looking for more Devil May Cry 5 mods, check out these ones right here:

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