Doom Eternal CrossOver

Doom Eternal CrossOver | Monster Hunter: World

by Dona

Doom Eternal CrossOver is a Fanmade DLC measured mod that adds another beast without supplanting any, adds a layer for each weapon, protection, palico and the sky’s the limit from there.

Creator: Lyra, Phemeto and Crimson

Doom Eternal CrossOver

Doom Eternal CrossOver
nowmods information

DLC requirements: Iceborne

Nowmods requirements: Stracker’s Loader

Credits and distribution permission:

  • Other client’s resources: Every one of the resources in this Doom Eternal CrossOver mod have a place with the creator, or are from allowed-to-utilize modder’s assets.
  • Transfer authorization: You are not permitted to transfer these files to different locales under any conditions. 
  • Change consent: You should get authorization from me before you are permitted to change my records to further develop it.
  • Change consent: You are not permitted to change this record over to chip away at different games under any conditions.
  • Resource use consent: You should get consent from me before you are permitted to utilize any of the resources in this Doom Eternal CrossOver mod.
  • Resource use authorization in mods/documents that are being sold: You are not permitted to utilize resources from this document in any mods/records that are being sold, for cash, on Steam Workshop or different stages.
  • Resource use authorization in mods/records that acquire gift focuses: You are not permitted to acquire Donation Points for your mods on the off chance that they utilize my resources.

Author notes
This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions.

File credits
This author has not credited anyone else in this file.

Discord: Lyra#8862
Twitter: @Phemeto
Youtube: Phemeto


This Doom Eternal CrossOver mod brings into the game The Marauder, a humanoid foe that is known for its outrageous speed, unwavering assaults and in some cases being battled close by a hellhound, kill him to get the option to wear his hardware and think carefully as a prize.

Doom Eternal CrossOver

After you killed Alatreon talk’s of fire action in the detached valley were thrown around however it was considered an insecurity because of Safijivas past harm till an obscure tracker posted a solicitation, they guaranteed they saw a fire entry emerge and an animal come out, they offered a few subtleties on the solicitation how they had data about it is a secret and suspect, yet in any case a need, as anything that settled on Doom Eternal CrossOver that reviled place was a bad dream resurrected.

Doom Eternal CrossOver
That thing is not of this world make sure you read the instructions the client gave

Technical guide

Pirate utilizes Leshen skeleton however doesn’t supplant it as its extraordinary whoever because of an abnormal idiosyncrasy of the Leshen its difficult to make the AI (what causes the beast to act as it does) autonomous from the typical and antiquated Leshen, I took a stab at all Doom Eternal CrossOver that it wouldn’t work, so an admonition in the event that you have this introduced old Leshen and Leshen will act peculiarly.

Doom Eternal CrossOver

This isn’t hurtful in any capacity solo or online as it is the Leshen assaults unmodified he simply picks various ones and its recognizable whoever in case you are chasing Ancient Leshen online let someone else have the journey this way the Leshen will be 100% ordinary. 

Doom Eternal CrossOver

The other thing to remember is the symbol and name supplant old Leshens. This is something that can’t be altered so I have remembered a discretionary record for the beast just one without them – Doom Eternal CrossOver. The tempered adaptation has a variety of an assault and quicker swings.

Doom Eternal CrossOver


nowmods download

📥 Download Doom Eternal CrossOver Everything

This includes everything from Monster, Armors, Weapons, Palico equipment, House decoration and a pendant.

Optional files:
📥 Gunlance CustomizationThis installs only the Gunlance alongside giving you a few options like green Vfxs and different shields.
📥 Monsters OnlyThis option only the marauder and his quests
📥 Only armorsThis option only includes the armors.
📥 Only Cat ArmorThis includes only Palico related files and contains Issabele as well
📥 Pendant and House DecorationThis includes the pendant and the house statue decoration.
📥 Weapons onlyThis installs only the weapons and gives you the option to select only the weapons you want , this whoever includes only 1 version of the gunlance.
Doom Eternal CrossOver


  1. Download the Doom Eternal CrossOver mod
  2. Drag and drop the native PC file in your install location
    E.g: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World
  3. Optional files have the same installation except 1 extra step:
    Chose the version you want from the downloaded folder and inside is the native PC after that it’s the same process
Doom Eternal CrossOver

Playable content

4 Quests in Doom Eternal CrossOver:

The monster itself and its tempered version (all quests are located at the final stars)

  • A visitor from below: The normal monster itself so you can learn and fight it
  • The Demon and the hellhound: this is the normal quest that Phemeto wishes it has a marauder and a Odogaron together the Odogaron is unkillable so you have to deal with it
  • A masochists’ dream: This is the tempered monster which was balanced by Phemeto DO NOT START WITH THIS
  • Of Demons Devils and Fiends: A marathon quest with every monster that can have one of the terms mentioned describe it.


Male and female form of what the raider wears transforms you into an evil spirit yourself, this replaces savage Deviljho protection.


Each weapon has a transmog remembered for the topics of destruction pirate they supplant the typical Nergigante weapons.

Cat Equipment:

A full palico set is made supplanting ordinary Rathians gear weapon and protective layer extra there is a reference added to Isabelle from creature crossing supplanting Moogle.


A pendant produced using pirates eye and horns replaces Safis pendant, a house sculpture that portrays the pirate after you killed him , it replaces the incomparable Jagras figure.

Doom Eternal CrossOver

Extra Credits 

Stracker as without him none of this would be possible. 
Asterisk for the tools creation and sharing.
Silvris for research in Sounds.
Deathcream for collision tips and help.
NackDN for A.I. tips and help.
MoonBunnie For the CRC bypass that both helped with the creation and function of this mod.
Helpers: NekotagaYuhatora, Dytser, Mace ya face, GamerZ1690, Akinusuka
And a special thank you to Michael Von Bergen for creating and allowing us to include the Gunlance in the pack
And for optimizing the AI to: Fandirus

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