Dual Wield Parrying

Dual Wield Parrying | Skyrim

by Dona

Dual Wield Parrying mod permits double wielders to repel/block assaults. I don’t plan to refresh my mods to work with Skyrim Special Edition (SSE) any time soon myself, since I don’t anticipate possessing the energy for that (very much like I haven’t had the opportunity or interest to understand remarks and update any mods for the beyond couple of years as of now).

Creator: Borgut1337

Dual Wield Parrying

Dual Wield Parrying
nowmods information

This mod doesn’t have any known conditions other than the base game.

Mods requiring this file:

Mod nameNotes
Blocking Animation Pack
Controller Custom Key Mapping (CCKM) for Xbox-ONE-PS4Optional
The Flamebringer AIO – Immersive Spellsword Player-Combatoverhaul and ArmorMod(not a requirement but needed if you want to use the blockbash-effects, while wielding a sword and the lefthand-Spell.)

Creator’s directions:

  • NONE of the substance from this mod can be utilized in bundles that expect installment to be downloaded or utilized (for example, if transferring on the Steam Workshop, the element to require installment ought NOT be utilized).
  • In unedited structure, this mod may just be reallocated on destinations other than the Steam Workshop. On the off chance that you reallocate similar mod on different destinations, you MUST educate your clients that the first creator won’t search for criticism or help with investigating on any site
  • IN BOTH OF THE ABOVE CASES, the first creator should be credited for his work, and the first readme should be incorporated.

Record credits:

Thanks to:

  • Bethesda Game Studios: For making the magnificent game Skyrim
  • AlexanderBlade: For making Script Dragon, without which the ScriptDragon rendition would’ve been difficult to make.
  • Subvita, for sorting out an approach to utilize the Script Dragon adaptation with an XBox 360 regulator.


There is a wide range of adaptations of this Dual Wield Parrying mod accessible. They all permit the player to obstruct here and there or another while double employing. A portion of the accessible forms additionally permit impeding with other new mixes of weapons (like weapon in right hand + spell in left hand), however others are restricted distinctly to genuine double employing.

Dual Wield Parrying

All accessible forms will be recorded and depicted in more detail here. I have recorded them in the request in which I think they are ”ideal”, so I enthusiastically suggest the main form in this rundown, except if for reasons unknown you don’t care for it’s necessities (in which case I suggest the second, and so forth)


  • To begin with, you should settle on a decision among the distinctive accessible alternatives portrayed previously. Whenever you have picked one of the above forms (ONLY USE ONE!!!), introduce it utilizing the accompanying advances
  • Unpack the Dual Wield Parrying downloaded package in a temporary location.
  • Copy the Data folder in the unpacked folder.
  • Paste the Data folder in your Skyrim folder. This can be found at
    <Steam Installation Directory>SteamSteamAppsCommonSkyrim. This folder will also contain files such as ‘’TESV.exe’’.
  • When you launch the game, make sure to enable the mod’s .esp file (name starting with ‘’Dual Wield Parrying’’) in the launcher’s Data Files tab.
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Download Dual WIeld Parrying Mod:

? Dual Wield Parrying SKSE 3_0 beta

? Dual Wield Parrying SKSE 3_1 beta

? Dual Wield Parrying Script Dragon 2_50

? Dual Wield Parrying Random Attacks Dawnguard 2_50

? Dual Wield Parrying Random Attacks 2_50

? Dual Wield Parrying Left Hand 2_53

? Dual Wield Parrying Dual Power Attack 2_50

? Dual WIeld Parrying Dual Attack 2_50

Dual WIeld Parrying


On the off chance that you physically introduced the mod, you additionally need to physically eliminate the mod’s documents to totally uninstall it. To do as such, follow these means:

  • Find Skyrim’s Data envelope. This will be at: SteamSteamAppsCommonSkyrimData.
  • In this Data envelope, erase the mod’s .esp document. Contingent upon which variant you at first decided to introduce, there may likewise be some additional documents in the subfolders asi or Scripts.

On the off chance that SkyUI adaptation 3.0 or higher is introduced, and you are utilizing the SKSE rendition of the mod, you can likewise utilize the in-game Mod Configuration Menu first to deactivate the mod in-game previously erasing it. In the event that you neglect to do this first it will commonly not be an issue, however hypothetically the mod may leave some little follows inside your saved game even after uninstallation if this progression is disregarded.

Dual WIeld Parrying

Sensibly the adverse consequences of this would just become perceptible subsequent to uninstalling and reinstalling the mod great many occasions without playing out this additional progression, yet the alternative is still there in the event that you need to be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything is eliminated accurately.

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