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Does Elden Ring Have CrossPlay or Cross-Platform?

by Dona

Do you want to know does Elden Ring have crossplay mode? If this is your first Souls game, there is a lot to learn and it may seem overwhelming at first. When you get your bearings, you can certainly ask a friend for assistance. You may then be curious as to whether you can rely on players from other platforms. Or are your options restricted to PC players? What is known about the Elden Ring Crossplay is listed below.

Is there CrossPlay in Elden Ring?

The most recent FromSoftware game is now available. You’ve also chosen the Elden Ring class you’ll be enrolling in. Now is the time to begin exploring the Lands Between. Fortunately, you are given a mount at a young age to aid in your travels. It’s simple to overlook the co-operative aspect of the Elden Ring crossplay. Definitely not required, and entirely optional. But if you’ve been hammering your head against a particularly difficult boss fight for a while. Calling in a friend to help you out can be useful.

Elden Ring regrettably does not allow for cross-platform play. That won’t benefit PC players, at least not directly. Console users might be relieved to learn that “cross-gen” applies to the Elden Ring. As a result, Xbox players can play together whether they own an Xbox One or Series X. Players of PlayStation can also.

Elden Ring crossplay
Is there an Elden Ring CrossPlay ?

What Does Cross-Gen Play Mean?

“Cross-gen” is the name of Elden Ring’s gameplay. Consequently, gamers from the same console family can play games together. For instance, let’s say your friend is using an Xbox Series X while you are using an Xbox One. Together, you could indeed play. For those who purchase on the PS5 and PS4, the same rule is valid. You can purchase a PS4 if your friend is getting the game on a PS5 and you don’t yet own one.

elden ring crossplay
Cross-Gen in Elden Ring 

Is it certain that there will be Elden Ring CrossPlay in the future?

It is impossible to have complete knowledge of this. There is no official statement from FromSoftware or Bandai Namco. It currently doesn’t appear promising, not even a potential tease.

According to history, probably not. There are no CrossPlay “Soulsbourne” games available as of yet. The last cross-platform title from the studio, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, was devoid of this feature.

There is currently no reason to think that Elden Ring CrossPlay will be present in the game.

That said, since the release of Dark Souls 3, functionality has taken on a much larger role. It will therefore probably be considered again as a possibility. However, don’t anticipate it to arrive right now.

elden ring crossplay
Elden Ring CrossPlay in the future?

How Does Elden Ring’s Multiplayer Work?

You are essentially prepared to enter multiplayer at any time if you are playing Elden Ring online (the default setting). Either by calling a player to your game or being called to another player’s game.

Both of these are easy to complete, but there is one consideration you should make. Playing multiplayer in Lands Between open world entails sacrificing access to Spectral Steed. Additionally, you won’t be permitted to enter dungeons or other private spaces in Elden Ring crossplay. Since it’s a little challenging, it’s more realistic to access the dungeon before the multiplayer game begins. However, you can still summon some assistance if you come across a particularly challenging for.

elden ring crossplay
Elden Ring’s Multiplayer

For cooperative multiplayer games with friends, use a password

You can choose a Elden Ring crossplay multiplayer passcode from the multiplayer menu. Only summons from other players who also use this password will be displayed. With your friends, create a special password to make matching much simpler.

Summon Signs

To expose Summoning Marks that other players have left behind in the Midlands. Use the Finger Finger Fixing Method product, of course. The Erdleaf Flower, which is found on bushes throughout the game, is used to make this handmade item. Any Summoning Marks left by other players will be visible once you’ve cast. To do that, you must pay Merchant Kale at Elleh Church for a Crafting Kit. You can always fast-scroll there if you’ve already found it (opens in a new tab).

Summon Pools

These statues are placed next to Martyr Effigies, frightening-looking statues with extended arms. They can be discovered all over the Lands Between, usually close to boss and dungeon entryways. The Summoning Pool is indicated by these dummies, which you must interact with in order to summon. once a summoning party has been summoned. You can submit your own summoning marks to the summoning team using the object Small Golden Effigy. This item is available at the first Martyr Effigy, which is located right outside the Stranded Graveyard entrance.

You can immediately send your summon token to several nearby Pools at once thanks to summoning pools. As a result, you’ll likely receive a summons much sooner than if you simply placed a single sign using Tarcked’s Feather Finger. Additionally, they offer a location where you can call on other players with elden ring crossplay mod.


In conclusion, it cannot be guaranteed that Elden Ring Crossplay will occur in the future. However, you can play Elden Ring Multiplayer or cross-generational with a mod called Seamless Co-op Mod

– Author: Anh Dona

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