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Elden Ring Multiplayer – How To Play Co-op with friends

To play with friends, you will need a connection to the internet. After that, open the game menu and keep scrolling to "Multiplayer."

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Elden Ring multiplayer is a fantastic addition to the Elden Ring experience. However, it is not an easy task to set up. In contrast to the NPC Elden Ring Summons and Ash Spirits that you can summon. Instead, we’ll go over how to play Elden Ring against real people, both friends, and strangers.

The important thing to note here is that Elden Ring multiplayer is rather limited and centered. Both people are designed with a specific goal in mind, and they work together to achieve that goal. As a result, it’s best to seek assistance from superiors. In a difficult area, a friend will appear to assist you in overcoming the challenges that the game provides. Here’s how to play Elden Ring with friends in co-op and multiplayer.

How does Elden Ring multiplayer work?

Elden Ring multiplayer works by interacting with the gold signs on the floor in The Lands Between.

It is possible to see and communicate with these golden signs. You must make the Hairy Finger Fix out of two Erdleaf Flowers and use it. They are also frequently encountered throughout your adventures, particularly when you beat invading NPCs. So, if you’ve been playing for sometime, you may have encountered an NPC.

When using the Remedy for Calling Fingers. You will notice signs left by other players all over the world. So I will be able to invite them to join the game. Anyone at your level could be this person. Though not everyone will be as skilled as the meta’s preferred naked fighter.

However, to be able to construct the Furlcalling Finger Repair Method. For 300 runes, you must purchase a Crafting Set from Elleh Church.

Erdleaf flowers are a well-known item all over the world. You should have a good supply of them. Or else, look for greens with golden yellow flowers that are waist-high.

This method of starting Elden Ring multiplayer allows you to find arbitrary players to play with. However, if you only want to play with your friends, you must do one more thing.

elden ring multiplayer

How to invite friends in Elden Ring?

If you simply want to invite friends to play. Then, in the Elden Ring multiplayer section of the menu, create a password.

Contact your friends who want to play and have them all enter the same password.

You’ll then be able to recognize your friends’ signs and drag them into your game.

Remember that you are in the same location in the open world as the person you want to play with. When they place their sign in their world, it can only be detected in the same location.

Unfortunately, reports indicate that this system is prone to erratic behavior. Since the release of Elden Ring, things appear to have calmed down. However, if you continue to try, it will most likely work as it should.

How many people can participate in the Elden Ring multiplayer?

Elden Ring co-op can accommodate up to three players at once, with one Host of Fingers and two golden Phantoms. It’s also not cross-platform, so players can’t brawl with friends on other consoles or pcs.

elden ring multiplayer
Invite friends in Elden Ring multiplayer

How do I join my friend’s Elden Ring multiplayer game?

To participate in someone else’s game rather than inviting them to yours. You must use a permanent item offered to you at the start of the game. Furled Finger of Tarnished

This gives you the ability to place a golden sign for other players to communicate with. When they do, you’ll be drawn into their game world to participate.

If you’ve correctly configured the passwords.Only your friend should be able to see your sign and accept you to their world.

elden ring multiplayer
Elden Ring multiplayer co-op game

Is there a shared progression in Elden Ring?

If you enter another player’s game and defeat the bosses or advance the world state. That will not bring you back to your game.

Multiplayer in Elden Ring is more about the thrill of the chase than sharing the story with a friend.

In Elden Ring, how does PvP work?

Elden Ring has two types of PvP: duels and invasions.

Both have unique items that set them up, and they behave similarly to stables.

First and foremost, to provide other players with an honorable match. You must use the Duellist’s Feather Finger to place the sign.

Or if you’re having a bad day. To get into the game of an unsuspecting newbie, you must use Bloody Finger Festering. Make certain that you are well prepared. Fingers, the player you’re attempting to kill. There can be up to two partners to assist you in repelling your invasion.

Festering Bloody Fingers can be bought from Murkwater Caves’ numerous Nomad Traders and Patches. Alternatively, you will be given a number during your quest to Mohgwyn Palace.


That’s all you need to know about Elden Ring multiplayer mode. To gain an advantage in the game, you should read Elden Ring Best Build for Beginners

For more assistance with some of the game’s more perplexing mechanics, check out our complete Elden Rings Guide

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