Equipment Rebalance FF7

Equipment Rebalance – Increased Materia Slots | Final Fantasy 7 Remake

by Dona

Equipment Rebalance FF7 adjusts the stats of the equipment. Increases the number of materia slots significantly.

Creator: Tyrant Thanatos

Equipment Rebalance FF7

Equipment Rebalance FF7
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This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

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Version 1.2
Attempted to fix an issue that caused the mod to be nonfunctional for some users.

Version 1.1
Reduced premium armor Materia Slots, introduced multiple versions.

Version 1.0
Initial Release


All equipment stats and materia slots have been reworked.

Weapons now have an additional independent slot, bringing the total number of slots to seven, with three connected pairs and one unlinked slot.
Armors usually have a second linked pair. More or less has been added to several armors. Many armors now have all eight slots available.

In addition, armors now provide additional protection. In this game, the attack and defense algorithms significantly favor offense. 1 point of Vitality or Spirit provides 1 point of Defense or Magic Defense, but 1 point of Strength or Magic provides 2 points of Attack or Magic Attack. Then, in the damage formula, Attack is twice before Defense is taken into account. The offensive stats are now four times as effective as the defensive stats. This modification should make higher-level combat less erratic.

Weapons had their stats modified as well, but not to the same extent as armors.

Spreadsheet of all changes


nowmods download

Download Equipment Rebalance FF7 files:

Equipment RebalanceMain File. Includes Materia Slots, Armor Buffs, Minor Weapon Tweaks
Equipment Rebalance – Slots OnlyOptional Version, ONLY changes Materia Slots
Equipment Rebalance – Weapon NerfOptional Version, Includes all of Base plus increased Weapon Attack Nerfs.

Go to game directory, create a folder called “~mods” inside FFVIIRemakeIntegrade\End\Content\Paks and put the pak file there.

Some more little pieces from Final Fantasy mods:

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