Extended Dialogue Interface

Extended Dialogue Interface – XDI | Fallout 4

by Dona

The Extended Dialogue Interface removes the hardcoded 4-option dialogue limit and adds full engine support for an unlimited number of player dialogue options.

Creator: reg2k and Neanka

Extended Dialogue Interface FO4 – XDI

Extended Dialogue Interface
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Off-site requirement:

Mod nameNotes
Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)

Mods requiring this file:

Mod nameNotes
(XDI) You’re a good boy Dogmeat (NOT SUPPORTED)
Arcade Gannon Companion
Charon Heads NorthHard requirement.
Chinese – Fallout 4 – Point Lookout【必须】主文件
Companion Ivy – XDI patchFundamental
Conquer the Institute – BetaHidden last time I checked
CSEP Presents All Americans 2.0 DELUXE EXPANDED EDITIONRequired for the dialogue to function.
Extended Dialogue Interface (XDI) – No Speech BubbleHARD REQUIREMENT
Extended Dialogue Interface – Traduzione Italiana ORD
Extended Dialogue Interface -Spanish-Necesario
Extended Dialogue Interface MCM – Chinese原始MOD
Fallout 4 – Point Lookout
Fallout 4 – Point Lookout French Translation
FO4 Point Lookout – VN Viet Hoa
Hailey-a stealth save game
Hearing DamageHard Requirement
Heather Casdin – Extended Dialogue Interface (XDI) Patch – SPANISH
Heather Casdin – Extended Dialogue Interface Patch (Russian Language)Recommended (рекомендовано)
Letters to The Breach version 5.0Need it.
MOFAM – An Advanced Guide and Modlist for Fallout 4
Sim Settlements 2 XDI Perk Speech Check patch
SS2 – XDI Compatibility Patch
SS2_XDI Compatibility Patch -Spanish-
Vault Girl Mod Alpha Extended Dialog Interface (XDI) Patch-FixThe mod that needs the fix to work properly.
Vault Girl Mod Extended Dialog Interface Fix
XDI – Strings LOOKUP FAILED FIx SpanishObvio si tiene el problema y no usa XDI también lo ayudará

Instructions from the author
Mods are free to use XDI for additional dialogue options.

The recommended method of distribution is to link to XDI’s Nexus page so that users can always get the most recent version of Extended Dialogue Interface.

Total conversion mods that completely overhaul the game and require a new game to begin are an exception to this rule. These mods may include XDI as part of their content. Please always clearly state the bundled XDI version number and provide a link back to the XDI page so that users can check for updates.

File credits
Many thanks to the xSE team, for F4SE.
Thanks to the Fallout Cascadia project for initial ideas and suggestions.

Version 1.3.2
Support for game version v1.10.120.
Version 1.3.1
Support for game version v1.10.114.
Version 1.3.0

New: Say Once functionality for player and NPC dialogue in XDI-enabled scenes is now supported.
Version 1.2.0

New: Plugins can now specify their own XDI activation keyword.

Fixed: XDI is now correctly flagged as an ESM.
Version 1.1.5
Support for game version v1.10.75.
Fixed issue with the in-game mod manager automatically disabling XDI.esm.
Version 1.1.4

Support for game version v1.10.64.
Version 1.1.3

Support for game version v1.10.50.
Version 1.1.2

Support for game version v1.10.40.
Version 1.1.1

Fixed: An NPC response associated with an unfilled quest alias will no longer cause a CTD.
Version 1.1.0

New: Ability to select dialogue options with number keys.

New: MCM option to display option number in front of dialogue options.

New: Customization options for the display of brackets and dialogue menu background.

New: Barter and inventory dialogue cues for vanilla dialogue.

Improved: Next-topic detection. More dialogue options will now have dialogue cues.

Fixed: The dialogue menu will now appear correctly when talking to non-actors (e.g. intercoms).

Fixed: The dialogue menu will now re-open correctly when loading a savegame that had it open.

Fixed: An issue in certain scenes where the dialogue menu would come up empty.
Version 1.0.0

Initial public release.


In the vanilla game, player dialogue requires exactly four response options – neither more nor less would be accepted. This system also categorized most dialogue into four categories: Yes, No, Neutral, and Question. As you might expect, dialogue does not always neatly fit into these categories!

The Extended Dialogue Interface (XDI) is a community framework that replaces the hardcoded 4-option dialogue limit with engine support for an unlimited number of player dialogue options.

Mods can now create new dialogue experiences that emphasize player choice and include dialogue options that accurately reflect their intentions.

XDI does not alter vanilla dialogue on its own, but it does display full-text for vanilla dialogue options.

Interestingly, Bethesda has recorded additional dialogue options in several vanilla scenes! In many cases, these are not properly wired for Extended Dialogue Interface – XDI (no associated responses, for example), so they cannot be turned on globally. Modders can, however, modify such vanilla dialogue scenes to correctly wire them up and expose additional voiced dialogue lines that are already included in the base game.

Extended Dialogue Interface
Extended Dialogue Interface
Extended Dialogue Interface


  • Full dialogue text. View your dialogue options with full certainty of what you’re going to say.
  • Dialogue cues. A question icon can be optionally displayed for dialogue options that do not advance the conversation. No more accidentally making a choice when all you wanted was to get more information. Options that end the conversation will have a door icon displayed beside them.
  • Flexible dialogue options. Modders: have less than four things to say? Have just two options, Or add as many options as you’d like.
  • No player voice, no problem. Skyrim and New Vegas didn’t have a voiced player either! XDI makes engine modifications to overcome this. For unvoiced player dialogue, NPC dialogue starts right after option selection. The dialogue camera is hot-patched to keep focus on the NPC instead of (in vanilla) looking at the player’s unmoving mouth. No more awkward pauses.
  • Configurable via MCM. XDI comes with a MCM menu for easy configuration.
  • No hacks. These changes are integrated into the engine – no need for workarounds, ‘blank voice files’, patching STRINGS files, etc.
Extended Dialogue Interface
Extended Dialogue Interface
Extended Dialogue Interface


  • Install with your preferred mod manager, or copy the files in the download to your Fallout 4 Data folder and activate XDI.esm
  • Make sure that you start the game with the F4SE loader
  • If you get an error about the XDI plugin not being loaded, double-check that you have F4SE installed and running!
  • When installing XDI, make sure there is no DialogueMenu.swf file in your Data\Interface folder. This file is provided in XDI’s BA2 archive. Any loose interface file in that folder will take priority and override XDI’s file
nowmods download

Download Fallout 4 Extended Dialogue Interface files below:

Main file:
Extended Dialogue Interface 1.3.6For Fallout 4 game version 1.10.163.
To update, simply replace and overwrite existing files. XDI is safe to update at any time.
Miscellaneous file:
XDI Demo for ModdersThis demo contains the ESP plugin and source code of a dialogue scene utilizing XDI.
Also check out the XDI Guide for Modders

MODDING GUIDE: How To Install Fallout 4 Mods


  • XDI replaces the DialogueMenu.swf interface file and is incompatible with similar mods. (This means that the Full Dialogue Interface mod will not work.)
  • Aside from the menu, XDI modifies no vanilla forms or dialogue and will not conflict with other mods.
  • XDI dynamically retrieves full-text dialogue from the game and is fully compatible with all DLCs and mods that include dialogue – no patches are required.

Source code:

Github [C++] (F4SE plugin)
Github [AS3] (Dialogue menu interface)

Suggestions? Thoughts? Join the XDI Discord here: https://discord.gg/BSSm9m9

Browse for more Fallout 4 mods right here:

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