Fallout 4 Extended Dialogue Interface XDI Guide for Modders

Fallout 4 Extended Dialogue Interface XDI Guide for Modders

by Dona

Here is the XDI Guide for Modders to make use of additional dialogue options, you need to flag your scene as XDI-enabled. This is as simple as adding Extended Dialogue Interface to your game.

XDI Guide for Modders

To begin the XDI Guide for Modders, enable multiple masters so that you can load Fallout4.esm and XDI.esm simultaneously. Create a CreationKitCustom.ini file in your Fallout 4 directory (same as the exe). Check that the following lines are present in the INI:


In the Creation Kit, in addition to loading your plugin, also make sure to select the XDI.esm masterfile. This only needs to be done once – after the keyword is added, XDI.esm will subsequently be loaded automatically.

In your scene, right click in the Alias Keywords section and select Add, then choose the XDI keyword.
(Alias Keywords is actually a misnomer – this keyword is only added to the scene and not to any of your aliases)

XDI Guide for Modders

After that, you can begin inserting dialogue. Adding dialogue for the extended dialogue system is the same as adding dialogue for the vanilla dialogue system, except you can have as many options in each response category as you want. Look at the image below:

XDI Guide for Modders

It makes no difference which response category you place your dialogue options in (Positive, Negative, Question, Neutral), but you may find it useful to centralize all responses in just one category.

Selecting the Topic button for the category opens a larger and more useful dialogue management interface that allows you to re-order dialogue and view all options at a glance.

XDI Guide for Modders

XDI Guide for Modders it’s worth noting that the Condition system works in the extended dialogue system as well, allowing you to conditionally display any player dialogue or NPC response dialogue.

You can also have multiple NPC responses for a single player dialogue (for example, skill check success and failure) if each player dialogue is horizontally aligned with its NPC response counterpart. This can be accomplished by adding blank options to the player dialogue or by using a different response category (Positive/Negative/Neutral/Question).

XDI Guide for Modders

Remember – each response can have its own (different) scene link, so you can branch dialogue out to different phases (for minor variations) or a separate scene (for major branches). Note that the Scene Collections tab will allow you to create and modify scene links by clicking-and-dragging from a source topic to the destination scene phase.

XDI Guide for Modders by: registrator2000

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