Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod

BodySlide Mod and Outfit Studio | Fallout 4

by Dona

Fallout 4 BodySlide mod is an easy way to use tools for customizing bodies and outfits. Now you can create new bodies and outfits, and convert outfits between body types.

Creator: Ousnius and Caliente

Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod

Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod
fallout 4 bodyslide mod
  • Assets of other users: All the assets in this Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod file belong to the author. Otherwise it come from free-to-use modder’s resources.
  • Upload permission: You are not allowed to upload this Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod file to other sites under any circumstances.
  • Modification permission: You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files to improve it.
  • Conversion permission: You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances.
  • Permission for asses usage: You must get permission from me before using any of the assets in this file.
  • Permission in Fallout 4 BodySlide mod files that are being sold: You are not allowed to use assets from this file in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms.
  • Console modding permission: This Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod won’t work on consoles or would not be acceptable on Bethesda.net according to their rules.
  • Caliente
  • Ousnius
  • NifTools people
  • Chinese translation by xuniana (蓿念) and silentdark (S猫)
  • CBBE Uniboob reference by SQr17
  • Preset XML files created using Fallout 4 BodySlide mod are free for you to use. Feel free to upload and share ưith others!
    If your edits were done purely using sliders and maybe you want to release the built meshes, you must ask me for permission first.
  • You may not reupload the entire Fallout 4 BodySlide mod or all possible body variations, especially not without permission!
    I prefer the way of sharing the preset files than sharing your body shapes.
  • If you are planning to upload parts of the Fallout 4 BodySlide mod package as is, please ask for permission first.
    The program itself and its source code are however licensed under the GPLv3+.
  • None of the following files on this page  are available to be sold for monetary gain anywhere. Including the CBBE body, CBBE/ UUNP sliders are not to be sold too.

Special note:

These permissions only apply to the files that come with Fallout 4 BodySlide mod itself. Whether you create an outfit conversion or someone else’s work, you MUST follow THEIR permissions and requirements before sharing. I cannot give you that permission!


Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod has been updated with the addition of Fallout 4 support, bringing an enormous list of new features once again. This Fallout 4 BodySlide mod allows you to have all the outfits and shapes you’ve ever dreamed of.
For the latest updates, known issues and more, check out the content below!

Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod

Note: As of version 3.8 of Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod, this utility requires OpenGL 3.3. If your card does not support this (cards that meet the minimum system requirements for Skyrim should), you should not update Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod until you can get a better card.


  • Customize your own outfits and bodies without the need to edit mesh files!
  • Use sliders to create your personal shapes.
  • Get fancy outfit filtering quickly and easily choose the outfits you want, while the textured preview windows show what you are going to get.
  • Building morph files allows you to use the sliders in-game. Besides using LooksMenu or other script mods.

FO4 Outfit Studio

Now you have the power to experience all those talent modders have been through!

  • Create your own Fallout 4 BodySlide and convert it between bodies, correct animation weights, edit meshes otherwise.
  • If you have the creative brain, go for some static meshes!
  • Import and export .FBX, .OBJ and .NIF meshes.
  • Barely any previous modding experience required.
FO4 Outfit Studio


  • With the Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod add-on on the CBBE mod page comes the “CBBE Body Physics” set.
  • Choose it from the Outfit/Body drop down of Fallout 4 BodySlide and build it.
Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod


Add the following lines to your Fallout4Custom.ini file located in Documents\My Games\Fallout4:

fallout 4 bodyslide mod

? CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Fallout 4 BodySlide and Outfit Studio – v5.5.2

Manual download instructions

  1. Download the Fallout 4 BodySlide mod file and extract the options you want into your Data folder (using 7-zip)
  2. You have to make sure that the structure is correct: Data=> Tools=> BodySlide
  3. Finally, the executable can be found in the “Data/Tools/BodySlide” folder.

How to use Bodyslide with Vortex

  1. With any other mod, download and install the archive to Vortex then enable it
  2. In the dashboard go to “Add Tool”. 
  3. In the “Target” field, choose BodySlide executable from your game’s real data folder.
  4. Also install any BodySlide addons to Vortex.
  5. GIF of the process
how to set up bodyslide in vortex

Mod Organizer

  1. With any other mod, download and install the archive to MO then enable it
  2. Add a shortcut to the BodySlide x64 executable and set it to run from your game’s real data folder.
  3. Install any BodySlide addons to MO as well.
  4. I do not troubleshoot MO installation issues, please ask for help in Mod Organizer communities.
Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod


You can uninstall the old or new Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod or just the newest file and overwrite it if prompted. Just be sure to back up your personal presets/groups/bodies/outfits in the SliderSets/SliderPresets/ShapeData/SliderGroups folders so they don’t get deleted, whether by accident or buggy mod manager.

Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod


Q1: If I have an issue, what would you suggest I do before anything (including posting questions)?

A: Read the mod description, especially the FAQ. Read the stickies. Reinstall BodySlide. Install BodySlide manually if your mod manager of choice fails to do its main purpose.

Q2: Why is there an error when building sets, saving projects or writing other files?

A: You might have to set Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod (and tools that launch BodySlide such as NMM and MO) to always run as an admin.

Q3: Why are the changes I am building not appearing in-game?

A: Make sure you have added the line “bInvalidateOlderFiles=1” to your “Fallout4Custom.ini” file in the “Documents\My Games\Fallout4” folder.
Check if your player character or NPC is using a custom race, or your outfit a plugin that points to a different meshes folder (unique player mods).
If so, you will have to manually move the built files to the correct directories for the race/NPC.
Make sure your character has its weight at the very centre of the weight triangle if you want the body to match what you see in the preview window.
Take a look at the “last modified” date of the files you built and check if it changed (see Q2).
You’re using Windows 10 and recently installed an anniversary update. For some reason, it can cause permissions issues for some users even when you are admin/the only user of the computer. There is nothing we can do to help you here, you will have to figure it out yourself.

Q4: Why does my BodySlide not contain any bodies or outfits?

A: You need to install addons for Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod, such as the CBBE body or various other mods that support BodySlide.
If you’re using NMM/Vortex/MO, make sure that you’ve correctly linked the Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod directory/executable to the program and are running it through them properly. See the installation part of the description!

Q5: Why do I get an error saying “Failed to find game install” or “Failed to load Setup.xrc file.”?

A: Registry isn’t set, or Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod wasn’t installed properly.
Launch Fallout 4 using the Steam launcher instead of F4SE to fix the registry, and try launching Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod again.
If it still doesn’t work, make sure all the files are installed correctly and you’re running it as admin. If you have to set the directory manually, ensure it’s pointing to Fallout 4/Data.
Try downloading and installing the mod with all anti-virus software disabled.
Note that Vortex/MO aren’t perfect and may not install all of the files, especially Setup.xrc. If so, you may have to install manually.

Q6: Why do my outfits or bodies say “No Image” all over them?

A: You need to install it correctly, according to the instructions. You need the outfit and body textures installed in your Data directory. You also need to launch Fallout 4 from the default/Steam launcher (not F4SE) to sort out the registry, or manually set the directory to point to Fallout 4/Data through the ‘Settings‘ button. Only then BS/OS will be able to find and load the textures.

Q7: Why am I getting a lot of distortion for very small but detailed meshes?

A: Fallout 4’s meshes are saved using 16-bit half-precision positional values. What this means is, for meshes that are very small but at the same time have many polygons, there can be a lot of distortion because it’s not precise enough.
The full precision checkbox in the shape properties of FO4Outfit Studio makes the shape it has been activated for save with the full 32-bit single-precision positional values that previous games had, so there will be no distortion. This should only be used when you really need it, though.

Q8: How does in-game morphing work?

A: For in-game morphing to function, your bodies and outfits need to have so called TRI morph files built for them.
CBBE and its vanilla outfits already come with pre-built and attached morph files, so you can use it out of the box.
If you are customizing the body or any custom outfits using Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod, then you have to check the “Build Morphs” checkbox before building.
Only then the built set can be morphed in-game using LooksMenu or other script mods. For LooksMenu, you need the slider definition JSON file coming with CBBE (or potentially other body mods).

Q9: Why does the FBX import create weird texture coordinates?

A: You have to split all edges of your mesh along the UV seams. The NIF format only supports one texture coordinate per vertex, so UV seams need duplicated vertices.

Q10: Why do I get an error saying “OpenGL context is not OK” for Outfit Studio or the preview window?

A: This means the driver of the graphics chip used doesn’t support the version of OpenGL that’s required. Make sure to update all of your graphics drivers (manually). In case there are multiple graphics chips built into your PC, set Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod to run with the dedicated one only.

Q11: I didn’t save my preset. Can I get the slider configuration using the created meshes?

A: No. If you don’t save a preset, then it’s gone. Your only option is to try and recreate it.

Q12: I use Vortex/MO, and even though I’ve installed Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod, BodySlide is blank/Outfit Studio throws up an error. How do I fix this?

A: You need to make sure the body you have installed is actually Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod-compatible, and you need to follow the installation instructions. With Vortex, you need to run BodySlide/Outfit Studio from your actual game folder. With MO, please contact the MO devs/read their own documentation.


Uninstalling Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod is as simple as deleting the BodySlide folder or mod you originally installed, manually or using NMM/MO: Removing outfit files created with Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod involves deleting the appropriate meshes within the “Data/meshes” directory.
Only you know which ones those might be.

Fallout 4 BodySlide Mod


  • Caliente
  • Ousnius
  • NifTools people
  • Chinese translation by xuniana (蓿念) and silentdark (S猫)
  • CBBE Uniboob reference by SQr17

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