Fallout 4 Stuff Pack The Sims 4

Fallout 4 Stuff Pack | The Sims 4

by Dona

This Fallout 4 Stuff Pack includes the files for Fallout 4’s “House of Tomorrow”, as well as the texture replacer needed for the outside tile walls (otherwise the walls will be green). As a bonus, it includes Fallout themed posters.

Creator: shaggy08251993

Fallout 4 Stuff Pack

Fallout 4 Stuff Pack
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Unknowingly, I accidentally changed a poster that requires you to level up your political career before it can be opened. You can perform either of these things, or you can look for and download the mod that unlocks everything here: http://modthesims.info/d/534097

In the download, Shaun’s room is just how it should be. Please disregard my photos, which show two beds. Those were added after I designed the “HoT” template to suit my needs.

Fallout 4 Stuff Pack The Sims 4

I’m aware that the default house’s inside walls are white. The inside walls in this construction are based on a retexture I had in Fallout 4, which I think gives it a more homey feel.

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Download Fallout 4 Stuff Packs:

Fallout 4 Stuff Pack
House of TomorrowUpdated fridge, fireplace, TV, dining table and chairs, lamps
Added radio, washer, dryer.

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I tried to save everything to my external hard drive, but I realized I had destroyed the.rar file I had created. My antivirus kicked in and deleted my own file when I came here to redownload it. This is the first time it’s happened to me, but there’s no malware involved. To download and extract the.rar file, I had to turn off Windows Defender.

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