Fashion Sense for Stardew Valley

by Gemma

This Framework allows players to use bigger accessories, hairstyles, hats, shirts, sleeves, pants and shoes, as well as animation support and more in Fashion Sense plugin.

Creator: PeacefulEnd

Fashion Sense

Fashion Sense
nowmods information

Nowmods requirements:

Mods requiring this file:

(FS) RoseDryad’s Fairy Wings And Accessories(FS) SH’s Animals and Mythological Creatures Stuff (Required for the mod to work!)
(FS) SH’s More Accessories and Stuff (Required for the mod to work!)Ace’s Fashion Sense Hairstyles
Cinderella Girls Valley デレマスのおしゃれアイテムを増やします。オプションAether (Project Genshin) – Fashion Sense (FS) and Farmer Portraits (FP) (Needed for Farmer Clothes and Hand Mirror)
Butterfly VeilChinese Wedding Dress
Additional Vintage CompatibilityDemi’s Genshin Impact Hair
Dyeable Wedding Dress for Fashion SenseEmet-Clothes
Fashion Sense – Russian (RU) Оригинальный мод, его нужно установить в первую очередь.Fashion Sense – Spanish
Fashion Sense PT BR Mod Original.Fashion Sense Wheelchair Mod (beta) (Required to work)
Fashion Sense-ChineseFashionable Mirrors v4.9.0+
Fippsie’s Yami Yugi HairFS – Backpacks and Baubles v2.7.1+
Flowery Straw Hat Only for FS versionFS – Cozy Scarves
FS – Fairy WingsFS – Harry’s Short Hair
FS – Le halo plus wings needs fashion sense to work :pFS – Milo’s better beanies requires current latest version (4.11.3)
Fs – Minecraft Grass Block ShirtFS – Rino’s Suits patch ff14
FS – SB’s Oversized SleevesFS – Season of the Witch
FS – SubtlyLiminal’s HairstylesFS – Traveller’s Attire
FS – Vanilla AccessoriesFS – Xenoblade Head Wings
FS Kisekaes skirtsFS Simple farmers dresses
FS The Coquette CollectionFS Wabi’s Wardrobe
Gradient Hair Colors (FS Addon)Gummi’s Devilish Horns Required. Mod will not function without it.
Gummi’s Persona 5 Hairstyles Required.
Paw Hunt
Json Assets – Kawaii Hats (Unofficial Conversion) for the FS optional download
Kyuya’s accessories packKyuya’s hairstyles pack
Kyuya’s hats packLog Hunt
Meme outfitsNatural Hairstyles (Required for the Fashion Sense version.)
RuneScape Mastercape Back Accessories (Capes) – TsuyukiSeasonal Hats (Fashion Sense)
Shardust’s Hairstyes -Direct port of my Content Patcher hair mod-Shardust’s Animated Hairstyles (June 2022 Update) Essential Mod, won’t work without it.
Rural OutfittersSkell’s Wings – Fashion Sense
Starsnatch ValleyVintage V2 – Fashion Sense UI
Winter Solstice HatsWitch Hats (Fashion Sense)
ZLGaming’s Hat

Credits and permission to distribute

  • Assets of other users: 
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  • Permission to upload: 
     Under no circumstances are you permitted to upload this file to any other website.
  • Permission to make changes: 
    You have to get permission from the creator to make changes to my files, including bug fixes or feature enhancements.
  • Permission to convert: 
    Under no circumstances are you permitted to convert this file for use in other games.
  • Permission to use an asset: 
    Before you can use any of the assets in this file, you must first receive permission from me.
  • In mods/files that are being sold, asset use permission is required: 
    This file’s assets may not be used in any mods or files that are sold for money on Steam Workshop or other platforms.
  • Permission to utilize assets in modifications and files that earn contribution points: 
    If your mods use my assets, you will not be able to earn Donation Points for them.

Notes from the author
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File credits
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  • Version 4.11.3
    • Updated sleeves template to make use of EndWhenFarmerFrameUpdates.
    • Fixed issue where getting the next valid frame would sometimes revert to the default first frame.
    • Fixed issue where skin tone masks would not update when requested.
  • Version 4.11.2
    • Fixed Condition.RandomChance always executing as true.
  • Version 4.11.1
    • Added Condition.RandomChance.
    • Updated AnimationModel.Duration to accept random generator arguments.
    • Fixed errors that occurred when using Condition.ToolChargeLevel.
  • Version 4.10.0
    • Added ready-to-use sleeves template, for 16×32 based sprites.
      • IsUsingDagger and CurrentFarmerFrame conditions.
      • Customizable conditional groups, used via Condition.GroupName.
      • AppearanceModel.DisableNativeOffset.
    • Fixed:
      • Issue where using tools would not stop movement tracking.
      • IsSick condition not properly checking.
      • Crash that would sometimes while saving.
      • Crash that would occur when using the randomize button on the first day.


Fashion Sense


This plugin will allow to the creation of static or animated accessories, hairstyles, hats, shirts, pants and shoes that are larger than the default vanilla dimensions.

Including special conditions for animation, allowing for dynamic movement (such as a hairstyle that animates differently while walking or running).

Fashion Sense

This Fashion Sense mod supports your saving and loading of custom outfits.

Fashion Sense
Fashion Sense
  • Support hair in version v1.0.0
  • Support accessories in version v2.0.0
  • Support hats in version v2.2.0
  • Support shirts in version v2.6.0
  • Support pants in version v2.7.0
  • Support sleeves in version v3.1.0
  • Support boots in version v4.3.0
Fashion Sense

How to create a content pack for Fashion Sense at GitHub:

The example pack in the Optional File will show you an example hairstyle pack.

Fashion Sense

To use this framework, you will need a Fashion Sense content pack installed (add accessories, hairstyles, hats, shirts, sleeves, pants and shoes that can be larger than usual and optionally animated.)

If you’d like to change your Fashion Sense accessory, hairstyle, hat, shirt, sleeves, pants, or shoes you can simply use the Hand Mirror tool. Custom outfits can be saved and loaded via this tool.

Fashion Sense

This tool can purchase from Pierre (Check the Hand Mirror on the wiki to know more detail!). It can also be given on character creation by selecting the “Start with Mirror” button.

Source Code: GitHub


nowmods download

Download Fashion Sense for Stardew Valley

Optional files

Contains various examples on how to build a Fashion Sense content pack. Not all directions for the appearances are implemented in this pack, as it is intended for example purposes.

Download Example Pack 4.11.3

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