Feminine Hunter Animations | Monster Hunter Rise

by Gemma

Feminine Hunter Animations support exchanges basic player animations such as idle, walking, running, and sprinting for more feminine ones.

Creator: a1kingdomheart

Feminine Hunter Animations

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  • Fluffy Manager 5000

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  • Ultra Thicc Clothing Type 02
  • Ultra Thicc Pyre-Kadaki

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Feminine Hunter Animations mod takes the follower animations for Fiorayne and swaps them onto the player. Animations changed include standing, walking, running, sprinting, and weapon sheathing.

It no longer affects male hunters as of 1.3! Hunting Horns should no longer cause infinite loading as of 1.3.1!


Sometimes certain animations such as getting up from the canteen, look a little weird when going back to standing because followers don’t have 100% of the animations players do. Besides this affects animation for other players who you see online, both male and female (there is only one animation set for the player that is supposed to be neutral).

Sprinting animation:

The creator tried to address the shakiness, but fairly certain that’s just how the animation is, naturally bouncier. A different animation had a camera problem and I was able to fix it, but the same method doesn’t work here so I’m left to assume that’s just how the animation is.


  • Thank you to NSA CLOUD for both providing the wroggi leg fix as well as making it so male hunters are no longer affected!
  • Thank you to EmperorJackaxe for the showcase video.
  • Thank you to alphaZomega for creating and updating the moralist tool.


Download Feminine Hunter Animations file and extract it to your Mods folder for MHRise, then turn it on with Fluffy.

nowmods download

📥Download Feminine Hunter Animations

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