Fluffy Manager 5000

Fluffy Manager 5000 | Devil May Cry 5

by Mei Mei

Fluffy Manager 5000 is a mod manager for modifying PAK files in Devil May Cry 5.

Creator: FluffyQuack

Fluffy Manager 5000

nowmods information

This mode does not have any known dependencies other than the base game

Mod requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
(V)ergil’s Cane
01-SU7R Mjolnir – Balrog Replacer
2 Vergil’s
5 O’clock Shadow for VergilInstallation Program
A Dante’s Nightmare pack
Additional Cut-in Cancels
Aestus Estus (Red and White)It is a must
Aimee B – Future in My Hands for Opening Cutscene
Air Battery Neutral to Air Battery Down Swap
Air Hike Animation Swaps
Air Mustand gives you air
Airpods for Nero and Vergil
All Enemies to Caina
All Swords – Recolor Pack
Alternate Top for Trish
Alternative Lighting in the VoidRequired in order to install and activate/deactivate the mod
Always full charge tomboy shot
Always open DSDFor installation
The announcer from Killer InstinctRequired for installing the mod
Arena Bloody Palace
Augmented Nero
Awakening Battle Track
Azur Lane Hige Driver for M20
Balrog – Recolor Pack
Balrog as Style Rank Announcer
Barbie Doll TrishInstallation Program
BassHunter – DotA (Dynamic Song)
Bayonetta Style RanksFor installation
Bayonetta Themes for DMC5
Beowulf Cat Paw Gauntlets
Bewitching Trish
Black and White DanteUse this to install
Black Dr.Faust
Black Hair for Nero
Black Orange DanteUse this to install
Bladewolf – Shadow Replacer
Blood Lord Dante
Bloody palace retextures
Bloody Palace Skybox Swaps
Bloody Vergil ModFor install
Blue DanteYou’ll need this tool to install the mod
Bonk and M1 Grand SFX for weapons and guns switching (works for both dante and vergil)
Bright Red Dante
Build Your Own Hellborne Dante
Bunny Dante
Bury The Light M19Use this for ease of installation of mods
Bury The Light M20For ease of installation of mods
Business Suit for Nero 2.0
Buster Sword over Red QueenNeeded to install
Call me V for VergilInstallation Program
Cappy – Dr. Faust ReplacementRequired for install, unless you have a different method
Casual Lady
Casual Nico
Catboy Dante
Cavaliere – Recolor Pack
Cavaliere Angelo enemy (replace Proto Angelo)
Cavaliere Angelo’s Sword for Dante
Cavaliere Angelo’s Sword for Nero
Cavaliere Highside Swap
Cavaliere R to Cavaliere Swap with Reworked Effects
Chaoseater for DSD and Vergil
Classic Dante and SpardaInstallation Program
Classic EX VergilEssential for mod to function
Classic Lady
Clean Vergil Plus Beaten Over CorruptedInstallation Program
Coco Japanglish Style Announcer
Cooler Hell Caina
Copied City BP
Coyote A – Recolor Pack
Crimson Cloud – Akatsuki VRequired to install any mod for DMC 5
Cyberpunk Dante – Night City’s Legendary Solo
Dango Edge
Dante and Vergil Kyo and Iori King of Fighters Recolors
Dante Battle Music Pack
Dante boss fight (Replaces Vergil)
Dante Croco coat and jeans
Dante DMC3 hair
Dante DMC4 Devil Trigger style
Dante Hat for Dante
Dante Infamous Cole Outfit
Dante of the Stars (Kirby Themed Dante Outfit)
Dante Purple Effects
Dante shirt only (coatless)
Dante Shirtless Mod – Realistic rig (Using Reom)UNZIP the file BEFORE placing it in the mods folder
Dante short white jacket – 3 SDT recolors – Vergil’s red coat and SDT
Dante swap to Naked Lady Required to install the mod
Dante Text Effects Pack
Dante The Punisher
Dante White Boy Dummer Outfit
Dante’s Froggy Chair
Dante’s New Nightmare
Dante’s Strawberry Hood
Dantsune Miku (Hatsune Miku Hair on Dante)
Dark Dante (Unfinished)Needed to install mod
Dark Emperor Vergil
Dark Souls parry
Deadpool Style AnnouncerGo to your Fluffy manager folder > Game > DMC5 > Mods
Demonic DT for Nero
Devil Bonus BGM (Devils Never Cry Remix) as DLC Track
Devil Braker Elite Line – New colors Added
Devil Sword Dante Redesigns
Diary of a Wimpy Blake
DMC 2 Dante
DMC 2 Rebellion
DMC 3 and 4 Weapons and style switch SFX
DMC 4 Dante with DT
DMC 4 DT but better
DMC 4 Style Callouts
DMC 5 – Luigi Edition
DMC Dante’s Face Model for Nero
DMC Dante’s Long Hair for Nero
DMC detonator gun for Nero
DMC Ebony and Ivory
DMC Rebelliton for Nero Dante and V
DMC Revenant and Bone shotgun for Dante and Nero
DMC Vergil’s Coat for V
DMC (Reboot) Music Pack
DMC1 Dante
DMC2 Outfit for Dante
DMC3 Cerberus Theme (Replacement for King Cerberus)Required to install mod
DMC 3 Dante (Unofficial Update)Required
DMC 3 Inspired Dante
DMC 3 Lady (with Playable Option)
DMC 3 shirtless Dante style and DT
DMC 3 Vergil Battle 2 Theme (Replacement for M19)Required to install mod
DMC 4 Charged Shot for Nere (Charged Shots with No Color Up)
DMC 4 Concept Nero DTEssential for mod to function
DMC 4 EX Lady
DMC 4 EX Trish
DMC 4 Like charged shot for Nero
DMC 4 Prototype and Concept Art Nero Colors
DMC 4 Red Queen
DMC 4 Style Ranks
DMC 4 Trish Face Model
DMC 4 unawakened Rebellion and awakened
DMC 4 Vergil DT for Vergil DLC
DMC 5 Title Mod. Momoland Fanboy EditionInstaller of mods for DMC5
DOOM Stuff
Double Ebony or Double Ivory
Drip Vergil
Drum and Bass Music Pack
DSD Basic Combo Edits
DSD Dance Macabre and Aerial Rave Edits
DSD replace Mirage edge
DSD to Rebellion Swap with Reworked Effects
Dynamic Blue Stahli – Armageddon (Entropy Zero Remix) (Replaces Subhuman) V2.0
Dynamic Giorno’s Theme replacing Devil Trigger
Dynamic LittleV Devil Trigger
Dynamic Number One
Dynamic Rules of Nature (alpha)Mod Manager
Dynamic The Only Thing I Know for RealMod Manager
Ebony and Ivory – Recolor Pack
Eddie Hermida Subhuman and Silver Bullet (DLC tracks replacement)Required to install mod
Empty (DMC OST) for Mission 19
Enemy attacks spawn enemies False LDK mode
Eromangaa Sensei OP for M19
Ethereal Devil Sword Dante
Eva Style Trish
EX Calibur Swaps
EX Music Pack Vol.1
EX Song Fire Away Replacement
Eyes of a Legacy
Face Mask Pack
Faster Guard
Faster Vergil
Faust – Recolor Pack
Faust Shaders
Female Dante Swap V0.1
Fiery Gerbera
Filthy Frank Style AnnouncerRequired to install mod
Fish Rocket
Flame Devil Trigger
Flashy Coyote Cut-ins
Flower Crown Pack
Four-Handed Move Swaps
Foxy Grandpa Dante
Freestyle change faster punchline throw and frames
Freestyle change Helter Skelter Speed and Frame changes
Fujin hair for Vergil
Fury to Cavaliere
Future in My Hands Battle Theme
Gaara (Nero) MODYou will need this
Gallery music as battletrackFor ease of installation of mods
Garon’s Gaze – a Balrog Replacer
Girlboss Suit for Trish
Glam Trish
Gloria’s Hair for Trish
God eyes for Vergil
God Hand Coat – DanteProgram required to install the mod
Golden Devil Breakers
Golden White Yamato for Silver Vergil
Golden Wind Nero
Google Translate Mock You Style AnnouncerGo to your Fluffy manager folder>Game>DMC5>Mods
Green-Eyed Devil
Griffon RecolorRequired to install any mod for DMC d
Gunslinger Bas FX – Recolor Pack
Gunslinger Dante
Harley Quinn over Lady
Haydee and Venera
Heavy Vergil Patch
Hell Area as VoidRequired to load mod into the game
Hellboy MOD
Hellfire Vergil
Hellspawn DanteRequired to install
His World combat BGM
Horny for Devil Hunting (Devil Horns Accessory)
Hypebeast Vergil
Improved DMC 1- Inspired Dante
Jamaican’s VYou will need this to install this mod
Jester Style Rank Announcer
JetStream Sam Vergil (standalone)
Joker V and Vergil Bat who laughs (Halloween mod)
Judgment Cut Replacers
Kallina Ann – Recolor Pack
KDA Nero costumeNeeded to install this mod
Killer Instinct (2013) announcer to DMC 5
King Cerberus – Recolor Pack
King Cerberus Basic Combo Edits
Kiryu Costume for Dante
Kusanagi Nero (KOF 2002) ModYou will need this
Lady in Shorts
Lady with No Shirt
Lady Younger Face
Legacy Dante
Legacy Nero
LIdemi’s Enemy Swapper
Lidemi’s Void Mods
Lil Peep (Nero) ModYou will need this
Logo Remover
Lotion for Crunchy Boi
Luce and Ombra
Magic Wand
Main characters as Apex Legends characters (except V)
Majima Style Annoucer
Make Your Dante ModRequired to install mods
Maximillian Dood as everyoneNeeded to install the mods
MegaMan X Style Coat for Nero
Melvin Souls Over Nero Dante and VergilNeeded to properly (and easily) install the mod
MGR musicFor ease of installation of mods
MGR R Raiden Nero MGR Gray Fox Dante and Jetstream Sam Vergil
MGR Raiden Vergil
MHW Force Edge over Mirage Edge
Military Jacket Punk Nero
Milion Stab Startup edit
Mirage Canes
Mirage Yamato
Modest Trish
Mommy’s Hair for TrashThe mod manager and check his site for other cool stuff
More Dramatic Lighting in M19 and M20 (Unofficial Update)
More Simple VInstallation Program
Morrison’s Coat for Dante
MvC | Jedah Dohma DT for Dante
My Brother M16For ease of installation of mods
MY voice as YOUR announcer
Nell Goldstein’s.45 Caliber Six-Shooter for Dante and Nero
Nelo Angelo boss fight (Proto Angelo replaces Vergil)
Nelo Angelo replaces Nero (Proto Angelo model swap)
Neo Dante Pack
Nero Angelo
Nero Credits Area in VoidNeeded for mod installation
Nero DMC Skin and EX color
Nero DMC 4 type ColorYou will need this
Nero DT Hair
Nero DT hair for Vergil
Nero DT swap to Dante DT (Blue and Red)
Nero enemy spawners
Nero in Nero’s color style
Nero in Nero’s hairstyle
Nero Nude Mod V2Install mod tools
Nero Replaces Shadow
Nero Style Rank Announcer
Nero Topless ModInstall mod tools
Neruto EX SkinIt’s the mod manager. It’s needed to install any mod on DMC 5
NES Zappers over Ebony and Ivory
New vision of V
Nico Flamenguista
Nico without tank top
Nico without tattoos
Nico’s top for Lady
No Balrog (Bare Fists and Kicks)
No Glass in HP bar and Devil Breaker slotfor installation
OG Morrisonfor installation
Pinky VYou will need this
Quality of Life Text FixesRequired in order to install and activate/deactivate the mod
Replace the announcer with Inugami Korone from HololiveMod Manager
Risotto Nero Mod (JOJO)You will need this
Ryouna Style Announcer (Senran Kagura)You should download this mod manager in order for the mod to work
Seellien Nero (Order of the Sword)You will need this
Shadow Music PackYou need this for mods in general anyway so just get it already
Shovel KnightMod Manager
Sparda to Rebellion Mod Manager
Supla May CryYou must have the fluffy manager mod
The Vengeful One (Dynamic)For ease of installation of mods
Tiny Tina Style AnnouncerGo to your Fluffy manager folder>Game>DMC5>Mods
Toni RedgraveRequired to install
V Nude ModeInstall mod tools
Vergil Battle 3 M19For ease of installation of mods
Vergil Face Texture swaps (Nero and Dante)You should have this regardless for any DMC 5 mods
Vergil RED JCEYou need Fluffy Manager 5000 to manage your mod easily
Vergil with a hatRequired to install
Vergil’s Motivational Battle Tracks PackFor easiest installation
White NeroYou’ll need this too to install the mod
White VergilYou’ll need this tool to install the mod
Yamato for Red Queen with Blue FlameFor installation
Yamato Over Red QueenYou will need this

Credits and distribution permission

  • Other user’s assets: All the assets in this file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder’s resources
  • Upload permisstion: You are not allowed to upload this file to other site under any sircumstances
  • Modification permission: You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my Fluffy Manager 5000 file ot improve it
  • Conversion permisstion: You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances
  • Asset use permission: You must get permission from me before you are allowed to use any of the assets in this Fluffy Manager 5000 file
  • Asset use permission in mods/files that are being sold: You are not allowed to use asssets from this Fluffy Manager 5000 file in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms
  • Asset use permission in mods/files that earn donation points: You are not allowed to ear Donation Points for your mods if they use my assets

Author Notes: This Author has not provided any additional notes regarding Fluffy Manager 5000 file permissions

File Credits: This author has not credited anyone else in this file


  • Added a message about quantity of files failing to copy if a mod failed to install
  • Added a new toggle to “Advanced options” which makes it possible to re-copy the Fluffy Manager 5000files for an installed mod while the game is running. This is useful for mod development of RE Engine mods where you can copy over updated versions of modded files without having to restart game.
  • Added another toggle to “Advanced options” which lets you do a “reverse install” of an installed mod. This copies the files for the mod from the game director to the mod director. This is mod development. This toggle can’t be on at the same time as the above toggle.
  • Added more detailed entries to Data\log.txt related for mod installs and uninstalls
  • Rewrote some code related to the creation of the “Downloads” Menu which makes it much faster to load if you have many downloaded mods
  • Made the ETA and download speed numbers update at intervals so they jump around less.
  • Re-organized the options menu by adding an “advanced options” menu which includes the more technical or unusual Fluffy Manager 5000 settings.
  • Added toggles to the advanced option menu which adds prompts for mod installs and uninstalls
  • Added code for outputting error messages for when Curl (library used for version checking and downloads) fails. These error messages are logged to Data\Log.txt
  • Re-compiled Curl to allow for downloading from secure websites. Since that’s supported now I’ve changed all addresses to my website ti use HTTPS. It’s possible only this and newer versions of the Mod Manager will be able to use download functionality, so it’s highly recommended all users upgrade to this
  • Added basic functionality for verifying file integrity of downloaded files
  • Improved behavior when Fluffy Manager 5000 window is resized while the mod list is open. However, this is very much a work-in-progress and i’ll continue to imrove this behavior so every part of the UI resizes appropriately as you resize the window
  • Optimized GPU usage. If nothing is being animated (or if the program is out of focus) then gPU usage becomes 0%
  • Added support for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2
  • SC6: Updated trainer to work with latest version (works as of 2020-10-17)
  • SC6: Updated trainer to show more music track options
  • SC6: Trainer will disable controller ID menu options if address for it doesn’t work (ie, for when a new SC6 version is released)
  • Save manager: Added support for more games. RE1 HD, RE0, RE4, RE5, RE6, Revelations 1, and Revelations 2
  • Save manager: Did a lot of miscellaneous changes. Added toggle for dislaying date of save files, added buttons for opening save locations in Windows File Explorer, added prompts when performing any action resulting in overwriting a save file, and change the menu layout for the save manager
  • The “Define game path” button now only appears if the mod manager lacks the install path for the currently selected game
  • The mod manager now allows replacement of the game excutable. Note that the mod manager can’t check if a game is patched while the game executable is replaced, so keep this in mind (you might need to reinstall the game if the game gets patched while you have it modded like this)
  • Fixed a rate bug whih prevented the “Uninstall all mods” button from updating its state when browsing the addon menu for a mod
  • When clicking on “Uninstall all mods” buttong from updating its state when browsing the addon menu for a mod
  • When clicking on “Uninstall all mods” while browsing the addon menu for a mod you will no longer get reset to the full mod list
  • Improved handling of starting Fluffy Manager 5000 when a instance of it is already running.
  • Added a better notification for when mod downloads finish
  • Improved error handling for failed loading of PKG archives
  • Fixed a bug with Windows 10 version 2004 where quitting the mod manager while it’s on a second monitor will make it freeze when restarting the mod manager.
  • Added support for the game Ghostrunner
  • Fixed drag’n’drop feature which broke when fixing a bug related to Windows 10 v2004
  • Fixed a bug which could potentially shown into about a downloadable mod while in a puzzle minigame
  • Released of Fluffy Manager 5000 no longer includes assets for wallpapers and minigames, and these are now optional downloads via the Fluffy Manager 5000. This makers the initial download much smaller
  • There’s now a system in place for automating the downloading and updating of new versions of Fluffy Manager 5000
  • Log.txt will now be created in “Data” directory in order to make the root directory Fluffy Manager 5000 less messy. Fell free to delete log.txt if it already exists
  • Added a new entry to the help prompt for the save manager when Dragon’s Dogma is selection warning abot how pawn hires will get rewards reset to 0 for a set amount of time after swapping savegame.
  • Fixedan issue where Fluffy Manager 5000 would get confused by its focus status if the user changed to another program while Fluffy Manager 5000 was initializing (this meant it could be receiving input when it shouldn’t)
  • Fixed a bug which could make Fluffy Manager 5000 think an old version was-up-to-date when doing online version checking
  • Clicking on Refresh mod list” will no longer reset the currently selected category filter
  • Rewrote the framerate limiter as it didn’t work very well on newer versions of Windows (this should result in the mod manager feeling a bit more responsive)



  • Extract the Fluffy Manager 5000 mod manager anywhere (if you’re upgrading from an old version, simply extract it over the older version)
  • Before running the Fluffy Manager 5000 mod manager for the first time, ensure all PAK files in your RE2 install are unmodified (to easily do this, right-click the game in Steam and choose “verify file integrity”)
  • Copy mods to “[modmanager]\Gmaes\RE2R\Mods” (note that not all Fluffy Manager 5000 mods are compatible with the mod manager, that’s up to the mod authors to ensure)
  • Run mod manager, click on “Manage Mods” and click on mods to install or uninstall them

What to do if RE2 gets patched when you don’t have mods installed

  • Clicj on “re-read game archives” in the “manage mods” menu in the mod manager
  • Installing and uninstalling mods should work again. Note that some mods may not be compatible with a new version of the game.


What to do if RE2 gets patched when you have Fluffy Manager 5000 mods installed

  • Try to uninstall a mod via the Fluffy Manager 5000 mod manager. you should get an error message about a PAK file being different
  • Turn on the “force uninstall” option at the top of the manage mods menu
  • Click on “uninstall all mods”
  • This shouldn’t be necessary, but just as a precaution, I suggest right-clicking the game in Steam and selecting “verify file integrity”
  • Click on “re-read game archives” in the “manage mods” menu in the mod manager
  • Installing and uninstalling mods should work again. Note that some mods may not be compatible with a new version of the game
nowmods download

📥 Download Fluffy Manager 5000 Mod

If anyone’s curious, here’s how the mod manager works in detail for RE2:

  • It will process filenames of Fluffy Manager 5000 for a mod and try to find them within the game’s PAK files (it searches for them the same way the game does, by calculating a hash based on the file path)
  • If it finds matching entries, it will invalidate these entries in the PAK file so the game can’t find them and thus try to load the files outside of the PAK files
  • It the copies the mod files to the game directory
  • Uninstalling mods work in a very similar way (it will re-validate entries in the PAK files using cached information about the PAK files), and automatically delete mod files copied over (or restore backups of original files)

Here is some Devil May Cry 5 mods you want to try:

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