Full Gameplay Rebalance

Full Gameplay Rebalance | Cyberpunk 2077

by Dona

Balancing, bug fixes, reworks, and new content for all aspects of Cyberpunk’s gameplay.

Creator: Scissors123454321

Full Gameplay Rebalance Cyberpunk2077

Full Gameplay Rebalance
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File credits
See https://github.com/yamashi/CyberEngineTweaks/graphs/contributors

Version 1.03
Fixed balance weirdness, tutorial bug, better reload bug fix, silencer appearances.

Version 1.02
Full Gameplay Rebalance alignment update. Sneaking made it a lot simpler to fit in accordance with 1.3 sneaking changes. Tech weapons polished. Default headshot multiplier expanded. Weapon mod strength expanded. Silencers are given some covertness harm reward back. Gorilla arms modifier fixed. Royce and exo-suit harm diminished.

Version 1.01
Lowered the default difficulty fairly heavily based on feedback, and fixed some essential bugs.


Cyberpunk’s ongoing interaction has hauled down this generally excellent game harshly, and this Full Gameplay Rebalance mod plans to fix that. Every last bit of it. With silencers, the tutorial, better reload time fix for patch 1.3, as well as some balance weirdness.

Full Gameplay Rebalance

Full Gameplay Rebalance mod revise as little as could really be expected and center generally around bug fixing and numbers adjusting to keep it feeling as close as conceivable to the vanilla game precisely. There’s a great deal of changes here, so you can investigate the classifications below:

General information:

– Important notes
– How to customize your game
– Compatibility
– Installation Instructions

Full Gameplay Rebalance

Changes not in a solitary file:

  • Removed scaling (not for immersion, this enables me to fix many bugs)
  • Lowered crit chances
  • Removed immunities (mostly) and replaced them with resistances

Changes (mostly) in a single file:

  • AI Improvements and Enemy Balancing
  • Armor and Armor Mods
  • Cyberware
  • Explosives
  • Food Drink and Alcohol
  • Gameplay Mechanics
  • Healing and Drugs
  • Melee
  • Perks
  • Player Stats
  • Ranged Weapons
  • Quickhacks
  • Vendors and Pricing
  • Weapon Mods
  • XP and Gigs
Full Gameplay Rebalance

Important Notes

  • For other modders:

Full Gameplay Rebalance executed better randomization for the apparel sellers and presently the entirety of their things appear. Which means, you have significantly more things to material trade with, and presently longer need to advise individuals just to produce the thing in. Here is a rundown of all the items that will appear at their individual merchants.

  • There is a grenade limit

But the default is just 999 (of each type). You can customize it under “FGR – Explosives/init.lua“. The possible bug has been fixed, it was another mod. Use this as you please.

  • There is a cooldown on healing items

The default is 30, and it’s shared. You can customize this under “FGR – Healing and Drugs/init.lua“. Important: Don’t change this to 0. Change it to 0.1 if you don’t want a cooldown.

  • This is fine to install mid playthrough, but note this:

You should eliminate all your protection mods, or simply dispose of all your apparel with reinforcement mods. It will not break your game, however you’ll have defensive layer mods in spaces that they should be in.

Full Gameplay Rebalance
  • This works on all difficulty levels

The decrease in vehicle cost will not appear in your Journal or Map, yet will when you go to purchase a vehicle. They’ll in any case have a similar recorded cost, so partition that by 5. Left this in here in spite of the little bug since they’re simply so costly.

  • The default headshot multiplier has always been 0, not 1

Full Gameplay Rebalance is not a multiplier, it’s the added percent damage. If you see a gun has 0.35 headshot multiplier, that means headshots do 35% more damage, not 0.35x damage.

  • Included a reload speed hotfix for 1.3

They changed the reload times like crazy. Anyways, it’s customizable under “FGR – Player Stats“. Set it to 0.5, but honestly you might want it even lower.

  • Make sure you have the latest CET installed

Game just updated, and I need to download the newest version that just recently came out.

Full Gameplay Rebalance


nowmods download

📥 Download Full Gameplay Rebalance

Installation Instructions

Installation: Extract and drop into Cyberpunk2077 folder


  • Remove any folder called “FGR – Something” from Cyberpunk2077/bin/x64/plugins/cyber_engine_tweaks/mods
  • Remove any file called “FGR – Something” from Cyberpunk2077/archive/pc/mod

How to customize your game

Full Gameplay Rebalance
  • Open …\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods
    Here, you will see a bunch of folders with “FGR” at the front of them, those are the files installed from this mod.
  • Inside each of these Full Gameplay Rebalance folders is a file called “init.lua”. To edit these files, you just need a text editor like Notepad. Right click on the file to open them up with that.
  • In most of these folders, there are a bunch of variables at the top. For instance, under “FGR – Player Stats/init.lua“, you can see the line:

Player_Sprint_Multiplier = 1.35–Default is 1

Ignore anything past the –, that’s just information for you.

  • If you wanted to change how fast V can sprint, you would increase the number on the right of the equals sign. For instance, I want V to sprint twice as fast as in the base game, so I change this line to:

Player_Sprint_Multiplier = 2      –Default is 1

Save the file, and you’re good to go!

If you want your game harder:

Under “FGR – AI Improvements and Balancing”:
Set “Randomness_Modifier” to 1.6
Set “NPC_Health” to 1.3
Set “NPC_DPS” to 1.
Set the 4 variables called “AI_Something_Speed” to 2

Under “FGR – Healing and Drugs”:
Set “HealingItemCD” to 60 or more.
Under “FGR – Explosives”:
Set “Grenade_Limit” to 3

Under “FGR – Melee”:
Set “Stamina_Cost_To_Block” to 1

Under “FGR – Ranged Weapons”:
Set “Disable_Wall_Shooting” to true

If you want your game more immersive (not necessarily separate from harder or easier):

Under “FGR – AI Improvements and Balancing”:
Set “Randomness_Modifier” to 1.6

Under “FGR – Ranged Weapons”:
Set the variables that are like “Weapon_Type_Headshot_Mult” to 1.5, or whatever you think is right for each type of weapon.


This Full Gameplay Rebalance is more viable than you might suspect with the scale, yet here’s the significant stuff. In case it’s not recorded here, it’s presumably viable.

Full Gameplay Rebalance


RMK for letting me use a version of their level scaling.
Everyone on the CET team not only makes it, but responds very quickly.
Everyone on the discord for giving feedback, advice, help, and witchcraft.

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