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by Gemma

Generic Mod Config Menu adds an in-game UI for players to edit other mods’ config options. This only works for mods designed to support it.

Creator: spacechase0

Generic Mod Config Menu

nowmods information

Nowmods requirements:

Mods requiring this file:

(CC) SH’s Domestic Animals Only required if you want to edit my mod’s config in-game.
(CC) SH’s Domestic Animals – Russian
(CP) Adjustable Gold Clock Price Optional, but is recommended(CP) Crops Control Season Recommend to in-game config
(CP) More Bar Transmutations are Optional. For configuring the mod from main menu easily.(CP) Hair Hue (Optional) let’s you make changes without touching the config file.
(DGA) Cellar Door(NSFW) Valley Girls
(DGA) Holiday Event Furniture is Recommended if you want to change the config8-Bit Final Fantasy 7 Music for Journey Of The Praire King (Custom Music)
A Less Flashy Stardew (optional, recommended) easy access to mod settingsActually Rare Green Moonlight Jelly
Alternative Texture pack for Yri’s Project Yellog Modular Trees Optional: gives you the ability to manage wich textures you want to appear in game.Alternative Texture pack for Blue Grass Recolor Optional: gives you the ability to manage wich textures you want to appear in game.
Always Scroll Map OptionalAge More Things Optional
Angry Grandpa – Farm Evaluation Overhaul (optional)Animal Husbandry Mod (former ButcherMod) [Optional] For the in game config menu
AT Asunai’s Content PackAT Change Farm Building Colors allows the mods to have a configurable menu
Atras Interaction Tweaks – aka Stop Rug Removal optionalAuto Tool Select (optional)
AutoShaker (optional)Balanced Valley optional
Balanced Valley – Animals optionalBalanced Valley – Fishing optional
Balanced Valley – Mining optionalBalanced Valley – Realistic Farming optional
Bear Shipping Bin OPTIONAL to change configs more easilyBeard and Hair pack (Optional)
Better Festival Notifications Only required for in-game config editingBetter Junimos_Chinese Translation 提供游戏内设置菜单
Better FishingBetter Junimos Optional, recommended
Better Trash Can OptionalCoffe Adrenaline
Bigger Greenhouse For Iridium Sprinklers Content Patcher Unofficial (optional) Switch between greenhouse types in the title screenBinning Skill (Garbage Can Searching) Only required for in-game config editing
Broken HeartsBuildable Greenhouse Updated Optional
Can I Offer You A Nice Egg In This Trying Time (optional)Change Farm Building Colors Needed for the in game menu to be possible for user comfort and ease
Change Dialogues plus SVE – CFD – LfL – Razolyn (Spanish and English) – Robin Romance Mod (English) – Jodi Datable – True Love Valley and Farmerjack’s Dialogue Expansions It’s easier to change the configurations.Coal Spirits [EN] Only if you want to configure the mod more easily. [PT-BR] Somente se você deseja configurar o mod mais facilmente.
ChocoboMod Optional, for in game configurationCleaner Theater optional, recommended
Combat Controls Redux optional but recommendedCombat Made Easy Suite (Content Patcher)
Community Center Bundle Overhaul – Content Patcher use the latest versionController Radial Keybindings Unlike with other mods using GMCM, this is REQUIRED.
Craftable Mini-Shipping Bin NOT required but it is reccomended to easily change item amountsCosmetic Rings Optional.
Creaturebook – Bestiary Framework Opitonal. For easier configuration.Crop Extension – More Detailed Crop Seasons (optional) Allows editing crop seasons directly in the config menu.
Crop Transplant Mod [Optional] For the in game config menuCropbeasts optional, for easier configuration
Curvy Girl – What you ware under there – Edition. Hold the left mouse button on one of the items in the menu and scroll at the same time to access all the options.Custom Cask Mod [Optional] For the in game config menu
Custom Crystalarium Mod [Optional] For the in game config menuCustom Map Changer (CP) For easier config edit
Custom Music (optional)Custom NPC Mod Seven Deadly Sins Eng Translation
Custom Spouse Location Optional. For faster and easier (way easier) customisation, I don’t recommend doing it manually.Darker Vanilla Forage (HIGHLY recommended)
Customizable Baby and ChildrenDark Club
Custom Trash Can OptionalDarker Vanilla Crops (optional, for easier use.)
Don’t Stop Me Now [Optional] For configuration purposes (can also be configured via config.json)Early Ginger Island [Optional] For configuration purposes (can also be configured via config.json)
DynamicClothing – Generic Mod Config MenuEasier Cave Puzzle (optional)
Enchanted Grove Farm OPTIONAL, but recommended. If you don’t have this mod, you can only toggle map options on and off via the config file.Enhanced Player Sprites Not required, but recommended to easily configure the mod.
Enemies Health Bars (optional – 1.6.0 or 1.5.1)Enhanced Slingshots Optional
Everlasting Baits And Unbreakable Tackles Mod [Optional] For the in game config menuFarm Animal Choices Optional
Farm Cave Spawns More Tree Fruit optionalFarm Combat Grants XP Too (optional)
Farmer Vitals Evolved – Health and Energy Progression – Optional for In-Game SettingsFarmhouse Visits optional, to see config screen
Farming Made Easy Suite (Content Patcher)Fine I Will Go Make My Own Seeds
Fishing Info Overlays Optional.Generic Mod Config Menu

Author’s instructions
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File credits
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Donation Points system
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French : Generic Mod Config Menu French Translation
Author: TheThor59

Other: Generic Mod Config Menu – Bahasa Indonesia
Author: YugoSamakuhaku

Portuguese: Generic Mod Config Menu Traduzido
Author: JunimoHutch


Add an in-game UI to edit other mods’ config options. Take note that Generic Mod Config Menu only works for mods designed to support it.

How to Use

  • For players:
    • You can edit settings from the title screen via the cog button or in-game at the bottom of the in-game options menu.
    • Only works for mods that were designed to support Generic Mod Config Menu. Some mods may only allow editing their config from the title screen.
    • No need to restart the game after saving the changes.
  • For mod authors:
    • For C# mods: see the mod author documentation.
    • For Content Patcher packs: you don’t need to do anything! Content Patcher will add the config UI automatically for you.


Generic Mod Config Menu is compatible with Standew Valley version 1.5.5+ on Linux/macOS/Windows, both single-player and multiplayer.

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Changelog: Release notes

Source code


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