Gunsmith Business

Gunsmith Business | Red Dead Redemption

by Dona

This Gunsmith Business mod enables you to purchase and manage a gunsmith!

Creator: Bolmin

Gunsmith Business

Gunsmith Business
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Version 0.2.5
The update 0.2.5 is now available! After extensive testing on my Patreon, it is now accessible to everyone! The update features a full UI redesign, new ambushes, additional weaponry, and the unlocking of all suppliers! It includes things like upgrades and stock restrictions to allow for additional management activity. As well as some much-needed modifications to one’s quality of life. I suggest going through the description page again to learn about the new projects I’ve been working on!


The Gunsmith Business lets you to purchase one of the gunsmiths in RDR2 and experience all of the benefits that come with having your own location! Do supply trips, fight off robbers, keep an eye on your reputation, manage the pricing and paychecks, or just leave the business alone and return to collect the cash! All of this, and much more, is attainable in the gunsmithing industry!

Gunsmith Business
I began working on this mod in August, but due to other commitments, I couldn’t completely commit to it until two months ago, but today I bring to you the first public build of the Gunsmith Business!

Here I will go through each feature of the mod; obviously, if you have any questions after reading, please post them in the comments! Also, as a caveat, I suggest testing the mod first, so don’t be afraid to add some money with a trainer and play about with it!


Assuming you properly installed the Gunsmith Business patch, three gunsmiths are now available for purchase: Valentine Gunsmith ($2000), Annesburg Gunsmith ($1500), and Saint Denis Gunsmith ($5000). Once you have saved enough money, travel to your preferred area and purchase the company. You can only run one company at a time!
This is how your left upper corner will appear when you enter said gunsmith.

The figure at the top represents Gunsmith Business, your normal money in that place. The money below that is your store’s budget (money that it generated by your store and that is used to pay utility bills). Finally, the bar depicts your current stock (in this example the stock is empty, so to indicate that, it is red).


To order supplies, go to supplies->order supplies->lancaster (other suppliers are not yet integrated as of this patch) and choose the items you want. This is how the UI appears after the Gunsmith Business 0.2.5 upgrade.

Gunsmith Business

Now, look for the supply wagon symbol on the map (it is randomized, so it isn’t always in the same place! ), then go there and drive the wagon to your gunsmith. Take care! Depending on your shop’s reputation, you may encounter foes on the road.


If everything went well, your present stock should be considerably replenished, and you are now ready to open your business! Simply go to the “open store” button and hold the instruction on screen to do this. (The lock occurs when you have no supplies, since you will be unable to access your store).

Gunsmith Business

You may now make small changes to your shop under the manage tab, such as changing pricing and staff pay (but be aware that these settings can have an effect on your reputation and sale rate over time!). The cashing-in and cashing-out choices apply to your shop’s budget.

Gunsmith Business


Now I’ll dissect the interface. This is your reputation, which functions in the same way as the honor system. If you have a wide selection of items, reasonable pricing, and treat your staff well, your reputation will improve; if you ignore one of these factors, your reputation will suffer.

Gunsmith Business

This section is a work in progress; everything but your current stock is a placeholder!

Gunsmith Business


Here are several factors that influence your stock sales and supplies:
– your present repute
– your current salary as a member of the crew
– your costs
– the breadth of your supply


nowmods download



Winrar should be used to extract the Gunsmith, then drag Gunsmith.asi, (as of 0.2.5) Gunsmith.ini, Gunsmith.dat, and ScripthookRDR2 (not included) into the game files. Also, if you don’t have the pictures for the Navy revolver or Elephant rifle, you’ll need Red Dead Offline, specifically the cmpndm weapons tu.ytd file.

INI file

As of 0.2.5, the mod now contains a full ini file that allows for total customisation, such as changing weapon costs, multipliers, and so on.

Gunsmith Business

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