Ascendio Hogwarts Legacy Unofficial FPS Hotfix

Ascendio – Unofficial FPS Hotfix for PC | Hogwarts Legacy

by Dona

Ascendio is a performance enhancement mod for Hogwarts Legacy: it uses Unreal Engine settings to assist address some of the game’s performance issues.

Creator: Seifu

Hogwarts Legacy Unofficial FPS Hotfix – Ascendio

Ascendio Hogwarts Legacy Unofficial FPS Hotfix
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Ascendio Hogwarts Legacy Unofficial FPS Hotfix


“Ascendio” is a set of Unreal Engine 4.27.2 custom engine parameters designed to enhance the game’s present stuttering and frame rate decreases. It implements engine improvements such as forcing CPU-to-GPU communication and sync, forcing frame finalization when stalled, enabling texture streaming and optimizing it, and a few more.

Some performance difficulties are caused by backend errors in the implementation of some of the game’s key operations. I’ve identified a problem with NPC generation. That problem requires more effort to be handled properly, and chances are Avalanche will repair it far quicker than I would.

This mod “helps” with stuttering, especially when RT is off, although it does not totally eliminate it. Hopefully, that will smooth out your experience until the dev team releases a real patch.

Ascendio Hogwarts Legacy Unofficial FPS Hotfix


For user convenience, the mod comes with a nice installation tool. If you can’t start the program, make sure you have.NET 6 (or above) installed on your machine. If you use your PC to play games, chances are you already have this program installed.

  • Make sure you have launched the game at least once so the files can get generated.
  • Download Ascendio Installer from the files tab.
  • Run the installer and click “install”, the progress bar should instantly get to 100%, it’s a quick patch.
  • Hit next and close the application.

Of course, if you need to uninstall the mod, simply restart the application and select “uninstall”. After hitting “ok,” a pop-up window will appear informing you that the removal procedure was successful, and the installer will shut.

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Download Ascendio – Hogwarts Legacy Unofficial FPS Hotfix:

Main file:

📥Ascendio – Installer 1.0.3

ASCENDIO – Installer Application – v1.0.3. Check out the posts tab for changelog.

Ascendio Hogwarts Legacy Unofficial FPS Hotfix

📥Ascendio – Manual Patching Guide

An in-depth guide about how to apply Ascendio’s patches yourself!

Ascendio Hogwarts Legacy Unofficial FPS Hotfix

Additional Performance Tips

Hogwarts Legacy has memory leak issues. For some additional help with stuttering, consider using a third party memory management application like, in example, Reduce Memory.

If you choose to use Reduce memory, here is a quick setup guide:

  • Launch Reduce Memory x64.
  • head to “options”.
  • Set a limit to automatically optimize memory.
  • Set the limit between 70-80%, I personally recommend 70%, no matter how much RAM you have.
  • Set the update interval to 5 seconds.

You’ll need to launch this application every time you start your game.

Ascendio Hogwarts Legacy Unofficial FPS Hotfix

About creator

A 3D generalist and modder. I’ve released three post-processing mods powered by SIA Framework (my installer application) and I’ve been developing a major Skyrim modding project for the last two years, still to be announced. I’m also engaged in a long term AA video game development.

I’m putting in a lot of effort here to develop these ridiculously polished mods; this is time I could be working on freelance requests, but I truly like making mods for my favorite games and releasing them for free. I genuinely need some assistance with it, so any assistance is greatly appreciated!

I also (sometimes) post (for free) W.I.P. versions of my modifications on Patreon, as well as (not free) status updates on how my projects are progressing and when they will be accessible, so visit my Page from time to time even if you are not intending on spending money on Patreon! :’)

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