How long is Persona 5 Strikers

How Long Is Persona 5 Strikers? | New Player’s Guide


In order to educate new players on PERSONA 5 STRIKERS. For instance, how long is Persona 5 Strikers and some thorough instructions. Let’s find out with Nowmods under this article.

How long is Persona 5 Strikers?

The eagerly anticipated Persona 5 Strikers sequel from Omega Force and P-Studios features the return of Phantom Thieves. For a select group of players who started their journey with Persona 5 Striker’s Digital Deluxe Edition. Additionally, the game will debut on February 23 across the globe. It’s possible that players are unsure of how long it will take to finish the game.

Persona 5 Strikers is a considerably shorter experience than games in the main Persona series. While playing through Persona 5’s basic content typically takes 100 hours. Players can expect to finish Persona 5 Strikers in around 35 hours. Additionally, it’s possible that the people who finished Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal spent up to 200 hours doing so.

The correct response to the question how long is Persona 5 Strikers is that it can take up to 50 hours to complete.

how long is persona 5 strikers
How long is Persona 5 strikers ?

While after the spinoff’s initial announcement, some players might have been wary of the gameplay changes. Critics gave Persona 5 Strikers positive reviews. Causing a decline in fan interest. Released as Persona 5 Scramble in Japan almost a year ago. Time estimates for when the game will be finished are also readily available.

Some ardent supporters might be let down. Because the spin-length off’s does not correspond to the length of the games in the primary series. The Persona 5 Strikers game’s length is typical for JRPGs in general. Newcomers to the Persona franchise. People who might have been turned off by books within the scope of the main series. Additionally, Persona 5 Strikers’ length is much more manageable. Persona 5 Strikers has a better combat system than the main Persona series. Players who dislike turn-based combat may find the system appealing.

Guides for persona 5 strikers

Some basic Persona 5 Strikers guidelines for beginners:

Do Persona 5 strikers have friends?

Social Links, or “Friends,” as they were known in Persona 5, come with Persona. Sadly, that series mainstay chose to remain. Persona 5 Strikers lacks Friends and Social Links. The game’s cast is smaller, and there are fewer free time activities. This makes sense, despite the fact that they are missed.

Instead of keeping track of friends as question How long is Persona 5 Strikers. As you progress through the game, you’ll occasionally get to see the group having fun on vacation. But Strikers can track their team dynamics in a bit of a distinct way that works better for them.

how long is persona 5 strikers
Persona 5 Strikers lacks friends

How do bond skills work?

You will accumulate something named Bond Points as you progress through P5S. These are acquired through a variety of minor and major activities. These can include winning battles, receiving side quest rewards, or simply relaxing and observing the plot develop. Points are earned when you level up your Bond, and the number of points you earn increases with each level.

Bond Skills can then be purchased with Bond Points. You can invest in these passive character improvements and combat advantages as you see fit. Each Bond Skill has a different cost and levels up autonomously from the others. Pick and choose what appeals to you, and keep an eye out for when upper levels become more accessible. This usually happens as the story progresses or as Requests are fulfilled.

Which bond skills should I learn first?

It can occasionally be beneficial to delay spending points to ensure you get the most out of your investment because Bond Skills are made available at various times. Although some skills are better suited to enhancing your playstyle, the following are excellent choices to learn and master as soon as possible:

  • Bondmaker: This accelerates the rate at which your BOND level rises. To maximize your benefits and give you access to even more of the board, grab it as soon as possible.
  • Extortionist/Packrat: Your bank account will benefit from both of these. Extortionist increases your earnings after a battle by a fixed amount. While Packrat provides you with “junk parts.” These can be sold separately. However, they should be saved for using them to complete specific Requests that can be accessed later in the game for greater rewards.
  • Safecracker: With this talent, you can unlock locked chests of treasure. obtaining their contents instantly as opposed to having to recall them and go back. If you’re unable to pick up a chest, don’t give up. The higher levels of Safecracker are intentionally locked for a while.
  • Joker’s Wild: This speeds up the rate at which Persona masks spawn following fights, ensuring that you can acquire new ones more quickly and level up your faves more quickly.
how long is persona 5 strikers
Bond skills that you should learn first

Which characters in Persona 5 Strikers should I pay attention to?

Everyone, to put it simply! The entire cast is entertaining to work with, and depending on the shadows cast by a particular jail, each character will get their chance to shine. as well as their inherent weaknesses. But three characters in particular stood out throughout the entire game.

  • One of them is Joker, who, thanks to his multi-Persona Wild Card ability, is both essential and incredibly distinctive. It will always be beneficial to get used to playing with him and to make sure he has everything he needs. Once you begin to notice the variety of elements and skills in the Personas you confront or fuse. Joker is able to perform any task you ask of him.
  • Fox/Yusuke comes next. To take out enemies quickly, knock them down and launch All-Out Attacks. The proper application of elemental skills or critical hits can activate them. Particularly skilled at crits and equipped with counterattacks is Yusuke. Both are effective weapons for quickly dispatching adversaries.
  • Sophia/Sophie is last. Despite the fact that she doesn’t have the same advantages as the other two and lacks Joker’s versatility, she is my preferred support party member. She is able to use both recovery and enemy defense debuffs, which speeds up the fighting process.
how long is persona 5 strikers
Characters in Persona 5 Strikers should pay attention to

How can I unlock master arts in Persona 5 Strikers?

Master Arts is another characteristic that distinguishes each character. Each Phantom Thief possesses four. And you’ll be able to give that character new abilities and advantages by playing as them directly and killing lots of enemies. Typically, these entail longer combos and follow. Additional effects on specific attacks or improved personal gimmicks for every character.

These require direct control to open and are not part of the standard character progression. Thankfully, they aren’t too demanding, and before I knew it, I had all of Joker’s. Simply continue playing as a character if you enjoy how they feel. And before long, you’ll possess all of their Master Arts.

How do I change the battle music in Persona 5 Strikers?

You’ll be able to access some additional music DLC in Persona 5 Strikers if you have Super Smash Bros. Pinnacle save data on your Switch. You can then select a song from Persona 5 or Persona 5 Royal to play during battles.

These straightforward steps can be used to switch to these tracks as your preferred music:

  • Go to System in the game’s menu by opening it (bottom-most option)
  • To Configuration, scroll down (select the second option down)
  • Select the very last item on the menu: Modify the battle music


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