Elden Ring Spellblade's Pointed Hat

How To Find Elden Ring Spellblade’s Pointed Hat ?

Elden Ring Spellblade's Pointed Hat is held by an NPC called Sorcerer Rogier and it can be gained only by looting his dead body.

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Elden Ring – like all FromSoftware games, is extremely hard. The right construction combined with the proper equipment can make all the difference. Giant warriors will most likely want to collect a fine combination of heavy plate armor. Other players will prefer armor that allows them to move quickly. Some people believe that playing naked is an entirely legal strategy. But which armor is advisable for mages? This is the section for the Elden Ring Spellblade’s Pointed Hat, an item for the Head in the Elden Ring. Continue reading to learn more about it, its location, and how to obtain it.

About Elden Ring Spellblade’s Pointed Hat

The Elden Ring Spellblade’s Pointed Hat is a piece of helmet armor found ingame. It is best for intelligence builds because it offers some boost to glintstone magic spells.

This effect can be additively added to the benefits of other magic-enhancement tools, such as other spells and talismans.

It also offers strong defense against the usage of magic due to its heightened spell resistances. Elden Ring Spellblade’s Pointed Hat gives a range of aesthetics in addition to these advantages. Whether or whether it is equipped determines the answer.

This armor set differs very little from other armor sets while having several different varieties. Depending on the character’s gender when it is worn.

Elden Ring Spellblade's Pointed Hat
Elden Ring Spellblade’s pointed hat

Where Can I Find Elden Ring Spellblade’s Pointed Hat ?

Players can choose to base their character on Wisdom and Belief. They’ll want to be certain their armor matches their abilities. The Spellblade set increases magic and cold damage while also providing resistance to the player. Elden Ring Spellblade’s Pointed Hat is the most critically acclaimed installment in this set. This hat is not only functional, but many players want it for role-playing. Because it resembles a traditional wide-brimmed witch’s hat. It will take some effort to obtain, as the player must beat one of the game’s main bosses. Also, complete a few fetch quests and interact with NPCs. Here’s how to go about it.

Begin Rogier’s quest

This device is kept by an NPC called Sorcerer Rogier. It can be obtained by theft it from his dead body. He is first encountered once summoned against Margit the Fell Omen. He could then be discovered in Stormveil Castle. Where the player can communicate with him is in the northwest church building. Then after they talk to him here or beat Godrick the Grafted. Rogier will be transferred to the Roundtable Hold, and the player can start obtaining his witcher gear.

After meeting Rogier for the first time in Hold, he will equip the player with a weapon known as Rogier’s Rapier (if they defeat Godrick). Also, inform them that he is ill. There are a few possibilities at this point, depending on whether the player has met certain NPCs. Or visit specific locations?

The method entailed defeating the Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirit  and examining the ancient face beneath Stormveil Castle. The player can discuss this face with Rogier. And he’ll explain that it’s the Black Knives plot’s sacred relic. This starts his main quest, which is the primary way to obtain his equipment.

Elden Ring Spellblade's Pointed Hat
Begin Rogier’s quest to get elden ring spellblade’s pointed hat

Finding Rogier dead

When the player begins the mission, they’ll have to talk to Fia to find out where the Black Knife Catacombs are. They can get the Black Knifeprint from here. The player delivers this to Rogier, who sends them to the Three Sisters area to speak with Ranni. After a few trips back and forth between the two, the player can be among Ranni’s vessels. Talking to Rogier at this point will expose that his illness has worsened. Rogier will die if the player spends enough time outside the Organization of the Round Table. When the player comes back to the Roundtable Hold position. They’ll discover the Bell Bearing, a letter, and a set of Spellblade armor, complete with a pointed hat.

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Elden Ring Spellblade's Pointed Hat
Finding Rogier dead

Elden Ring Spellblade’s pointed hat NOTES & TIPS

It makes no difference with regular spells. It only works with Ashes of War. At 66 int with a Uchigatana+14 and the Ash of War. Glintblade Phalanx, the numbers when whacking a sheep with one of the blades while wearing different amounts of the set.

It didn’t seem to matter which pieces you were wearing, and each piece has the same bonus to potentially harm.

  • 0 pieces: 158 
  • 1 piece: 161
  • 2 pieces: 164
  • 3 pieces: 167
  • 4 pieces: 170
  • Sell Price: 200 

Improves weapon skills that deal damage 2 percent increase in Magic Damage.


Those are our tips for obtaining the unrivaled Elden Ring Spellblade’s Pointed Hat. Do well to adhere to the directions in this article while you pursue your goal. And take the Rogier-originally-owned Pointed Hat. Let’s practice and see who can dominate the game the best.

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