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How To Make A Minecraft Aquarium? Step-by-step Tutorial

by Dona

You’ve undoubtedly had the chance to explore Minecraft’s seas and oceans and experienced everything the water has to offer. Everything, including turtles and tropical and freshwater fish! If only there was a way to bring all of that vibrancy and energy into your Minecraft house. Aquariums are a beautiful addition to any home’s decor! You can bring all those adorable Fish and Turtles back to your house if you know how to make a Minecraft Aquarium.

Anything from a little fish tank to provide color to a living room to a substantial mansion’s focal point. Having a Minecraft aquarium in your home will undoubtedly wow visitors and provide color.

Finding Fish

There are various locations to look at depending on the aquatic animal kind you want in your Minecraft aquarium.

Any fish you observe in Minecraft may be put in a bucket to be taken home. Even pufferfish! Salmon, cod, tropical fish, etc. You may also hatch turtle eggs if you want a really huge Minecraft aquarium.

You’re in luck if you’re seeking for Salmon or Cod because those are the Fish that are found most frequently in the game. As long as the water is deep enough, they may be found in almost any sort of water.

It’s a different tale with pufferfish and tropical fish. It’s probable that you’ll need to take a boat into deeper seas.

minecraft aquarium
Finding Fish in Minecraft aquarium

Tropical Fish emerge in schools of eight and may be found in warm ocean types or lush caves. They will only spawn in Oceans at a depth of 13 blocks or less. often 24 blocks or more distant from the player.

It is only possible to find pufferfish in Warm Ocean varieties. These three biomes are Warm Ocean, Deep Warm Ocean, and Lukewarm Ocean.

Pufferfish, in contrast to other fish, have the ability to defend themselves by expanding and stinging an intruder. They cause poison harm for five seconds as a result in Minecraft aquarium.

No matter their variations, Fish are all incredibly simple to capture. With an empty Bucket in your hand, swim up to the Fish of your choice and right-click. Your Bucket will be filled with water and fish after this!

Finding Turtles

Even though turtles aren’t technically fish, if you can get your hands on any, they may still be a fun addition to an aquarium!

In addition to Snowy Beaches and Stony Shores, they often reproduce on beaches. They occasionally appear in tiny numbers and spawn straight away on Sand blocks if the light is sufficient.

Either a lead or seagrass can be used to lead away turtles. If you wish to breed turtles, it’s crucial to remember this. They will never attempt to lay their eggs somewhere other than their original spawning location.

The Silk Touch Enchantment enables the collection of any Turtle Egg.

Setting up a Minecraft Aquarium

It’s time to construct your fish’s new house now that they are all coming together.

It’s crucial to consider both the size and the level of activity you want in your fish tank while creating it.

With just one or two Fish and perhaps a single piece of Seagrass for décor, smaller tanks look fantastic. These are simple to incorporate into any environment, and it is entertaining to surround them with decor.

On the other hand, large aquariums can occupy a lot more room and even call for some terraforming or landscaping.

minecraft aquarium
Setting up a Minecraft Aquarium

The best way to construct a small fish tank in Minecraft

You need not be concerned if your space is limited. Because there are several methods to construct a little fish tank within your foundation!

My preferred method for creating a tiny tank is to retain the water within by utilizing the wall of my house. Keep in mind that you need a complete block to place the water. Additionally, you’ll need room for the bricks that hold the water.

When I wanted a tank that was relatively tiny in the past, this used to be a problem for me.

minecraft aquarium
The best way to construct a small fish tank in Minecraft

So, whenever I need to place water, I dig into my house’s walls. I just decorate the area around that point as I see fit.

I frequently utilize bookcases to surround the fish tank and turn it into a mantle piece. I give the entire thing details using Spruce Trapdoors.

You may add your fish whenever you’re happy with the décor and think your tank is ready. Before the fish, you may either place a bucket of water there and add some coral or seagrass for decoration. Alternatively, you could just upload your Fish.

Building a Big Minecraft Aquarium

Because you have a lot more room and freedom, creating a large aquarium might occasionally be simpler than designing a small tank. However, over time, it certainly uses a lot more material. especially the essential glass and glass panes.

It’s wise to decide what materials you want to utilize for construction before anything else. Here, having a toolbar with your preferred design may be useful.

Typically, I spread out the sand in the form of my tank. I can use it to determine the layout and size I desire.

I’m erecting this circular/star-shaped aquarium in the center of the room. It will be a tall aquarium, as planned.

minecraft aquarium
Building a Big Minecraft Aquarium

To make the most of my Sand, I surround it with Stone Brick Stairs and also lay Glass on top of it. when I slightly lift the glass wall. I add a single, one-block-tall “layer” of water to the aquarium’s very bottom. With the exception of the kelp, I may then lay down the Seagrass, Coral, Sea Pickles, and any decorations I wish to be on the tank bottom. I won’t go overboard with the kelp since I don’t want the vista to be obstructed.

This helps me determine whether the blocks I’m using will keep the Water inside. In the unlikely event that they don’t and I unintentionally flood my home, I may quickly remove the water in Minecraft.

I created a small sand mound on the side of the Minecraft aquarium since I determine that I don’t want the floor to be too level.

Once I’m satisfied with the aquarium’s bottom. All I have to do is keep raising the enclosing walls and filling them with water till I am pleased.


These are easy and original methods that can assist you in creating a stunning Minecraft Aquarium for yourself. This Prismarina Aquarium Map will give you a fullfill experience.

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