how to show chunk borders

How To Show Chunk Borders in Minecraft Bedrock

by Dona

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, users may construct incredible constructions such as robotic farms. However, you may discover that your construction does not function properly in some areas. Perhaps you did not consider the Chunks while building. We’ll show you how to show Chunk Borders in this guide.

What exactly is Chunk?

The globe generator chops up the entire planet. It is a 256-block-high, 16-block-long, and 16-block-wide block. Once the Chunk is put into memory, it will begin operations such as water flow and mob spawning. The same is true for the Redstone structures. To construct loaded Chunks, you’ll need to pick Chunk Borders and figure out how to show Chunk Borders.

What exactly is Simulation Distance?

So, what decides when a Chunk enters active memory? The simulation distance of a user is the distance away from the player at which Chunks will be loaded into memory. So, if you have a simulated range of 4, all Chunks within a radius of four Chunks from the player will be loaded into active memory.

Because this radius moves with the player, the game is always loading. As the player goes through the word, Chunks are unloaded. Assume you’re constantly holding a 141-blo14-wide hula hoop in the case of 4 piece simulation distance. And whatever is included within that hula hoop is saved to memory.

The simulation distance of a player is also known as the ticking area. Don’t be surprised if you hear these phrases used interchangeably. How to show Chunk Borders ? The ticking area is a specified range that you may configure using instructions to behave as the player’s simulation distance. But does not move with the player. This is why many use the terms interchangeably. Because the Bedrock Edition of the game has additional info on the Ticking section. There is less simulation distance, making the notion easier to understand.

how to show chunk borders
How to show chunk borders in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Fancy Graphics

Fancy graphics is a video setting that allows for greater quality graphic effects in specific sections of the game. In this scenario, we only care about the Fancy Leaves option. Fancy Leaves control whether or not Leaves blocks are translucent. Non-transparent Leaves are simpler to render in the game. As a result, it is better for PCs with less processing capability.

Fancy Leaves is an intriguing choice. Because it does not instantly affect all Leaves blocks throughout the earth. As Chunks are updated, this selection will update Leaves. To be more clear, switching on Fancy Leaves will only transform previously placed blocks of Leaves. When a block is added or withdrawn from the same or a neighboring Chunk.

We’ll locate Chunk bounds by manipulating the update mechanism. By distributing leaves among three chunks and updating only one of the edge chunks. The center and other edge Chunks will be clearly separated. We can outline the Chunk and locate other neighboring Chunks if we can utilize this to find two Chunk edges.

How to show chunk borders in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Bedrock Edition lacks a chunk border tool. Instead, you’ll need to do some math.

First, you must determine your coordinates.

  1. Launch Bedrock and hit Esc or Start.
  2. In the left sidebar, select Settings, then Game.
  3. Go to World Options and turn on Show Coordinates.
  4. Go back to your game. You can now view your character’s XYZ coordinates in the upper left corner.

You’re at the edge of a chunk when either the X or Z coordinates are divisible by 16 (16, 32, 48, 64…). And if both Z and X are divisible by 16, you’re in the precise northwest corner of the piece.

how to show chunk borders
Show Coordinates to show chunk borders

How to show chunk borders in Minecraft: Java Edition

Third-party websites, resource packs, and texture packs may all be found on the internet. And modifications that can assist you in locating Chunk Borders. We provide an alternative that just uses in-game resources. You simply need any sort of leaf.

Given that the Chunk is 16 by 16, Then, construct a line of 40 leaf blocks that intersects the three Chunks perfectly. Now, calculate 7 blocks from either end of the built line and draw a perpendicular line 40 blocks long. The seventh block of the first line is the first block of the next line.

Now, go to your graphics options and turn on Fancy Leaves. Then, towards the end of any of the lines, insert a block. You’ll be able to notice how some of the blocks’ visuals have altered. Mark the boundary and then do the same for the second line. Begin with the Fancy Leaves enablement phase. How to show Chunk Borders ?

All you have to do now is join the two boundaries you indicated. And measure and label the other two boundaries so that each side is 16 blocks long. Then just count 16 blocks from the discovered Chunk.

how to show chunk borders
How to show chunk borders in Minecraft: Java Edition


And that is how to show chunk borders in Minecraft. It’s pretty complex and difficult to memorize. To make the game easier to play, please follow this guide.

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